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5 Little Known Reasons Why Network Marketers Feel Avoided And How To Fix It

Ever seen someone on Facebook that would be perfect for your biz, but not sure what the best approach is?

You can tell that he/she has some “social influence” and you want to connect/build a relationship with them… but how can you make sure they won’t avoid you?

Naturally, as an excited Network Marketer you’re gonna want to private message them and knock their socks off with your  “amazing opportunity”, rrrriiiight?

Heehee!! Keep reading…

***(Just don’t take the jokes too personal, because the information will change the way you look at building your business forever!)

BossBabe Attraction 102

Let’s start with your Facebook & other social platform posts…

If your Facebook posts or private messages have these blowing through it, then you are “selling” too much!

Have you ever strained your brain on what to post, trying to “slip in” your product or opportunity?

Yeah, “nonchalant” is hot, but you gotta be really good… because it’s tricky because: 

Did you know:
Most people have been “hit up” by a Network Marketer, so they have an extremely sensitive “MLM/sales radar”.

And when you think you’ve finally come up with a good post, how come you only 2 “likes” and ZERO COMMENTS, even though you have hundreds or even THOUSANDS of friends?

I’m going to explain to you WHY this happens.

It’s Not “Your” Fault

On one of my posts a while back, I think I heard crickets chirping too, lol!

What I finally realized:

I should care LESS about what I personally thought was important, and care more about what’s important to the people I actually wanted to attract into my business.

So if you’re not sure if (or why) you’re actually being avoided, let’s explore where most #BossBabes go wrong and get “stuck”, and what we did to turn it around build a team lightning fast with “social network/Direct Sales marketing”.


Here’s 5 (more) Network Marketing little known mistakes on social media, and how to fix them for immediate game-changing results…

1. Facebook #RULES:

Did you know:

Less than 3% of your network on Facebook actually sees your posts (or any of your content.) 

This is because there’s just WAY too many friends posting content, all day every day, so it would be impossible for Facebook to put all that content up on your wall.

In fact, if they WERE to put everything that all of your friends put up today, it would probably take you a few days just to get through all of your Facebook friend’s posts they did today!

So Facebook has over 80,000 pieces of algorithms set to where you will see only a few of your friend’s posts, and you’ll only see the posts of friends that you’re in regular contact/communication with.

What does this mean for YOU? 

It means that over 95% of your “friends” will NEVER see your posts…

UNLESS it’s very interesting, relevant, and people are commenting and engaging with it – (more on that below), but here’s WHY:

Facebook has ONE PRIORITY:

It’s priority is to make sure that people STAY on Facebook, (so Facebook can keep the eyeballs there, and make their money from partnerships/advertisers/etc.!), so it is crucial that people on FB are having a “good user experience“.

What FB doesn’t care about is you or your business, especially if you’re trying to make money from your personal page for free!

In fact, selling or pitching from your personal page is touchy (and even dangerous), because it’s a tactic that causes a “bad user experience”. 

Facebook hates that, so it will shut down all posts that are lame or boring in order to keep eyeballs on Facebook! 

They’ll quickly shut down your account, or at least put you in “Facebook jail”.

So… your recruiting posts or before & after pics are nice, but if you’re not careful, Facebook will quickly shut you down if there’s any hint of too much ‘copy & paste messaging’ or unthoughtful/selly posts…

The 80,000 algorithm bots see EVERYTHING!

*Side note:
If you want to learn what Facebook DOES like, you can learn more about leveraging with a business page on in this other post.

So, to end this first one:
If you want long term strategy for building an empire and generating quality leads for your business, you must be a ninja in today’s social marketing world.

Instead of trying to be interesting on Facebook, focus on being interested

You can ask questions to create engagement, be curious, and always be thoughtful instead of a spambot with commission breath. 

Ask questions that cause FB people to comment, create tons of curiosity, get RIDICULOUSLY CREATIVE and be ultra VALUABLE while entertaining them!

If you want to get attention, your prospect must identify with your post, feel heard, connected, special, entertained, and/or engaged), or they’ll quickly hit the “unfollow” button and tune you out.

We also have what we call an “engagement tribe” who all help each other with ‘likes’, comments and engagement, to warm up the Facebook algorithms and create social proof that causes curiosity. 

So another thing you can do is master Facebook GROUPS as an effective, subtle, friendly and strategic move, and it’s actually a more efficient platform for social selling or prospecting. You can learn more about that HERE.

2. Mistaken Identity?

None of us actually think that we are “that guy” or “that girl” who instantly repels prospects, but let’s explore…

I was spending SO much time, racking my brain, always THINKING, trying to find creative ways to sell people on why my opportunity/product is “better”, or so life-changing, etc…

But I can tell (most of the time within the first sentence in a message) if you’re a networker on the hunt dropping hints.

And if right now you’re saying “oh no, not ME though” – well, that’s usually  your ego talking, and you can NOT trust your ego, lol!

