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Never A Case of The Mondays
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5 “Desperation Signals” That Automatically Scare Your Network Marketing Prospects Away: (Learn Attraction Instead)

Holy crap I’ve made some huge “prospecting” mistakes in my Network Marketing journey…

I was actually mentally (and emotionally) scarred from my first 2 year experience in Network Marketing, because nobody told me what NOT to do! 

So I’m helping everyone now, revealing exactly how to turn your “postured  relationships” around like we did so you can FINALLY show everyone that this actually WORKS…

Even My Mom Used To WARN Me:

“You won’t find a “good” girl at the BAR!

And she was right… and luckily I figured it out before it was too late… In life AND in Direct Sales, LOL! 

So what does “dating” have to do with recruiting for YOUR business?


Let’s explain with a quick story of our night out…

The other night, my wife and I were out with some friends for a few drinks.  

I asked her to look around to see if she could see what I was seeing…

I'm gonna hang by the bar, put out the vibe.

We sat watching some of these awkward single guys repel different women and realized… 

The “dating” game is exactly like recruiting game for your business!

The wrong approach is hopeless.

If you don’t have #this down, you won’t have posture  and every consumer will be immune to your “offer“.

I wanted to go over to these guys and shake them!

I’d tell ’em:

“Hey man, you’re doing it wrong! They can tell!” 

They would reply, “They can tell what?”

I would then explain:

“DUDE… that slight ‘desperate’ energy you’re unconsciously giving off…

You’re trying WAY too hard man. It’s never gonna work if you don’t fix it!”

And you already know the definition of insanity: 

You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result…

(Unless you want to stay single forever, aka, be absolutely alone in your Network Marketing business!)

NONE of us want to admit it: 

“No, not me… I don’t do (that)!” 

But it’s not our fault. Most of us aren’t even aware we’re doing “it“. 

And it’s that energy – that lack of posture – that makes people automatically avoid you… (whether it’s in person, on social media, or awkwardly approaching long lost friends from middle school in messenger texts, lol.)

So it is absolutely crucial that we equip ourselves with today’s Social (Attraction) Marketing Skills.

Would it be ok if we give you some very direct hard love coaching now? 

Ok here it goes:

You will always have a slight desperate energy if you don’t have enough interested people to talk to.


“The reason why 97% of network marketers struggle to build a successful business and end up spending more money than they make is because they run out of LEADS – (interested and qualified people to talk to.)”

“Hey Girl!” …

You’ve seen this I’m sure:

“Hey girl, just saw you here on Facebook… Do you keep your business options open? I’m involved with this company that I’m really excited about.. .blah blah blah… you would do so good” ! 


Would You Say “Yes“? 

Every week, network marketers hit us up with the careless copy & paste strategies.

I feel for ’em, (because I used to be there), but it’s kinda like someone asking you to marry them on the first date without even thinking to “qualify” you or care enough to build a relationship! 

It instantly reveals to your prospect that you don’t really care about them and you’re just looking for anyone.

So what did we do?

Well, when we first joined, we did what we were told to do, which was “massive action”.

The problem with massive action is that you quickly run out of close warm market prospects to talk to.

So when we hit that first wall, we were like, “ok what do we do now?”

And after we had gotten back in touch with our old middle school friends with that awkward hidden agenda to look at our “opportunity”, we were ready for the more effective strategies, lol! 

We’ll show you how the right skills will help you shift your emotions so you can turn your business around. 

We couldn’t wait until “later”, because our up-line leader just kept saying things like, “it’s a numbers game” and “don’t worry about the haters, just keep following our system!”

It was killing us, and finally I SNAPPED.

I was open and willing to try ANYTHING, so I opted into a attractive marketing funnel, and what we learned was pretty damn disturbing…

We had been doing it the hard way for WAY too long… unnecessarily.

The truth is, most network marketers are never taught real marketing.

My good friend Ferny says they should have called it, “Hunt down your network and throw them all against the wall like spaghetti to see if it sticks” marketing. 

