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Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To Attract And Recruit Powerhouse Women Without “Resistance”

There’s always a “catch” isn’t there… 

Do you remember your worst regrets from back in High School?

I remember mine… (and this lesson will tie directly into how you may NOT be attracting boss babes into your business!) 

And yeah I would act like I was all “Mr. Baddass” when really I was being a total wuss…

I would never get myself in a position where any cute girls would reject me, plus I honestly didn’t even really  know what they were attracted to…

And what happened? My worst fear became my reality

The Answer Was “NO!”

Yeah, DUH…

Of COURSE the answer is always “no” if you avoid rejection or never even take the risk or build up enough courage to go after what you want in life!

The worst part is, later I found out that the answer would have actually been “yes”, (which was even more painful to know) lol . 

Shoulda coulda woulda!

So then, a decade ago, I find myself in Network Marketing…

But this time I was gonna be absolutely sure that I didn’t have any painful regrets. 

And what about you? Are you gonna do ALL that YOU can do to ensure your success too? If so, keep reading to the end, because a “shift” may just happen for you, like it did us… 

How else are you gonna make sure to get your life-changing offer in front of ALL of your best powerhouses and  #bossbabes without being avoided, rejected or getting to be known as “annoy boy“?

Do you know what automatically attracts or repels the #bombshell #social #influencers that would absolutely  explode your business? 

Well if you’re ready, I’m pretty damn excited to reveal how I did it, and how you can attract and recruit the  women you desire in your business too…

I’m gonna load this post with nuggets that could change everything for you like it did for us…


  1. 70% of the Direct Sales/Network Marketing is WOMEN.
  2. Women are razor sharp and innovative when it comes to hustling a Home Business for their family, and will do ANYTHING to be at home with their kids. .  
  3. Women absolutely CRUSH IT with social media and #smart phones.
  4. Women are more trusted and caring, (and people buy from people they LIKE and TRUST”.) 
  5.  Women are BOSSES and can execute 100 different chores before a male even brushes his teeth in the morning. 


So listen… Here’s the important part…

My Mom Actually Warned Me Back In the Day. She Said:

“You Won’t Find Any GOOD Girls If You’re Hangin’ Out At The Bars!”


She was right… 

And traditional Network Marketing reminds me of when I was twenty-something, running around thinking I’m Mr. Vegas, “looking for love (in all the wrong places)”, prospecting lower-end prospects at the bar…

In the locations/environments where I was prospecting, there were only “lower caliber” prospects. (Not the best qualified people at the greatest level, if you know what I mean!)

So when we first fell into Network Marketing, same thing…

We found ourselves prospecting in the wrong environment:

Instead of marketing to those who are already interested in the results we offer, they told me, “Go hunt down your un-interested, low-caliber, unqualified Facebook friends and family members”, LOL! 

So naturally, we went into massive action and ran out of good contacts and qualified leads pretty damn quick!

So when you hit the wall and run out of high caliber people to talk to, what do you do next? 

Have you been told to “keep posting” and private message more people on Facebook, one by one?

Doesn’t it make you feel a little weird, like you only want to be friends because you have that hidden agenda? 

Now I’m not saying it doesn’t actually work, (if you’re masterful with the approach), but if you’re an untrained distributor or a newbie, you kinda feel like you’re being “fake social”, don’t you?

And you definitely don’t wanna be labeled as “that guy” on Facebook to avoid, do you?

And still, every day we still see distributors automatically repelling 99% of their network with “that” wrong approach…

“Do you keep your business options open?” and “Wanna make some extra income? You should join my team, you would do so good”, etc…

I mean honestly, could you see yourself saying “Lose weight, ask me how!” in person or at the bar?! LOL!

We get hit up every week with lazy Network Marketer’s copy & paste messages that gives them away immediately.

I can tell (instantly) that they don’t really care about me – they’re just looking for anyone…

It’s kinda like someone asking you to marry them on the first date without even thinking to qualifying you or caring enough to build a relationship.

Just yesterday (again) I saw a blatant sales post and totally felt sad for her…

There wasn’t one “like” or comment on her post, and I could’ve swore I even hear crickets and saw a tumbleweed flying across her page, LOL!

Anyway… let’s just get into the “how”, shall we? 

Here are 3 extremely valuable nuggets that will immediately help you pull the hardest hitting women into your team, so you can finally get unstuck and in momentum…


1. Build An INTERESTED Audience:
(Instead of trying to convince un-interested skeptics) 

Yes, you may think you already have an audience or an existing network of people, but think about it…

Are they really open, interested or even qualified? Do they believe in real “opportunity”? 

Now, on the other hand, think about why online dating sites work out so well for people:

Your initial/existing Facebook network (audience) would be like the opposite of an online dating site….

Like if you invited yourself to a newly wed (couple’s only) retreat looking for a date…

It’s the wrong environment, so your chances are not good there!

