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Never A Case of The Mondays
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Ugly Duckling Network Marketer Transformations: 5 Hot #BossBabe Rules

Turns out, we weren’t the only ones feeling a certain way…

Ever feel like you’re always “busy” and anxious, building your home business, so you can get “free” some day?

In the car, on our phone. Hot date together? Both on the phone. “Netflix and chill”? Yeah RIGHT!

More like “how can we make this #smart phone business move faster?!”, lol!

And then, the more successful we got, and the more our team exploded, the more we turned into chickens with our heads cut off!

Geez, and you were thinking this Network Marketing stuff was gonna get you UN-BUSY, weren’t you? heehee 

This “#BossBabe” stuff wasn’t turning out as fast and “sexy” as she thought it was gonna be…

One thing we have learned though, from personal experience in other arenas and being a top earner in Network Marketing over the last 8 years, is to only focus on solutions… 

So now, let’s explore new ideas, shall we? (Because “what you search for, you will FIND“)

Ok, so I lived in Utah, (the mecca of MLM), for over 15 years as a pro athlete and entrepreneur, so I have a different take on this industry than most of the stuff/gurus you see out there on the internet…

Now I’m not saying that I’m right and others are wrong (…you’ll have to decide that for yourself and what works best for you).

But we ARE going to reveal exactly what we’ve discovered with this (Social) Network Marketing biz and the solutions we’ve implemented that DOUBLED our businesses immediately.

It’s almost like you’re an “Ugly Duckling” when you first start out…

You feel worried, overwhelmed, insecure, discouraged and maybe even putting up the “front” on FB.

Or, like us, you’ve felt guilty about sacrificing your relationships and quality family time to build your business. Am I right? 

Ok so we finally figured out how to actually have a life while building an empire!

Let’s jump right in.

Here are:

The 5 Big Boss-Babing Blunders: (And How To Fix ‘Em!)


Now, we didn’t want to hear this at first either, but bear with us.

The #TRUTH will set you FREE!

Which type of person do you want to attract into your business:

A: Someone with a pyramid mentality, who is looking to get lucky and “find a few people to get a few people”, and it’s gonna be “fast and easy”, because they’re looking for someone else who’s gonna explode their business for them… ? 

B: A coachable, motivated hard-worker who knows that building a long-term asset is not “easy”, and who expects to be committed to 5-7 years of (smart) hard work to become a skilled home-business master? 

The lack of skills-based training is the first thing that’s wrong with network marketing. 

Here’s what happens:

All of the “new launches” and “new innovation” is extremely exciting, so after you go to these hype company events, you naturally go back home talking about all the things that nobody else actually understands. 

In the events, we are talked “at”, and told about the features of all the new “stuff”, instead of worked WITH. 

Not all, of course, but a majority of company events have very little skills-based training. 

I’ve actually heard ’em tell distributors that “Ignorance on FIRE” is the best, and “enthusiasm is contagious”, when in reality – when you do it wrong – you can repel 100% of your best prospects! 

This is a huge problem because there are a lot of false expectations when people are first brought into our industry, and all those false expectations make it seem like it’s going to be easier than it really is.

On top of that, we don’t actually have any systems to teach people and train on leadership building with a real step-by-step process.

This is a BIG problem.

The reason why network marketing is not taken seriously is because the leadership doesn’t train their people as if they are operating a real business.

For instance, when you go to a marketing conference for chiropractors, there’s going to be a lot of talk about the nuts-and-bolts of marketing and sales — there’s actual skill-based training that’s given.

But in network marketing, you’re just told…

“The product sells itself. Bring more people. Recruit, it’s easy!  It’s not selling, it’s sharing! Get a couple people to get a couple people, and we’re all gonna get rich!”

They say “keep it simple stupid”, but the dumbing down of the profession is a real problem. 

This needs to change, because it gives this beautiful industry a bad name.

