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Never A Case of The Mondays
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Getting The “Pyramid” Objection? (Do THIS Instead!)

IF I stop, they'll think they won! LOL Somehow, it just still gets under your skin doesn’t it? Like, it literally insults your intelligence…

But learn the words, “Awwww, bless their little heart!”

So, if you’re like me, you have most likely debated or tried to convince someone on social media (or in person) that your business is not a “pyramid”, and that “THEY are the ones stuck in a pyramid”! 

Yeah, I feel you. 

And what about your prospects who say “I just don’t have money” and act so dang “busy” all the time?! LOL!

Frustrated yet? Ever feel like you’re talking to the stupidest of humanity when you’re trying to build your network marketing business?

Sometimes you start to wonder if there’s even anyone else out there that actually “gets it” like you do.

Seriously, it’s like “where are all the smarter business savvy people hanging out?”  

Well, I’d like to invite you to discover how to AVOID the deadbeats and connect with high-end entrepreneurs instead, with a paradigm-shifting strategy.

Really? …. YEP! 

Click HERE to grab your FREE 10-day Attraction Marketing training, so you can finally get UN-STUCK, and connect with entrepreneurs who are ALREADY INTERESTED in what you have to offer.

Have you heard any of these excuses? 

“I don’t know how to sell.” or “I’m not a salesman.” 
“I’m not sure about giving you my social security or credit card info.”
“I’d love to, but I just don’t have any money.”
“I don’t have enough time.”

“I’m just not really a people person.”
“This ain’t really my thing.”
Marc Frank Montoya dot com too_busy“But what about the store, that sells the same stuff cheaper?”
“I’ll have to ask my wife (or husband) before I join.”
“I need to pray about it.”  
“Let me think about it and I’ll call you next week.”
“Is it gonna cost me anything?”
“Do I have to buy product every month!?”
“I don’t wanna bug or sell or recruit people.”

Seriously, they need a whaambulance, don’t they?!
Now I have a question:

What do you do when these objections come up?

Have you purchased books and courses to answer objections so you can get better with your business?

Are you on all the conference calls every week to learn how your sponsor handles each and every excuse?

If you have, that’s awesome, and I completely respect your work ethic and commitment to mastery.

But I’m gonna tell you a secret now…  which no one has probably ever revealed to you… ready?

You DON’T Have To Even Deal With That Ridiculousness!


You’re probably asking, “How is that?”


Yeah you actually don’t have to mess with time-wasting people and excuses when you have an Attraction Marketing strategy.

Ok, so how do I make that happen, like YESTERDAY? 

It’s actually extremely simple. I now only market to, (and recruit) people who are already interested in network marketing, direct sales or home business.

I only talk to people who are self-motivated and already have the vision – who already know what’s required to succeed in network marketing and home business entrepreneurship – who understand that all business takes money and time investment, and don’t have limiting beliefs.

Leaders, who already understand the value of investing in workshops, training, time investment, and attending live events.

In short, you never have to put up with excuses when you deal with people who are not looking to make them.


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads...

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However, this idea is not something that’s new…..  for traditional ENTREPRENEURS at least.

Now, in Network Marketing, there’s a right way to do it, and wrong way to do it, (which is a total nightmare).

I was at an event recently called The 6-Figure Summit this past October with over 200 hundred top earners in various companies.

Supposedly, the event was a ‘No Recruiting Zone,’ but whoa….. at dinner and at the bars… it was a like a crocodile pit, everyone looking to strike anything that came near the watering pool!

I witnessed firsthand the seduction tactics where some of my 7-figure colleagues, literally couldn’t pee in peace, without being prospected by some slick “big time” networker in a suit.

I mean, GEESH, seriously!

You’re really trying to use the same old prospecting techniques on people who are also skilled prospectors?

It was pretty damn tacky. Pretty bad.

I on the other hand didn’t have to try to recruit a single person. I never have to feel anxious like that.

Yet, I was treated to lunch by a multi 7-figure earner who knew me from the Internet and wanted to pick my brain and had a genuine interest in what I do online.

I got a free lunch and made a new 7-figure networking friend. 🙂 I’m sure he’ll attract to me in some business later anyway! lol!

However, another 7-figure networker whom also knew me from the Internet, (but I didn’t know him), approached me and inquired about my business and got enrolled in my direct sales company 3 weeks later, paying over $2000 to join at our highest level!

Crazy, huh?

It is true what they say…

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Build a Home Business is to Recruit Other Networkers, But…



… most definitely not how you’re thinking!

I think most old school networkers have it wrong on HOW to actually find and recruit other networkers, because they are just applying the same ol’ ineffective prospecting tactics on leaders that don’t want to be bothered and already know what you are trying to pull…

But a few have mastered the skills attract effortlessly.

Have you noticed some of the recent Facebook Ads, from big time networkers?

We have most definitely caught on, and if you’re dead serious about

your home business, so should you.


I’m done trying to prospecting strangers or so-called friends or anyone else that isn’t already asking me for more info.

You don’t have to be making hundreds of cold calls.

You’ll be done driving to hotel meetings or holding home meetings after you discover better strategies.

And don’t even get me started on the royal waste of time 1-on-1s at Starbucks can be…

I’m now a skilled marketer son-of-a-bitch and I just don’t “chase” anymore!

Back in 20012, when I was burned out on the old school recruiting methods, I knew there had to be a better way to build a business, and I found it and busted my brain to master it.

It’s called Attraction Marketing and it’s about learning how to use the Internet in a way that literally brings your customers, prospects, and other leaders to YOU, without having to be a skilled closer or prospector.

I never even try to enroll anyone from any of these events, but it happens every time now, because I know my sh*t!


Because they already knew me from the Internet and saw value in the way I ran my business.

Imagine this now, for yourself…

How would your business change if people contacted YOU every single day?

And these aren’t just ‘any’ people.

These are active networkers with big dreams…calling YOU!

(Networkers and marketers of all types in fact – newbies, veterans, and leaders alike!)

Would that completely change your career and your life if you saved both time, effort, and money?

Wouldn’t it change your enthusiasm and devotion to this great home business industry?

Would it grant you a new lease on your drive to achieve the level of success you have been working so hard for?

It’s not even hard, but it’s simply that no one’s ever bothered to show you how to do it yet.

chasing?You can free yourself from objections, excuses, and the people who make them – forever.

Seriously. Time to stop wasting your valuable time and your money on these whiners!

Stop cold calling people to pitch your business. Learn some effective attraction marketing instead!

Do you think millionaires and billionaires sit in their offices all day making dials to a list of 20,000 potential customers??

Hell naw.

Why not simply learn their secrets?

You’ll be working with other professionals already in this industry, who are positive about what you are involved in.

It’s just like in any business.

Marketing 101: market what you offer to people whom are already interested in similar products.

This is how this how successful networkers really build their businesses in this industry, (especially now in the 21st century), so in order to get the same results, you gotta do the same action!

If you’re not sure how to go about it, you should consider signing up for my 100% Free 10-Day Online Recruiting training, because that’s exactly what it will teach you how to do.

Attract other professional marketers and network marketers to you, without having to make a ton of cold calls everyday.

I’ll even show you how I help the people I don’t recruit or even join my downline, and they pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for turning them onto solutions that help them get to the next level in THEIR business.

It’s a pretty neat trick, if you allow me to show you. Just take the (free) training HERE…

Regardless of what path you choose, I know you’ll give it 110%.
Keep #killinit!

Talk soon,

The World Is Yours, M!


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads...

Claim Your FREE Internet Recruiting Bootcamp...

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2022)

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