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Never A Case of The Mondays
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How My Razor Sharp Wife Used 3 Strategic Social Media Steps To SkyRocket Our Biz

Yeah, you think your PROSPECTS are skeptical?

You shoulda seen my WIFE… lol

Let me tell you what my wife Mariana thought about of all this “Home Business” stuff in the beginning:

*(It wasn’t funny to me then, but we do laugh about it now, lol!)

It was SOOOO bad…

The Ultimate Skeptic

I came home and tried to tell her: “You need to see this!”

She immediately came back with “don’t try to tell me what I need to be doing! I already do everything around here!”

I knew making money with social media was the future, (so naturally I chased everyone down trying to tell them about it, lol!)

She was mortified…

And my up-line would say, “Just stay positive and take massive action!”

So I literally spent years asking all the wrong uninterested skeptics if they “keep their business options open”.

She watched me work ridiculously hard, but I had no real training or any social media skills.

Then, after a few years, the hype in that “ground floor” company fizzled as I stayed preoccupied with that aching question:

How can I ever make a “Home Business” work?  

So after another year of staying stuck, I finally snapped.

Enough was enough. I decided I was gonna get rich or die trying, with or without my wife.

*(But I wasn’t gonna give up on my evil little plan to get her into this business with me sooner or later either, lol!)

I knew there had to be a better way than chasing everyone down, one-by-one, (and if you’ve ever seen our site or any other channels of ours, you’ve seen how leveraged strategies can change EVERYTHING).

So first, let’s get into:


So if you’re like us, you’ve been told it’s all about “hard work” and “Massive Action”!

Or is it… ?

If you’ve been in business, you’ve probably also gone to the events, gotten excited, chased low-caliber prospects, followed up with skeptical tire-kickers, and tried to drag the heavy un-motivated people over the goal line, hoping they’re gonna “get it” and be a go-getter like you…


A few years can go by pretty fast, can’t it?

I really had to get in gear and find out how to think like a proactive problem-solving business owner.

We had to go searching for some real marketing skills so that we can have people COMING to US.

The better automated strategies are what caught my wife’s attention and it literally changed the way we looked at building our business forever.

Now this may be different from what your up-line told you, and they will question you, but as you’ll see, it works.


Stay open to forming your own opinion…

Because most leaders change their view after they understand how this “Attraction Marketing” really works.

…and after this, you’re gonna have your leaders coming to you for answers, because today’s Network Marketing world has changed.

Here’s The Most Important Part Of Your Business

As an entrepreneur you’re always looking for the best way to build your business, constantly searching to find the “missing puzzle piece”.

It’s just human nature to search for the best methods that will bring you results, (and everyone is always searching), but I honestly can’t say Attraction Marketing is the only best way…

You see, the most important part of your business… is YOU. 

Now if your up-line mentor built their business 5 or 10 years ago and had success using all of the old school recruiting methods because they are a super extravert, then from their perspective, the old school (one-by-one) methods work the “best”.

But we weren’t really like that, so we needed to learn some better marketing, so we could brand ourselves, gain some credibility, and get in front of WAY MORE PEOPLE…

The Unavoidable Future

My friend Ferny called it out years ago:

The Ostrich Approach - NeveraCaseOfTheMondays dot com

He says, “if you do the ‘Ostrich Approach’ and act like the internet and these online marketing strategies aren’t here, then you’ll work hard and build a team just to have your whole team attracted by a marketer who can show them how to effortlessly ATTRACT and build a more leveraged and automated business online.”

So I reluctantly listened and implemented:


What seemed like almost instantly, (just over a year), we rose up to a whole other level…

We had to learn and implement some new marketing tactics, but it was SO worth it…

So there are 2 types of people:

Those who try to ignore the “other” new ways, doing it their own way for a few extra unnecessary years…
Those who realize that what really matters is:
a) You make immediate income,
b) You’re getting closer to quitting your job, and living the good life,
c) You’re helping other people in your team do the same exact thing, fast.

Ok, so here are 3 steps to make today’s online strategies work for you, in the exact same way we’ve done:

Step 1:
STOP “Chasing and Begging”! (Find Your Perfect Prospect Instead)

Understand this:

Most people in your initial “warmer” network (ie: your personal Facebook or Instagram account) are not your perfect prospect.

In fact, think about it…

Just because they complain… it doesn’t mean they are truly qualified!

You’re like, “What the ___?! “


Have you tried to help someone with their problems by offering them your solutions but then they immediately become a cynic and run away? 

Yep, been there. It’s because they actually don’t even realize their own problems in the first place!

