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My Initial 21 Book Picks – (According To Where You Are In Your Journey)

I get the question every day: “Which book should I get?”  OR…. “Which book should I get next?”Best answer is: This all depends on which “stage” you’re in. I really do wish I would have paid more attention to what the older wiser millionaires were trying to tell me back in the day.They tried to tell me what […]

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7 Questions To Effortlessly Enroll Your Perfect Prospects

Ok, so yesterday I was training a group of (1st year) distributors… We eventually got to the subject prospecting and it became very apparent why they felt like “nobody was interested”…So in this blog I’m going to explain the importance of knowing how to “position” and POSTURE UP with every prospect – (especially if you (think) […]

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These 3 Network Marketing Misconceptions Will Make You Want To Smack Yourself

You ever felt like like “somethin’ just ain’t right” with your business?  For me, I was always wondering if I was putting in way too much effort, grinding away for years just for a tiny income.  I’m sure you’ve had that anxious feeling: “Is this even worth all the effort?!” We’ve been there (many times) too. I remember feeling like […]

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Scared Money Don’t Make Money – (5 Do’s and Donts of Wealthy Friends)

Some days, when it just seems so hard, I simply go back to that dreadful day….  It’s puts fuel back in my fire every time, without fail…  My first employer, a great friend of mine, had died. This day was his funeral… Of course, I had forgotten to call into work in advance to get the day off, […]

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How To Recruit As A Lazy Introvert Who Hates Awkward Rejection

Ok ok wait I don’t want you to get the wrong idea… Just for clarity… by “lazy”, I mean not willing to waste your valuable time with dead beat tire-kicking skeptics and unqualified doubters (that have “that look” like our lil’ friend here on the right lol —>),  who aren’t already interested in what you have […]

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