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5 “Desperation Signals” That Automatically Scare Your Network Marketing Prospects Away: (Be Attractive Instead)

Dating Vs. Recruiting (1)

I Was Young And Dumb, And My Mom Used To WARN Me:

“You Won’t Find Any GOOD Girls At The Bar!”

She was right… and luckily I figured this one out before it was too late… 

So what does this have to do with YOUR Home Business journey?

I’d say this is absolutely the most crucial element… and it’s the funniest thing:

This “Social Network Marketing” reminds me of when I was way young and dumb, running around like Mr. Vegas, “looking for love in all the wrong places“, chasing lower-end “prospects” at the dive bars…

Apparently I wasn’t looking in the best places for the highest qualified people if you know what I mean!

So when we fell into this “Home Business” stuff, I lived through the exact same problem… 

And if you’re the type of relentless entrepreneur who refuses to settle, (and you find it extremely awkward to be “fake social” and reach out on messenger with the whole “hey girlie are you open to a side project?”, then make sure to read this one all the way through… because you’re probably gonna laugh out loud, and then you’re gonna really get it… (that missing piece).

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When my wife and I were out the other night, I asked my wife if she was seeing what I was seeing…

I'm gonna hang by the bar, put out the vibe.

As we looked around, we realized:
The “prospecting game” between single guys and gals is exactly like prospecting for your business!

We sat watching some of these awkward guys trying to prospect – (repelling) – different women.

Some were approaching it absolutely WRONG, with no posture and no game, using the same old strategies that every high(er)-caliber woman is completely immune to.

Their approach was hideous and hopeless, and they got absolutely no results.

I just wanted to go over there and shake these guys and tell ’em:

“Hey man, you’re doing it wrong! They can tell!” 

They’d reply, “They can tell what?”

“You know man, you know, that ever-so-slight ‘desperate’ energy you’re unconsciously giving off… You’re trying WAY too hard man. It’s never gonna work out very great if you don’t fix “that!

And we already know the definition of insanity…

You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, (unless you want to stay single forever, aka, burn yourself out in your Network Marketing business) can you?

So let’s see if we have that

And of course, NONE of us want to admit it: 

“Naw, not me… I don’t do that at all!

But the biggest challenge is, we aren’t even aware we’re doing “it” – (that slightest desperate or needy energy) – and it’s that energy that makes people automatically run away from you, whether it’s in person, on social media platforms, or in messenger.

Today’s Instagram and FB prospects have been “hit up” by every new hustlin’ #bossbabe, so they now have extremely high sensitivities to “sales” and “opportunities”. 

So as professionals, it is absolutely crucial that we equip ourselves with today’s higher caliber Ninja Attraction skills, isn’t it?

So I’m going to give you the hard love now, ok? 

We will ALL come off a little bit desperate if we don’t have enough leads – (that is, you know, interested people to talk to).

So if you’re DONE chasing all the wrong people in all the wrong places, stay focused to the end here, because you’re going to realize the solutions.

The reason why 97% of network marketers struggle to build a successful business and end up spending more money than they make is because they run out of people to talk to.

And if you’re not engaging with new interested people daily, you’re out of business.

I’m actually mentally scarred from my first “get a few people to get a few people” experience, because it was a total LIE.

They called it “ignorance on fire!”, and I was thrown into some “system”, completely un-trained, and told to hunt down my dis-interested, low-caliber, unqualified Facebook friends and family members, lol! 

And then we were told to go cold (script) message all the other un-interested, un-targeted and unqualified “mutual/recommended friends/friends of friends?

Success!!!!  ……  NOT.

Ok so naturally, you go into massive action and quickly run out of good people to talk to – and when you “hit the wall”, then what? 

Well, so now after you’ve gotten back in touch with your old middle school friend with a that awkward hidden agenda to look at your “opportunity”, hopefully you’re ready for the more effective & time efficient strategies… 

First we must expose you to the 5 initial unintentional signals that have stopped you, and then we’ll show you the simple shifts we made, (and that YOU will quickly correct too), which will turn your business around, practically overnight… 

Now I’m not saying linear old school prospecting doesn’t actually work if you’re masterful with it, but I’ve also seen go-getters get their Facebook account shut down for copy-n-paste invite messaging, spamming other people’s posts, or even worse, getting a reputation for being “that girl” to avoid both offline and online! LOL

OMGYou’ve seen this I’m sure:
“Hey girl, just saw you here… do you keep your business options open? …. You would do so good” ! 


