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7 Questions To Effortlessly Enroll Your Perfect Prospects

Ok, so yesterday I was training a group of (1st year) distributors… We eventually got to the subject prospecting and it became very apparent why they felt like “nobody was interested”…So in this blog I’m going to explain the importance of knowing how to “position” and POSTURE UP with every prospect – (especially if you (think) […]

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#1 Cure For The Up & Down (Emotional Rollercoaster) In Your Home Business

Ok riddle me this:What is the difference between a Network (“Marketers”) Emotional Rollercoaster and a Disney World Rollercoaster? Well, in the pic here is us on a Disney World rollercoaster, (nice n jolly) after we won a Success Trip with our business… And then there’s… The Emotional Rollercoaster Within Your Home BusinessLet’s talk about it… One of the most […]

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How a Total INTROVERT Enrolled a Social Network Marketing Team Of Thousands Without Being “Social” Or Even “prospecting” AT ALL

Ok this one is gonna be pretty controversial…  Get out the popcorn n soda, because there’s gonna be a few old doubters chiming in here… And I don’t blame them. When you read ads or a title like that, your mind automatically wants to blow it off.  I didn’t think it worked, and I most definitely didn’t trust any […]

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How To Attract And Recruit Powerhouse Women Without “Resistance”

There’s always a “catch” isn’t there…  Do you remember your worst regrets from back in High School? I remember mine… (and this lesson will tie directly into how you may NOT be attracting boss babes into your business!)  And yeah I would act like I was all “Mr. Baddass” when really I was being a total wuss… I would never […]

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These 3 Network Marketing Misconceptions Will Make You Want To Smack Yourself

You ever felt like that? Like somethin’ just ain’t right?  It feels like you’re putting in way too much effort, grinding it out, for a pretty damn tiny income doesn’t it?  I’m sure you’ve had that anxious feeling: “Is this even worth all the effort?!” We’ve been there (many times) too. I remember feeling like things “Just Ain’t Right”!  I […]

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