The bottom line is people are not getting real business training, even though you tell them “it’s a real business.”

I first went searching for solutions online because I knew there would be a process-oriented roadmap towards achieving our goals, and that’s exactly what we were able to do.

Was it easy?

Well, I’d say, compared to working 48-60 hours per week for the next 40 years…YEAH, for sure.


But it still takes a lot of smart and consistent work, and the high-end professionals know that it also takes SKILLS! 

It took a couple of years for us to fully master the skill sets that allowed us to build online and with social media, and we tell the TRUTH about it, up front….

…NOT the HYPE of some “system that’s gonna make you rich!” or some “company that’s ground floor and in momentum!”

In my humble opinion, in today’s world, you must have social media skills, so you can leverage your actions and productivity, and so people feel safe joining you. 

People are attracted to someone that’s VALUABLE to them – who’s gonna help them get what they want! 

Online or offline, you do need the proper skills and training. There’s competition out there, so you must be a full-on NINJA, positioned/branded that way… (more on that below)…

But next…  

2. Recruitment Only Building: 

Another thing that’s wrong with network marketing is the emphasis on recruitment.

What’s wrong, (and dangerous), is essentially “recruitment only” based building.

Many companies focus solely on recruitment and not enough on creating actual customers and generating tons of retail sales volume.

This turns ANY company into a thinly-veiled pyramid scheme, which is going to cause problems with the FTC.

But that’s not the only problem.

Crucial reasons for retail sales…

First, when making the money is mostly only based on recruiting, there’s only so much personal consumption that will happen.

Yeah, you may be able to make a lot of money in the beginning, but eventually it fizzles out, because there’s no solid customer base.

That’s why you see big “leaders” who join a company, go into momentum, hit it out of the park, immediately make a bunch of money, but then after a while when the “we’re first” recruiting hype loses steam, their numbers start dipping, and then they jump to something “new” again.

What happens after their income starts to fizzle out?

We call ’em “jumpers”.

They’ll switch to another company, get into momentum, make more money, again, solely through recruiting.

They don’t do much retail sales and there’s not much customer retention.

Then, attrition.

Their volume is pretty much only the personal consumption of those they’ve recruited into the business.

That’s what recruitment with no retail sales looks like

And the people that feel screwed in these recruitment only-based models are the normal distributors.

In fact, I was invited this week by another acquaintance who has been in the industry for over 20 years, who has just jumped to another “brand new” company, (again!)…  OMG!!

(My millionaire mentor friends giggle and call ’em all “Bottle Rockets”!)  

This jumper is also over 57 years old, still talking about that “walk away” income, (in his 25th year in MLM), fewff!

On the other side of the coin, I ask leaders:

“Hmm.. well, are you looking for your “next” one, or when would be a good time to finally build your LAST one?”

My point is:

You must have a nice fast system for creating retail customers, even if people aren’t total rockstar recruiters.

And you don’t actually OWN your network marketing business, so watch out for a few things:

First, if you check the tiny type compliance rules, you don’t own your downline, and you don’t own your distributorship.

Yes, you’re distributorship and organization can be taken away from you at any point if you break a rule, have bad recruiting practices or make false income claims, or even because you make bad decisions on the Internet and make your company upset!

3. #BrokeBabes:

(Target Those With Desire, NOT “Potential”)

Again, you must be aware of who you’re inviting or attracting. Many times we want to help people that need it the MOST, (and they also happen to be the same people who we feel would be easier to talk to…)

The problem with that is, there are way too many reasons broke people are struggling.

The harsh truth is:

It’s their own limited programming – their beliefs, habits, decisions and patterns, and if you waste too much energy trying to help them, they eventually suck your energy out and discourage you.

Instead, what if you learned how to target and engage with the people who don’t need “help”? (The people who were already successful in another field.)


Motivated go-getters are “busy”, and sometimes that makes them intimidating to approach.

They are busy working hard, and we start to make up stories in our own mind why they wouldn’t be interested.