It doesn’t want to admit that you may just be doing it “wrong”, (making it very hard for you to track and improve!)

Your ego is going to have a bit of “Cognitivie Dissonance” going on, so make sure and keep reading until the end!

Here’s the reality:

People avoid Network Marketers/MLMers not because they’re not interested in beneficial products/services, or being healthy and wealthy…

They avoid “it” because their subconscious mind makes SNAP decisions, (based on past experiences).

So if they glance at your post and associate it with anything that would make people avoid them, their subconscious will say “NOPE, I wouldn’t wanna do that”.


Don’t Be The “Needy Dog”.

Become the “Cool Cat” instead!

Have you ever gone to a friend’s house where the cat kinda kicks back a few feet away (at a distance) and “flirts from afar”, slightly meowing, playing it cool, and YOU are the one who has to try hard, practically BEGGING to get it’s attention so you can pet it?

Ok now, the opposite:

Have you ever had the experience of the annoying, over-excited DOG who jumps on you, forever trying to lick your face, invading your space, and shedding fur all over your new jeans, way too eager and needy, begging for your attention? 


The cat always plays it cool. It is always busy “doing it’s own thing” with no emotional attachment. It’ll give you a little tease, and you probably won’t be happy until it finally comes around and LETS you get to pet it!


Use “Pattern Interrupts”

You have less than 5 seconds to grab their attention before their subconscious mind makes that “snap” decision with a quick glance at your post and page…

Sadly, many prospects make very un-educated decisions. Most people don’t invest the time to gather the adequate information needed to make an educated decision…

So if you approach “wrong” or “too fast”, they’ll immediately judge (you) based on their perception/past experiences.

So, which would you like you’re prospect to say:

“NOPE, I wouldn’t want to have to hunt down all my Facebook network and be avoided by my family, (or even un-followed by my friends”)!


“Hmm I wonder what he/she does?”

My point is:

Initially, it has nothing to do with our “best product ever“, or “fastest-growing company”, “best comp plan in the industry”, or “timing is everything”, or any of the other “stuff” we’re all excited about…

It has EVERYTHING to do with:

-First, a pattern interrupt to stop scrolling, capture attention and even slip them in a story that addresses their problems…

-Second, getting people to instantly secretly (subconsciously) say “Hey, that’s actually MY problem TOO!” and “Hey, that’s how I feel too!” 

-Third, you must get them to secretly say:

“Hey, I would (and COULD) totally do that”… (whatever you make “that” to be!)

Make sense? Ok…

Oh, and just FYI, in today’s social media, if you’re going to use your personal profile page, have your posts be:
85% lifestyle, lessons, positivity and value memes, stories, lessons, etc,
10% nonchalant/indirect business hinting, and
5% (or less) direct recruiting/social selling posts…

…you know, “SHARING” in a caring way. (Notice I did not say spammy unthoughtful “selling” to “whoever”!

What to do now?

We invested into ourselves and our business and bought different social media courses, to become valuable and educate our teams on how to post (and lead) in the most attractive way, (instead of the “hey anyone, please, buy my product or join me!” way).

It took a few weeks, but the teams began to grow much faster…

As you know by now, people LOVE to be social and love to buy what’s cool, but they HATE getting “sold” on stuff – especially on Facebook.

They’re on Facebook to socialize, engage, spy, and maybe even share, if it’s valuable/interesting enough, so you must capitalize on that!

BUT, if you’re not trained on using the right language and copywriting skills, (Attraction Marketing), and your post is even slightly impersonal, polished, or spammy, (meaning you’re just going for ‘anybody’), then you’re not making it exclusive, and you will not get any traction. 

Ok next…

3. Posting Your Product Name & Logo:
(Attraction’s OPPOSITE)

This one is very counter-intuitive…

Ever so slight, (both online and offline), and easy to overlook, but trust me…

It makes the HUGEST difference in the long run, so we’ll go over this first…

Again, most distributors go to the conventions, get excited, and told to be “brand promoters”.

…So we buy the T-shirts, bags and swag, and spam all of our friends, (not just on social media, but on the street and in private messages too!)

Then, we anxiously throw up pics of our products, with the name and logo all out there for everyone on Facebook to ignore, lol!

“What’s wrong with that?” some distributors ask…

Well, I put up this example… (Notice there is NOT even ONE “like” or comment on this rep’s post full of “selly” features.)

I crossed out all the 20 times the name of the company were exposed!!

There’s absolutely NO engagement on her post because people are immune to this style and will not be “sold to”!

Also, this post KILLED any potential curiosity, (which is one of the most powerful motivators for actual attraction), leaving absolutely nothing to the prospect’s imagination. (More on that below).

Even if someone did have interest, they were given the logo and name right there, so instead of directly asking you, they’ll immediately go to Google and investigate it to get their own answers, (also because they’re scared you might try to sell them something).

And what are they going to find?
“Scam, sales, pyramid, negative reviews, etc.”!