Many network marketers hit us up every week with the lazy copy and paste strategy — It shows us they don’t really care about me, and they’re just looking for anyone!

I do feel for ’em, because I used to be there…

It’s like someone asking you to marry them on the first date without even thinking to qualifying you or caring enough to build a relationship, isn’t it?

The up-line leaders just kept saying things like “It’s not selling, it’s sharing” and “it’s a numbers game” and “don’t worry about the haters, just keep following our system!” and it was killing us. 

Luckily I SNAPPED and was willing to try ANYTHING.

I opted into a attractive marketing funnel , and what we learned was pretty damn disturbing…

We had been doing it the hard way unnecessarily, and for WAY too long.

The truth is, most network marketers are never taught any real marketing.

My mentor friend Ferny says they should have called it “hunt down your network and throw them all against the wall like spaghetti to see if it sticks marketing”, LOL!

However, real specialized marketing skills is not for everyone.

If you’re ever going to make a higher level income, then you’ll need higher level SKILLS… 

And now, one of the most critical elements to seducing your future spouse,, oops.. I meant seducing the person you’d really want in your Network Marketing business is…

Your Emotions

Unfortunately, most network marketer’s emotions DO NOT act in their best interest when it comes to prospecting and recruiting (especially when you really want someone in your business.)

Your emotions, body language, posture, Facebook posts and even your private messaging will cause all kinds of mischief, like making you look (slightly) insecure, needy, clingy, and predictable…

All things that MURDER any attraction.

chasing?Your unconscious “emotions” take over your brain and your body, and it disengages your logical side, lol.

Even in a simple social media post, they can feel you being “needy”, with that slight anxious or desperate energy, if you don’t have an abundance of qualified people to work with.

Once you discover how to attract more qualified prospects than you know what to do with, you’ll have better posture because you’ll have too many people to talk to, and you won’t even have the time to care who says “yes” or “no”.

So before we even go further into any of that, as promised: 

5 Ever-So-Slight Signs Revealed That You’re Acting Needy on Social Media or Messenger! (I dare you to try not to laugh!)

1. Feeling a compulsion to message or talk to your prospect: 

Have you ever had that feeling? You know, where you’re not sure if you’re “bugging” or being “pushy”?

Again, it may be that you’re emotionally attached, (to whether they say “yes” or “no”), or you didn’t set an appointment before you left the last meeting with them. OR BOTH!

Here’s how you fix it:

NEVER leave a prospect without setting up the next appointment, (whether it’s on messenger, zoom, etc.), so that it’s never left up in the air when (or if) you should meet with or call them next.

This way, when you show up at said time, you’re just being professional, calling when you said you would, (which builds your credibility).

Next, be attached to TRACKING your work and hitting the NUMBERS, instead of being attached to the few who may say “yes” or “no”.

There are actually millions of qualified prospects out there, congregating all over Facebook, in groups, and the internet, who are already open-minded, looking for solutions, and already proven to buy in that category…

In fact, Facebook literally helps you laser target these exact people, so you can simply help them get what they want instead of dragging any unmotivated dead bodies!

So if you were to get your product or service in front of thousands at a time – (MARKETING to that NETWORK) – a percentage of that laser-targeted audience will always convert into purchasers of what you have to offer…

With the right social attraction strategies, you won’t ever have to ride the emotional roller coaster caring who says “yes” or “no”, or who shows up or doesn’t, EVER AGAIN.

2. Unable to “play it cool”:

You know when you go to a friend’s house, and there’s the annoying, over-excited DOG, jumping on you, licking your face, forever trying to get you to play with his wet slobbery tennis ball and rubbing it’s shedding fur all over your jeans?


Now on the other hand, the cat stays a few feet away at a distance and “flirts from afar”, meowing, playing cool, where YOU have to try harder and practically BEG to get it’s attention?