This is what you tell them:

“Yes, I know you’re busy. That’s why I called you. Busy people are busy because they like to make money. And they put their time into things that they VALUE. So, what’s important to you?”

And then…

“And hopefully your ultimate goal is to get UN-busy, isn’t it?”

And when you approach correctly as a master inviter, (asking the right questions), they end up realizing that they’re actually looking for the solutions you have to offer!

And if you show any successful hard worker a FASTER way to get where they’re really trying to go, they WILL shift FOCUS!

And then, you’ll see, when they’re in YOUR business, they actually encourage you, because you’re watching your business explode!

So it is vitally important to emphasize your team to “sponsor UP”. Target those who are at your socioeconomic level and ABOVE!

Your #1 Objection

The number one objection/question in Network Marketing/Direct Sales is: MONEY

  • How much is it gonna cost me?
  • Do I have to spend any money?
  • I would love to join you, but I just don’t have any money!  LOL!! …

It is vital for you to be able to get rid of their biggest subconscious objection IMMEDIATELY, (or before it even comes up), by  showing them, step-by-step, exactly HOW they’re going to make immediate income in the next 24 to 48 hours.


In our case, what we’ve done is create a series of highly converting Facebook posts, (a system, if you will),  for “Social Commerce”, with some extremely VIRAL products.

They put out the first Facebook post with a ‘call to action’ at the end saying, “If you want to get in on this ___, drop me a comment or a PM, and I’ll make sure to ___”  .

So they comment or PM. Then we send them the info, along with our PayPal info. They usually want it, so they order it right away.

They drop the money right into your PayPal or Facebook account, BEFORE you even buy anything, so you’re sitting on money UP FRONT.

Then you go sign up as a distributor, so you can buy it for half the cost, and then you simply send it out to them, leaving you with the profit! 

Now this is a real and immediate Direct Sales model, and since everyone out there is already looking for supplemental income, making this immediate money actually making our business “go viral”…

This way, everyone actually “makes money with NO MONEY with Facebook”, and it’s how we brand and attract so many motivated go-getter type people.

Many people say they “don’t have money”… but they have a NETWORK, and they have DESIRE.

And then, because you make money UP FRONT, without ever coming out of pocket, they’re not afraid to use their new extra money to try more products!

So they upgrade, and it absolutely spikes your organizational volume.

This method, no matter which business, is also is extremely duplicable, which explodes your #bossbabe biz, and THAT is sexy

But still, there’s a catch to this “home biz” stuff… 

4. Emotional Decisions vs Logical Decisions: 

I remember having tunnel vision for my 1st MLM business and didn’t life my head up to do any due diligence on anything else. I was horribly closed-minded to other ideas that could help me build an income online…

I thought they were just trying to “sell me stuff” when I’d see ads on Facebook…

Today, I believe this cost me MILLIONS, because I wasted tons of time doing things the hard way.

I sat there for 2 years doing linear work, reaching out to people one by one, and making very little money doing what my up-line told me.

Today, (because all Social Network Marketing tactics and strategies change/evolve so quickly), you MUST have up-to-date, relevant and valuable information for your team.

They say today that innovation and technology changes so fast, that what you’ve learned the year before, is up to 50% OBSOLETE the next year…

So, being a Social Media cutting-edge NINJA is pretty much mandatory if you want to make a 6 or 7-figure income with Network Marketing.

You probably know by now…
People on Social Media are not there to buy stuff or be “sold”, and they’re not stupid.

They have an ultra sensitive radar for “sales” and “recruiting”.

They’ve already been approached by some networker doing it the old way or flat out wrong, and they know the same ol’ language of a Network Marketer trying to “get them” into an “opportunity” with the same small talk, private messages and pitches.

It’s ok to be “married” to your primary company, but DO NOT be so emotionally attached to your it that you’re afraid to look at all of the “outside” information that can help you market and brand YOURSELF, to build your credibility and work at a higher level, reaching way more people on social media faster.