I’m sure you’ve heard this objection: “Neh, not interested – I like what I’m doing!”

It’s pretty hard to help someone when they don’t even think there’s a problem isn’t it?

So then you lose your posture and start to “chase” or try to convince them that they’re job isn’t really that great, and they should be looking at better ideas, right? LOL. 

So in my experience, the absolute (only) best prospects to go after, are those who are already LOOKING for what you have to offer:

There are many ways to do this. One example is by leveraging with a Facebook business page.

By using a business page as a real business, you gain extra benefits and access to the “back end” of Facebook where you can find out where your best prospects are hanging out!

The Ads Manager in your “back office” allows you to laser target people and see who already “likes” and follows different pages and has the same interests.

This way you’re able to get you information in front of your perfect customers and prospects who are already proven to buy in that area!

Let that sink in…

Can you imagine what it would mean for your business if you had 10-20 open-minded and motivated entrepreneurs  reach out to YOU daily, asking for more info on your product or joining your team?

So instead of chasing un-qualified skeptical people who aren’t even looking…

We’re able to get our prospect’s attention by addressing their specific problems and then demonstrating our value and solutions for them – so they go through a “funnel” and a FILTER to qualify themselves before we even jump on a call!

You can check out an example or one of our postured “filtering” pages below…

QUALIFY to work with us RIGHT HERE.

Step 2:
Stop Teaching Your TEAM To “ABC” – Approach, Beg and Chase :  (Teach Your Team To Magnetically ATTRACT Instead) 

So even if you DID finally sponsor a rep into your team with the “chase and beg” method, and you don’t have the automated strategies of attracting large numbers of people who are already interested… 

Guess what’s gonna happen next? 

You’re gonna DUPLICATE, by teaching them how to chase and beg! So this means BAD DUPLICATION or no real duplication that actually works!

But if you learn how to generate 10-30 leads PER DAY, and you can quickly and easily teach your team how to do the same thing, generating more leads, sales, customers and team for their business, YOU are CRUSHING IT! 

In fact, in the past 3 weeks alone, we’ve PERSONALLY had over 30 people COME to US and ask for more information on what we have to offer.

Last year we grew over 3700 people in less than 11 months.

This is a lot different than messaging uninterested skeptics (one-by-one), ain’t it?

And after you discover the better looking methods, you become extremely valuable and attractive in your prospect’s eyes, because:

“People don’t sign up with your company – they sign up with YOU”.

They sign up with you because you’re VALUABLE to them, and you don’t have to be “that guy” or “that annoying girl”!

They’ll want to do whatever you’re doing, no matter what it is, because it’s a good look. 

Ultimately, you want to be branded as the person who has the solutions for what they really want, without having to do anything that will hurt their image or “status”!

Step 3:
Stop Wasting Family Time – Use AUTOMATION So You Can SAVE TIME Instead

I’m not sure where you are with your business, but personally, I was burned out on having my head down in my phone, prospecting on messenger, 3-way calls, chatting, following up, training my team for hours at a time…

And I was extra tired of dragging heavy un-motivated reps along the whole way too! 

I’m telling you now, it is LIFE-CHANGING when you figure out how to use well-oiled automated systems for prospecting, following up and training your teams!

Imagine NOT really get all the awkward rejection anymore.

And let me give you another example…. You already know:

 “The fortune is in the follow up.”

This “follow-up” seriously sucks the life out of you. Wasting hours and hours trying to convince skeptics off the fence isn’t very fun and honestly almost burned me out.

A smooth online system will save you a TON of time, so now you’ll only jump on messenger or Zoom with someone if they are already qualified, already purchased something, and/or already ready to join your business.

Then, when they are sure they want to get started and just have a few quick questions, you are right there in a heartbeat and ready to support them, but you don’t have to drag them over the goal line kicking and screaming anymore… YAY! LOL

So imagine:

Not having to cold message or reach out with fake small talk in messenger any more! LOL. (You’ll feel so good about that!)

But instead attracting only high-caliber self-starting entrepreneurs, simply by solving problems and adding value.

You can have thousands of NEW entrepreneurial professionals following you, every single week.

We have a blueprint for all of this is outlined inside in our 11-Day Social Ninja Recruiting Series, which will teach you the power of ‘Attraction Marketing’, and is specific to your needs if you’re a Home Business Entrepreneur.

Of course, it might be a good fit for you, or you may have more luck building the old way. (Hey it happens!) heehee!

Hurry and grab the information by pressing HERE, because you want to learn this before everyone else catches on! 

Hope you enjoyed the article, let us know! 

Talk soon!

The World Is Yours, M!


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