Or else they’re going to run into someone else’s content on Google, and sign up with some other marketer who attracted them with the promise of knowing how to use that exact same tactic! Now why would you even take that chance?

Sooo… no matter what:
Don’t blow it by initially revealing the name, logos, or any general “features” of your products, without any kind of emotion, story, or feeling written into your post.

If you want your prospects to make a move and take action, learn how to tug on their heart strings, so you can actually help them help themselves!

What DO your prospects care about?

They care about the BENEFIT of the benefit. How they will FEEL when they get the results!

The salesy post tactic is more of a “push” energy, instead of a “pull” or attracting energy.

If you want to attract people, slip into a compelling storyline (with a ton of detail) about the benefits OF the benefits – (how it made you feel after losing that weight, or gaining that energy, or traveling with your family!)

“Oh no big deal, just acting “normal” here, hanging out with my healthy weight loss shake and being “financially free” in the ol’ office!” lol

It’ll be much more effective than the ol’…

“Hey, how did my weight loss shake end up in my totally unplanned candid selfie?!”

…because they’re not clueless – they’re onto us! lol!

Wait, it gets better, lol…

4. The Shotgun Approach, aka “Throwing Spaghetti”

I got a few more messages this week from more networkers, who (bless their heart), hit me with more spaghetti they threw on the wall, to see if it would stick, heheh! 

Now, if it made me feel like I was just “another one”, how are all their other prospects going to feel? 

I can joke about it because I used to do the silly stuff too! Just lazy copy & paste attempts to “get” someone – (like, anyone) – into their business, LOL!

Ahhhh… I remember it like yesterday! I was soooo excited! It’s like I had lost my mind!

My victims were completely un-targeted, and hit with unthoughtful spam, and yes, it caused more harm than good!

In fact, I literally had to apologize to some of my close friends for being “that guy” and avoiding their space, shotgunning everyone and anyone with “this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity”, LOL!

A mentor of mine used to say:
“Fast is slow, and “slow” is FAST”!

That means if you go too fast with people, (with a spammy “I’m sending everyone the same unthoughtful copy & paste message”), your business will go very SLOW.

It’s kinda like asking someone to marry you before giving them a chance to go out on a few dates! 

However, if you go slower with people, adding value into their lives, with no strings attached, and show them you actually CARE, your business will go FAST! 


There are thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of clicks per day, of people who are not just “open”, but already interested in (and proven to buy) your products or services?

Facebook will allow you to target and identify who and where your perfect prospects and business builders are hanging out and help you get your information in directly in front of them?

And now, in my opinion, the biggest repellent…

5. The Curiosity Killer:

One of the biggest psychological triggers that moves people to “want more” is the power of curiosity.

But this may just be the the tiniest little tweak that makes all the difference and it could easily kick your business into overdrive.

One major thing about the human mind is that it must have “closure“. We HAVE to know “what happens at the end“.

The mind hates what we call an “open loop”.

It’s why we all love movies and story lines, and it’s why I can’t even fall sleep until I see the end of the movie!

So if you give up all the information – (close the loop) – and satisfy their curiosity right away, then they’ll think they already know what it’s all about, and they’ll never have to show up to discover the best part of it!

And now why would they even be compelled to show up to get more information, if they think they already know what it’s all about?

There’s a REASON why they only show 30 seconds of the TRAILER of the movies on commercials, and not the whole thing! LOL

The biggest “trick” is to focus on your target market’s biggest PROBLEM or frustration, and talk about it. I even quickly “agitate” the pain in my posts/articles, to get people to act on finding the solution.

The problem that causes their pain/struggle is what’s really important to them, and they will show up if you’re inviting them based on that pain.

It “pulls” them and makes them curious enough to watch a quick video clip, and that clip can then make them curious enough to take the next steps.

Then they’ll want to get the rest of their curious questions answered, and at the same time, you’re giving them multiple “mini” exposures and building up a relationship of credibility and trust.

Now that you’re creating curiosity, step-by-step, every step of the way… by the 4th-6th exposure, they have wrapped their head around it enough to see themselves getting it, (or doing it), and you help them finally get what they really wanted.


In your prospect’s mind, they are asking themselves a few subconscious questions:

“Would I do that?”, “Can I do it?” , and “Will it be worth it?”

So always think about that and make sure to hit those subconscious “objections” in your language or vides, before they even come up! 

We can’t wait to hear how these 5 points helped you… please leave a comment if that made sense!

There are many more ninja tactics to be mastered, so if you stay plugged in over at our Facebook page, (Never a Case Of The Mondays), there’s a ton more to come.

In the meantime, if you want to master social media like we did, you can grab your free Social Ninja Network Marketing Training HERE.

Oh, and since you made it to the end, here’s your BONUS!

If you have any questions, or want more personal help, don’t hesitate, you can reach out to us HERE.

Much Love, talk soon,

The World Is Yours, Marco & Mari!


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