5. #Busy Babes:

Now, there’s good and bad to everything. And no business (or comp plan, or product, or up-line) is perfect.

The Direct Sales/Network Marketing business model is beautiful, yes, but also the most CHALLENGING thing ever… because you must fit this in to your already busy life…

…and the catch to this “freedom” business, is that it attracts people who were looking to get UN-busy, fast, right?!

Feel like you’re a #slavebabe to your “smart” phone?

So the next challenge was, finding the solution to feeling ultra “busy” all the time…

Here’s the deal:
One of the biggest differences between rich and poor is how (and where) you invest your TIME!

We ALL have 24 hours, so why do only a few people make millions and most, (97%), struggle to build a great business that allows abundance of TIME freedom?

It’s because many Mom-preneurs and Dad-preneurs are BUSY juggling kids, along with 30 other side-tracking activities, so naturally we’re not as willing to invest TIME into discovering how to make more money with less time consumption in the long run. 

These skills will help you master TIME MANAGEMENT:

  • Consolidate and LEVERAGE your coaching…  by:
  • Have trainings/PDFs/articles/videos, etc. readily available and organized on a blog/site that your team can access 24-7. 

  • Have systems, (with leverage and automation), doing the work FOR you. (For more on that, go Grab a free course HERE.)
  • Spend 95% of your time with the 5% of people who create 95% of your volume!
  • Know how to say “no” to tire-kickers. Protect your time, because it’s too valuable to give to just “anybody who’s “curious”. 

Yes, of course you must sacrifice and stop whining about what I call “1st-world problems” of being “on your phone too much”, but also:

We quickly implemented the 95/5 rule. We knew exactly who to work with – those who generate the largest majority of our volume.

In fact, within the first few minutes, we’re able to recognize people’s language patterns and habits, which dictates how productive they’re going to be, and what kind of ROI we’re going make with our time. 

*Side note: Have the wealth and self-development books do all that work for you, instead of trying to give all that knowledge over the phone yourself! 

Freedompreneurs OWN their time #LIKEaBOSS

Now if you feel like you’ve already paid your dues, and you’re obsessed with taking your #bossbabe business to that highest level, you can also have Facebook working FOR you, (even while you’re at the playground)…

Did you know that there’s people out there online and on Facebook – up to 10,000 clicks per day -who are ALREADY LOOKING for what you have to offer?

I figured, “well shoot, what if you could get your information in front of those laser-targeted audiences?”

Would that be easier and faster, where you’re able to attract higher quality leads and prospects into your business?  

This strategy is WAY easier than you’d ever think – pretty damn fun actually.   

You can click HERE if you want a free series on how to have Facebook work for YOU, so you can work efficiently, at a higher level, generating more income with less consumption. 

  1. You’ll discover how to tap into everyone’s network and “funnel” in (only) those who are serious, at the same time we filter out all of the tire-kickers who were only “curious”, (so you don’t have to drag the dead bodies!) – Oh how cool that is! 

  2. You’ll then save TONS of time by having an automated email series doing the work FOR you on the back end, “following up” with your qualified prospects, while we’re spending quality time with your family…

    It’s like “outsourcing” the follow-up… (Because “The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up!”) 

    By the way, we had tracked and found that the FOLLOW UP is what used to take a ton of our time away from family time… 

THIS FREE COURSE HERE will help you become a Sexy Social Network Marketing NINJA, who doesn’t have to waste time chasing down skeptics or dragging dead bodies, because you’re attracting higher caliber self-motivated entrepreneurs instead. 

You can now become the HUNTED, instead of the “hunter”, and you’ll have hungry people find YOU on Facebook and come to ASK YOU questions about your business.

Can’t wait to hear about your results!

Chat soon,

The World Is Yours, Mari & Marco!


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Much Love & Have FUN out there!


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