See, if you’re ever going to make a higher level income, then you’re going to need higher level SKILLS… because: 

The most critical elements to seducing your future spouse,, oops.. I meant “landing” the right people for your Network Marketing business is…


Unfortunately, (if you really want someone in your business), your emotions, energy, posture and body language will cause all kinds of mischief when approaching. 

When creating Facebook posts, recruiting, private messaging and/or following up, your emotions can make you look (slightly) insecure, needy, clingy, and predictable…

All things that MURDER any attraction.

chasing?Your unconscious emotions take over your brain and your body, and it disengages your logical side, lol.

So FIRST, let’s reveal specifically why and how your emotions may sabotage you.

Then below, we’ll reveal how to neutralize them with one crucial SKILL. 

(Try not to laugh at these WARNING SIGNS!)

1. Do you feel a compulsion to POST too much and send messages to your prospects?  

You know, where you’re not sure if you’re throwing up way too many business or product posts?

Ever feel like you’re “bugging” or being “pushy” with your prospects?

Here’s one way to fix the “needy” follow-up energy… 

NEVER leave a prospect without setting up the next appointment, (whether it’s on messenger, zoom, etc.), so that it’s never left up in the air when (or if) you should meet with or call them next.

This way, when you show up at said time, you’re just being professional, calling when you said you would, (which builds your credibility).

More importantly…

Get your offer in front of MORE interested people and TRACK your work, (instead of being attached to only a few who may say “yes” or “no”.) 

There are actually millions of qualified prospects, all over Facebook and in groups, who are already open-minded, interested, looking for solutions and already proven to buy in that area…

Learn How To Find Them

Yes, Facebook literally helps you laser target these exact people, so you can simply help them get what they want instead of convincing unmotivated skeptics from your personal uninterested network. 

So if you were to get your product or service in front of thousands at a time – (MARKETING to a better NETWORK) – a percentage of that (targeted) audience will always convert into customers and promoters of what you have to offer…

With the right strategy, you won’t ever have to ride the emotional roller coaster caring who says “yes” or “no”, or who shows up or doesn’t, EVER AGAIN.

2. Are you able “play it cool” at all?

You know when you go to a friend’s house, and there’s the annoying, over-excited DOG, jumping on you, licking your face, forever trying to get you to play with his wet slobbery tennis ball and rubbing it’s shedding fur all over your jeans?


How do you fix it?

Be the cool CAT instead.

Think about how cats posture themselves… 

The cool cat stays at a distance. It’s almost like it knows you want to pet her. It doesn’t act needy and practically makes you BEG to get it’s attention! 


Here’s how: 

3. Stop Blurting Out Your Feelings/”Stuff” Too Soon:

If you were on a first date, would you say something stupid like, “OMG, you would be SUCH a good wife, we should get married!”? Of course not, right?

But we’ve had hundreds of careless distributors prospecting us on Facebook like this!

Going Fast Makes Your Business Go SLOW 

It’s what they call “fake social”…

They blurt out, “OMG, I have something we’re so excited about and I thought of you… you would be SO good at this!”

When you go too fast with people, they know you don’t care about them, and your business will go ultra SLOW.

So we immediately teach our teams…

Being Valuable And Going Slow Makes Your Business Go FAST 

When you learn the skill of creating valuable content, (with no expectation in return), your credibility goes up and your business goes extremely FAST!

Then you can slow down and build a trusting relationship, (by finding out what they really want in their life or business), they become SELF-motivated and enroll themselves

For you, this means NO MORE:

  • Awkward “hey girl” or “hey man” messages (out of nowhere) to people you haven’t even been in touch with for years.
  • Asking them if they’re “open for side projects” or to “check out a quick video”.
  • Thinking of “different” ways to drop your links in those spammy “work from home opportunity” Facebook groups.
  • Engage in interactions online, with a hidden (recruiting) agenda, hoping to transition the topic to something that would get people interested in your opportunity, without caring about getting to know the other person.  
  • Posting on your personal wall/newsfeed with your company’s products on it. 