Be the cool CAT instead of the annoying DOG..

The cat plays it cool and is “doing it’s own thing”, teasing you, and you’re just not happy until it LETS you get to pet it! …..  BE THE CAT!

3. Blurting Out Your Feelings On Your Product Or “Opportunity” Too Soon:

Do this instead:
If you were on a first date, would you eve say, “OMG, you would be SUCH a good wife, we should get married!”? Of course not, right?

But I’ve had many distributors hit me up on Facebook, trying to prospect me for their team, it makes me LOL! They blurt out, “OMG, I have something we’re so excited about… you would be SO good at this!”

We always immediately teach new members of our teams to be SOCIAL…

Slow is FAST, And Fast Is SLOW

When you go too fast with people, they know you don’t care about them, and your business will go ultra SLOW.

But when you slow down and care enough to build a trusting relationship – (an example would be: putting out valuable content with no expectation of something in return) – your business goes extremely FAST!

And after you’ve mastered meaningful conversations, getting down to what THEY really want in their life (or need in their business), and then set an appointment to show them how they can achieve it, they’ll show up and do it for their own reasons, not yours!

4. Making yourself too available:  

Do this instead:
(This one makes me laugh just thinking about it!)…

When my wife and I were first hooking up, I was being my best version of myself! LOL.

She asked me if I wanted to go with her to the shoe store, and because I was way too excited, I blurted out, “sure let’s do this!” LOL! (Yeah pffft, just what I always wanted – to go shopping for women’s shoes!) LOL!

But now 10 years later, I’m like, “NAH, that’s ok, I’m good. I’ll see you when you get back”.. LOL!!

Be the “later” ME!

Don’t just say “anything to make them happy” just because you really “want” them in your business. Be real.

If you have to practically beg them, or drag their dead body to even watch a short video, you probably don’t even want them in your business.

Your energy should tell them, “Hey you’re lucky to even know about this right now because of my value, who I know, and what I’m doing. And I’m doing this with or without you”.

Posture up, because your time is valuable! Set appointments AT LEAST a few days out, and if you’re doing it right, you’re so busy with all of your other prospects and leads, that you won’t even have time until NEXT WEEK! (I’ll show you how to have way too many people to talk to below in this post.)

5. Showing too much disappointment when they don’t show up:


Do this instead: Get in front of it.

I always call a prospect out before they can flake, (in a joking way of course), saying, “Ok so I’m not gonna get the voicemail am I?”

I also let them know:
“Hey, I’m putting it in my calendar right now, ARE YOU?”

And if you’re postured enough…
“Hey, if I’m blocking out this time for you, then that means I’m not investing that time into someone else, so if you’re not going to be able to make it , MAKE SURE to let me know at least 24-48 hours in advance so I can fill that space with someone else.”

And finally, if they don’t show up, you should have TEN other qualified go-getters waiting to talk to you.

Personally, I’m almost thankful when they don’t show up, because I have many other interested people waiting for me!
(**Sometimes I double-book myself on purpose, just to make sure I have the right posture and energy with them!)

Make it so it’s absolutely “no biggie” and they know:
You were just letting them know what you’re doing, so they’re not mad at you later for not telling them about it, right?

Ok, lastly as promised…

The reason I can joke so much is because I’ve been there, “looking for love in all the wrong places”, making all these unconscious mistakes, and finally I surrendered…  

The Most Powerful Rejection-Free “Fishing Holes”

Ok so now, if you’re ready to stop looking for low caliber tire kickers in all the wrong places and become WAY more attractive than you ever thought possible, hurry and watch our free Social Ninja Attraction Marketing training series – TAP RIGHT HERE.

Now you’ll attract more entrepreneurs simply because you finally got rid of “THAT”!

We hope this has helped you (and made you chuckle) with some ideas, and we can’t wait to hear about your breakthroughs, so leave a comment below if that was valuable! 

P.S. – If you found value here and you want all of our updates and free video trainings, please “LIKE” our page and comment (and let us know your thoughts!), and please feel free to share this with your team!

Now get out there and have fun with your new effortless attraction and enrollment! Can’t wait to hear about your results!

The World Is Yours, Marco and Mari!


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