The reality is, 95% of your initial Facebook network of friends are a bunch of un-interested people who think they are NOT very open and most definitely not actively searching for what you have to offer…

However, if you’re looking for a date on an actual dating site, (in a more inviting environment where people are already open, interested, and actively looking for a date), your odds of finding a fitting prospect to date would be way higher, wouldn’t they?

So if you intentionally build a better environment – (a higher caliber audience who are already looking to be successful or retire earlier) – your recruiting will skyrocket.

Here’s what you want to gain clarity on:

  • Who do I want in my business?  (I am very picky, because like me, there are millions out there who are already looking for “more” and wanting better results).
  • So where would they be hanging out? (When you discover this, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel!)
  • What are their pains, frustrations, and solutions for those challenges? (You can speak to those pains or frustrations and offer them the solutions and results they are looking for.)

Well, as a positive-minded business owner that wants to retire early and achieve Financial Freedom so I can travel the world, I’m “liking” certain pages and hanging out in certain groups on Facebook…

So as one example:
Do some searches in the Facebook search bar:
*(You can even search exact hashtags) and endless suggestions come up.

  • Positivity
  • Success
  • Financial Freedom
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development

And guess who’s hanging out there? Millions of people with the same interests, who are liking, commenting, sharing and engaging with all the posts on those specific pages and in those groups….

So you can engage with them and even friend them, because they are all the way interested in all the right things (that I’m offering!)

So that’s one strategy you can implement RIGHT NOW:

Get on those pages and in the groups and friend requested approx. 10 per day, (after a quick “scan” of their profile of course!)…

And after just one year, with only 2-5 of those 10 accepting your friend request daily, you would have over 1,500 positive friends in your network who are already interested in success, early retirement, financial freedom, etc.!


2. Get Your Attractive (Language) In Front Of That Already Interested Audience:

Now, what do I mean here?

I mean STOP CHASING THE FISH AWAY and learn how to use the right BAIT instead! 


  • What are their pains, frustrations, and then what are the best solutions for those challenges? Speak to (and even agitate) those issues, and then you can offer them the solutions you found and results you’re getting.
  • Build instant rapport. You can do this by telling the truth about how you felt before you found the solutions. They’re not going to admit the truth about how they feel until YOU tell the truth, so don’t be afraid to get vulnerable, so you can get them into an emotional space, because people make emotional decisions!  
  • Educate to build trust. Don’t say anything about your product or try to “sell”. Instead, explain what CAUSED the problems, frustrations and pain. Then, you can also explain what can be done to solve the problem, in a general way, (even without mentioning your specific product!)

    And don’t worry – if you can explain their problems even better than they can, they’ll almost automatically know you have a solution, and that comes naturally! 

Let’s think about fishing:

Here’s a quick video on it, and I’ll explain more below…

3. Have POSTURE, Play it Cool, Then WHAMMY! 

This is crucial:

You MUST NOT have any “needy” or desperate energy:

You know when you go to a friend’s house, and there’s the annoying, over-excited DOG, jumping on you, licking your face, forever trying to get you to play with his wet slobbery tennis ball and rubbing it’s shedding fur all over your brand new jeans?


Now on the other hand, the cat stays a few feet away at a distance and flirts from afar, meowing, playing it cool, and you’ll notice that you’re just not content until it finally ALLOWS you to pet it, and you’re practically begging to get it’s attention!

So instead of being the annoying DOG

…..  Be the COOL CAT!


Well, one way to step into that space is to have way too many people to talk to – (leads) – so that it “turns the tables” and people realize that they’re lucky if they even get some of your time!

More on that below and in other posts… but here’s a proven principle: 

If you’re honestly busy because you’re taking massive action, (reaching out and engaging with plenty of people, every day), then you quickly learn to recognize who is worth your time, and you can actually be picky of who gets your time! 

People Are Genetically Programmed To Be Attracted To Somebody That’s VALUABLE To Them.

So here’s the catch:

Unlike they told you, it’s not about your company, your product, your comp plan, or anything “outside” of yourself that will attract powerhouse women into your business. 

It’s about YOU becoming VALUABLE to other people, and we all instinctively know this deep down inside, so it’s not even a conscious decision people make. They’ll want to join you! 

So if you can recognize what I’m doing right this second… (giving out VALUE)… then you’ll see why we attract so many people who come to US and want to join us, NO MATTER WHAT WE ARE DOING! 

And now the WHAMMY:
When you learn how to become ultra valuable, hooking them up with killer content, you’ll have them coming to YOU, rejection-free, begging to join…

Hurry and snatch up our (free) Social Ninja Marketing Training Series (and some other bonus whammies) waiting for you

And please, we want to hear about your results, so please give us a shout below and throw us some likes and comments on our Facebook page!

We’d love to hear feedback and how this helped you advance in your business, and if you have any questions or want a free consult, you can just click here to chat instantly… 

Much Love and Blessings, 
The World Is Yours,
Marco and Mari! 


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