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Never A Case of The Mondays
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The Three Tiers of Modern Prospecting & Recruiting for Today’s Network Marketers

A bit ago a friend of mine asked me to speak at a smaller private meeting at his home, attended entirely by their leaders from a well-known MLM company.

The training they wanted was basically…

How to successfully build a network marketing business with social media online…

Also though, the current state of (social) network marketing, and how leaders can really skill up, even if they thought they were “already online” and had built their teams using the social media platforms.

Truth is, even the social media strategies that worked just a few years (or even months) ago are not as effective, for reasons I’ll reveal below.

The Game is Changing, AGAIN. (Gotta Skill UP.)

Now if you feel like you may be missing something in terms of utilizing today’s technology and social channels to the fullest, then this is for you!

First some backstory on the leaders who wanted me to come and speak…

Their team had already created immense success with the regular (now ‘old school’) prospecting, and most in the past 3 years, using social media recruiting tactics now being marketed by all the “gurus”.

But now they’re experiencing slower growth, as these methods aren’t working as well as they once were.

Social media recruiting in general is not working as well because now sooo many networkers have jumped on the social band wagon and the savvy public is catching on.

Truth is, if you wanted to have super growth with regular social media recruiting, starting 3-5 years would have been amazing, but it has changed again…

So they asked me to reveal some ‘next level’ strategies with them, since they knew that I had been working on social network (actual) marketing since 2010.

So for starters, I showed that there are three levels of modern online network marketing, so they could see where they were and what that “next level” was going to be for them…

Their minds were completely blown wide open and it made them open up to all the new possibilities.

And for the first time in a while, they were (re)excited about the future of the social selling & network marketing!

They Had To Be Brave

Truth is, many leaders in network marketing are uncomfortable (and even threatened) to admit that they may not know everything about their profession…especially if they are a top earner.

But if you notice, the best entrepreneurs in the world, in any field, are those who are always outside of their comfort zones, looking for new cutting edge ideas. 

They study. They find out what competitors are doing. They invest in research and development. They innovate and take advantage of new technologies.

However, you wouldn’t think it, but…

In Network Marketing, Looking Outside The Box Of Your Existing Organizations For Cutting Edge Solutions Rarely Happens…

So what these leaders did was not only outside the norm of network marketing, but can even be frowned upon by other leaders and colleagues.

And (even though it’s happening at turtle’s speed), it seems many things are changing… fewf, lol!

Here’s the challenge:

In today’s fast-paced changing ways of business and communication, you have to stay cutting edge, but…

Leaders in network marketing are extremely sloooow to adopt new formulas, systems and tactics.

Even today, many of us leaders still don’t realize that it’s more comfortable sticking with what you know and throwing stones at things that are done differently.

I’ve personally had stones thrown in my direction since 2011, because I’ve been one of the pioneers willing to call out the old-school building leaders and ask them to step out of the ‘norm’ enough to see what was going to happen.

Those who wait for new technologies to become widely accepted before they jump on, will miss the opportunities…

So for now, there are three levels of modern prospecting and recruiting skills that are crucial for success today…

First let’s talk about what “attraction marketing” really is…

Attraction marketing is really ANY strategy that makes you become the hunted, instead of “the hunter” 

This doesn’t even have to be online, but simply any time you’re attracting instead of “chasing” your prospects down. 

So if you work to solve people’s problems and you become branded – (known for helping people solve certain types of challenges), then others will literally seek YOU!

You will build massive credibility by helping people get what they’re looking for – helping them get the results they want.

So let’s talk FUNDAMENTALS first:

These skills won’t ever change

No matter what level you’re at, (and no matter what kind of sales/marketing), whether it’s online strategies or you’re doing it the old school way, you’ll always need the basic skills:

  • Building immediate rapport
  • Meaningful communication and language for inviting, presenting, following-up, and training
  • Grow your leadership skills and ability to teach others

And now let’s now move into it:

The Three Levels of Today’s Prospecting & Recruiting…

Starting with “level zero”!

Because when it comes to taking advantage of modern prospecting and recruiting skills, level zero doesn’t even make the list.

This is the level of … “make a list of 100 people you may know.”

Yes, we’re talking cold market prospecting here.

I don’t have to tell you what this is, because you’ve probably experienced it already.

At level zero, you’re not utilizing modern technology in any meaningful way — except maybe your cell phone to send awkward prospecting messages to your friends and family, knowing you have an agenda, lol!

