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Ugly Duckling Network Marketer Transformations: 5 Hot #BossBabe Rules

Turns out, we weren’t the only ones feeling a certain way… Ever feel like you’re always “busy” and anxious, building your home business, so you can get “free” some day?In the car, on our phone. Hot date together? Both on the phone. “Netflix and chill”? Yeah RIGHT!More like “how can we make this #smart phone business […]

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How To Build Your Network Marketing Biz While Juggling Kids, Spouse, And Business (3 Hacks)

Got kids?  Yeah me too! And with a few different businesses and the kids running wild, it can easily and quickly become completely bananas, and many people find it hard to build their home business with any thread of focus or concentration. My wife and I are asked all the time how we do it, so we […]

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