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Never A Case of The Mondays
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7 Questions To Effortlessly Enroll Your Perfect Prospects

Ok, so yesterday I was training a group of (1st year) distributors…

We eventually got to the subject prospecting and it became very apparent why they felt like “nobody was interested”…

So in this blog I’m going to explain the importance of knowing how to “position” and POSTURE UP with every prospect – (especially if you (think) you don’t have much credibility) – so you can ENROLL, aka “close” them into your business… 

Here’s the thing: 

When it comes to those who say, “yes, I’m open” or “yes, I’m interested in a side income”, most distributors  don’t know how to “flip the script” on ’em so that they YOU are in control of the prospecting conversation and have all the posture.

With your prospects, this first conversation is absolutely crucial.

So recently, we helped train a group of leaders in Utah, and we were all talking about how to actually use effective marketing tactics to attract more sales and people to our business.

And there was always one question…

Even if you have a perfect marketing system, you have a website, you have a fan page, and people are coming to you, how do you take people from “cold” market into “warm” market (quickly) and “close” them into your business or have them buy your product?

So let’s start with the word “CLOSE”… 

Do YOU like to be “CLOSED” into anything yourself?

You DON’T, do you? 

So let’s first forget what your learned from the upline “leaders” and “gurus” out there about “closing”, and realize the power of ENROLLING people into their own vision and dream!

Let’s also get rid of the mentality of “getting” people or “recruiting” them… 

And let’s first have the powerful and abundant mentality of … “Awesome! I GET to IMPACT someone today, by creating VALUE in their life, (without the hidden agenda of making a sale or recruiting them into my business to make money!)”

Sound fair?

Ok now let’s get to the nuts and bolts… 

You always want to build that personal relationship and build a warm feeling into the process, (even if you’re automating the lead generation). 

In this FBLIVE below, I’ll go over…

  • How to position and “posture” with your prospect, so there is respect, and they take you serious. 
  • How to get their attention and make sure they are SELF-MOTIVATED to take action for their OWN REASONS. 
  • AND how to actually ENROLL, (not “close”) them into your business!


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Did They Teach You How to “Close”? 

If you’re not enrolling a good amount (at least 70%) of your prospects, you’re wasting your marketing effort… 

Most business builders I’ve been able to coach had no clue to even ask these seven questions in the initial conversation, and that is exactly what has been sabotaging their business. 

Most won’t know how to enroll people because they don’t know what questions to ask! 

So Here’s My Seven Initial Convo Questions

Question #1:Ok, well hey, before we move into it… just curious… tell me more about YOU…. What makes you open right now?” 

This is how you “flip it on ’em”, so that they must sell YOU on why they’re interested, and why you should take the time to help them. 

Also, it shows them that you’re not just there to try to “get them” or “sell” them on something, and you’re actually interested in them. They don’t actually care what you have – until they know that you CARE! 

Don’t try to be “interesting”… Be INTERESTED! 

Question #2: How much do you want to make here in the next 9-12 months?

Remember, they don’t care what you care about. They care about what THEY care about.

The bottom line is that they want to make money if they are joining your business.

So make it a question… You want to know, what’s their target? 

Some people want to make $24k in 9-12 months, and some people just want a few hundred dollars extra per month in their (very) spare time.

So help them get clear, manage their expectations and imagine! 

Help them visually step into that place 9 months from now.

And now, you’ve set the stage to think about how much money they’re going to make.

Now, you must ask them….. “So how is it going to feel when you’re actually making that money?

Question #3: “And what will it feel like when you’re making that extra $5k per month after making this happen?”

Here’s why: (and you may have heard this before)…. The bottom line is: 

Consumers buy or make their decisions based on EMOTION. The feeling they will get from the results they get after buying.

You want to attach their future income with you to a feeling. This will actually trigger them emotionally in their thought process.

They’ll think deeper about “what’s it going to mean for my life when I’m making the $5,000 extra per month after joining your business?”

If they associate it and make that connection with what’s really important in their life, they’ll usually make the right decision because they are emotional tied to their core values at that point. 

Now you can paint a vision and get them to imagine a bigger better dream…

Question #4: “Now if you were to wave a magic wand, what would you want your business (and life) to look like in the next 2-3 years?”

Help them imagine what it will be like! If they could create anything they would want, what would that be? What would their perfect business look like? What’s important to them? 

Create that spark of creativity in their mind, and get them to STOP “shrinking their dreams to match their current income”.

Most likely they are living paycheck-to-paycheck right now and they don’t realize that they are holding on tight to their limiting beliefs.

Asking them this question….  “So what would your perfect scenario look like? What’s important to you when it comes to a business?”… , so they’ll think about it.

And they my say something like, “Well, really I want to quit my job and eventually be able to bring my husband home from his job so that he can be more present and travel with the kids.”

This is most definitely something that they would have always wanted but have never even dreamed or thought about it.

You need to trigger that thought process by asking them the question and actually giving them that magic wand.

Question #5: “Now are you the type of person that is willing to invest the amount of time it would take, do the work and accept the challenges you’re going to face in order to get there?”

This is a postured question that gets them to take it serious and commit. You can NOT afford to waste ANY MORE TIME with tire-kicking opportunity seekers who don’t get how success works.

You can even add this: 

“I mean really though… what if ALL it DID was ____ and _____. Would that be worth it to you?”

This sets them up for the win. Basically in their head they’re saying, “well dang, if that’s the LEAST that can happen, I’M IN!” 

At the very least, they’ll still be winning!

At this point, you’ll want to reassure them that there is a PROVEN step by step system here, and it WORKS, (but only if you’re committed to WORKING it!


Question #6: “Ok well do you have any (more) questions for me?”

We want them to feel validated and be clear on the why, what and HOW, so there is no “resistance” when you ask them to get started.

As you already know: People don’t care what you know, (or have), until they know that you care about THEM! 

Question #7: “Ok awesome, well now I have a question for YOU — Are you ready to get STARTED?”

You MUST ask for the SALE! This is where most people make things awkward when it’s not. 

All you have to do is STOP talking and trying to sell and convince. If you talk to much and try to convince people, you’re actually going to talk them OUT of it… 

Professional SIFT and SORT. Amateurs try to sell and convince people into the business. 

We are only looking for people who are LOOKING, so save yourself and ton of time and energy by asking more and saying LESS! 

They tell you exactly what they’re looking for and you’re just associating your product or your business to what they want. 

You’re simply helping them to create that connection. The right questions will even make them emotional, and they’ll usually make the decision right then.

Is this helpful? Now you will know the 7 Golden Questions to close your prospects.

Feel free to share with your team so they can be more productive in their businesses as well… 

Have a good day!

Oh, P.S. – 

If you want a more advanced strategy SIFTING and SORTING professionally, so you can have more people to coming  TO YOU, tap here below and I’ll send a free video series straight to your email… 

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2019)

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