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Prospects Giving You Excuses? Use Our 3 Step (ANTI-Social) Strategy

Ok give me a “Hell to the Yeah!” if you’re absolutely sick and tired of hearing excuses when building your network marketing business: “It sounds great, but I just don’t have enough money to get started.” “I don’t have enough time.” “Is this some pyramid scheme?” “I can’t sell.” “I don’t want to give you […]

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How a Total INTROVERT Enrolled a Social Network Marketing Team Of Thousands Without Being “Social” Or Even “prospecting” AT ALL

Ok this one is gonna be pretty controversial… Get out the popcorn n soda, because there’s gonna be a few old doubters chiming in here… And honestly… I don’t blame them. I was indoctrinated for sticking to the old normal ways and it was really hard to change my mind. I hated all the “ads” out […]

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How a total INTROVERT built a social Network Marketing team of thousands without being “social” or even “prospecting” AT ALL

Ok so if you’re kind of an introvert (like me) when it comes to hunting prospects for your Network Marketing business, you’re about to be blessed with The Ultimate Network “Marketing” Paradox:An (INTROVERT) Network Marketer who isn’t “social” and “doesn’t prospect” built an organization of THOUSANDS on Social Media? Yes, oxymorons #rock ! Yep, and […]

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How To Attract And Recruit Powerhouse Women Without “Resistance”

There’s always a “catch” isn’t there…  Do you remember your worst regrets from back in High School? I remember mine… (and this lesson will tie directly into how you may NOT be attracting boss babes into your business!)  And yeah I would act like I was all “Mr. Baddass” when really I was being a total […]

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These 3 Network Marketing Misconceptions Will Make You Smack Yourself

This here is “Skeptical Snake”. Geez, after a while it just feels like you’re doing way too much effort for not a lot of results don’t it? I’m sure you’ve had that anxious feeling like we have…. Like things “Just Ain’t Right” with your business and people aren’t joining like you thought, and your team […]

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