4. You Do NOT Have To Deal With Time-Suckers And Make Yourself Too Available.

Do this instead:

Get TOO MANY people reaching out to YOU! 

This way you won’t have any needy desperate energy – you’ll have posture.

(This one makes me laugh just thinking about it!)…

When my wife and I were first hooking up, I was going overboard being the best version of myself, LOL!

She asked me if I wanted to go with her to the shoe store, and because I was (way too) excited, I blurted out, “sure let’s go!” LOL!

(Yeah pffft, just what I always wanted to dogo shopping for women’s shoes!) LOL!

But now 10 years later, I’m like, “NAH, that’s ok, I’m good. I’ll see you when you get back”.. LOL!!

Be the “later” ME!

Don’t just say “anything to make them happy” just because you really “want” them in your business.

Be real. Not Everyone Is Qualified For Your Time.

If you have to practically beg them to show up for themselves, you probably don’t want them in your business.

Your conviction and energy should tell them, “Hey you’re lucky to even know about this right now. I’m doing this with or without you, but I don’t want you to be mad at me later for not telling you!”.

Make it so you have so many leads for your business that you have to set appointments (at LEAST) a few days out. 

Sh*t, if you’re doing it right, you’re scheduled with so many other leads that you’re booked at least a week out!

(And yes, as promised, I’ll show you how to have way too many leads after you get this last point down.)

5. Are you super disappointed if they don’t show up? 


It’s probably happened to you, so you must get in front of it! 

Don’t get flaked on.

Call them out so it doesn’t happen…

Say, “Ok, I’m putting it in my calendar right now! Are you getting it down in yours?”

And even…

“Hey, if I’m blocking out this time for you, then that means I’m not investing that time into someone else who wants it, so if there’s even any chance at all that you wouldn’t be able to make it, will you promise to let me know at least 24-48 hours in advance so I can fill that space with someone else?”

So now that you know what to do with your leads, we can teach you how to generate an endless flow of them.

I mean, what’s the point of generating leads if you don’t know what to do with them right?

So we’ve made all the mistakes, prospecting all the wrong people in our personal network, trying to convince the skeptics off the fence, wasting hours and hours with unqualified people, etc.

Sooner or later, we have to surrender to a more efficient way of sifting and sorting to separate the “suspects” from the real interested prospects…   

And this way is more automated, almost like…


Why are today’s dating sites and apps such a big deal? 

Because they WORK.

It’s ridiculously efficient so you’re not unnecessarily wasting TIME!

Think about it: 

What would you say works better?

1. Approaching uninterested people one-by-one at the bar, wasting both time and money (because most of them are not a good fit for you!)  


2. Using a site, (aka, Facebook), to work FOR you, efficiently “sifting and sorting” to get the RIGHT FIT, so you don’t waste all your TIME chasing skeptical tire-kickers!  

If it’s “2” and you want to find your perfect prospects without wasting any more time, then hurry, snatch up our new (FREE) video training series – (TAP RIGHT HERE).

Because as you’ve experienced, with a lack of (qualified) leads, you’ll continue to waste your time and struggle to make profit. 

It’s also why over 97% of people in the Network Marketing arena spend more than they make.  

Since we changed our approach, we were able to bring in over 3700 active distributors to our existing team in less than 18 months…

It’s a very tiny percentage of distributors using this strategy, but a high percentage of top earners using it… 

We simply started applying a proven online strategy… real attraction marketing. 

Anyway, hope this has helped you (and made you chuckle) with some ideas, and we can’t wait to hear about your breakthroughs, so leave a comment below if that was valuable! 

P.S. – If  you want all of our updates and free video trainings,  “LIKE” our page and let us know your thoughts! Feel free to share this with your team!

Now get out there and have fun with your new effortless attraction and enrollment!

Can’t wait to hear about your results…

The World Is Yours, Marco and Mari!


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