This isn’t “bad,” it’s simply where most people start.

At this level of sophistication (or lack thereof), you’re not yet utilizing what’s currently available online.

If this is you in any way, my suggestion is to not stay here long!

Unless you enjoy pain, awkward rejection and being shunned by everyone you care about or wanted to hang out with…


You can call this level “attraction marketing light.”

Here, instead of prospecting your friends and family or people from your phone, (or even strangers in public), now you’re doing warm and cold market prospecting on Facebook, Linkedin, or somewhere on social media.

In this scheme, your Facebook friends are your warm market, and your cold market comes from adding new friends and cultivating new connections and relationships.

Importantly, there’s a new opportunity here to passively attract new recruits, which isn’t available offline.

That opportunity is that you can now passively prospect by doing lifestyle posts, curiosity posts, story posts, etc.

This allows you to start attracting interested prospects, by getting people to private message you or comment on your post, requesting more info. However, you gotta know what you are doing in these posts.

In addition, you’re still doing active prospecting and making connections, but now you have an opportunity to start passively attracting some of those FB friends to you, and get them to raise their hand by creating carefully crafted social posts. (Note: you gotta know what you are doing here.)

If you’re doing this right, you are also building a following on your personal profile, of people who know, like and trust you.

The bigger the following and depending on the trust, you can expect your posts to start causing more and more people to reach out to you, requesting more info about your product (and sometimes business).

The problem is that most people do social medial recruiting wrong and even if they are trained in the right skills, still screw it up and waste a lot of time adding strangers as friends and have little to show for it.

Another big issue is that social media recruiting is not scalable.

You can’t push a button and have your followers scale. It’s all 100% manual.

And you’re also limited by your personal efforts and time spent on your computer, talking to all these people.

You’re also limited to 5,000 friends and you gotta be careful, cause Facebook generally does not like people doing business out of their personal profile.

Let’s face it, building relationships is time consuming and there’s no way around it with social recruiting.

My friend Gloria refers to this process as being “fake social”, which I guess is true, depending on whether or not you care about the people you’re connecting with.

But if doing the “fake social” thing doesn’t excite you, then here’s the next level…

Level two is a big part of what I focus on using the Elite Marketing Pro platform and this is what real attraction marketing truly is.

Attraction marketing is completely passive.

You create a lead generation system, and prospects start flowing in.

With attraction marketing, you’re establishing a following, generating an email list, and building a presence on multiple social media platforms.

More importantly, attraction marketing allows you to build an income regardless of whether somebody says “yes” or “no” to your primary opportunity.

You’re able to monetize the “no’s” because even the people who don’t join your business, will still continue to follow you and immerse themselves in your ecosystem (where you can monetize them via other avenues, if you choose to).

Attraction marketing is highly leveraged, and that’s essentially what we focus on with our Elite Marketing Pro platform.

Everything at this level is scalable because we can, for example, take a post that’s working on a personal profile, put it on a business page, target the followers of Robert Kiyosaki, hit a button, and all of a sudden it’s put in front of millions of people who are open to entrepreneurship!

That’s what attraction marketing allows you to do.

Personally, I recommend bypassing Level 0 and Level 1 and starting here.

You can download our (free) Attraction Marketing Training Series here to get started.

NEXT is something you probably won’t take on until you’re at least a six-figure earner in your network marketing business, but I do want to share a bit on this with you.

I consider these seven-figure skills, because even though you start them at six-figures, the goal of this level is to push your business to seven and eight-figures.

This is attraction marketing on steroids. It’s most definitely scaled up.

Once you develop a digital training and duplication system for your team, you’ll be able to standardize your team training so that no matter how deep somebody is in your organization, they’re having the same experience as a frontline member inside your team, as if you personally sponsored them.

In this level, new training is released to your team members, depending on how long they’ve been on your team, or what rank they’re at, automatically.

Everything is standardized.

So what a new prospect 50 levels down sees, is the same thing a new prospect on your frontline sees as well.

This may sound advanced, depending on the current sophistication of your business, but it’s still important for me to share this with you, because I want you to view network marketing like a business and this is actually how REAL businesses scale and grow.

Fortunately, these type of systems can be built pretty easily and quickly, at a relatively low cost. (If you are a top earner, feel free to connect with us HERE.)

And if you’re not there yet, that’s ok. Level 2 is what I would suggest.

Bottomline is that in real businesses people innovate and think outside the box in order to make innovative things happen.

If you want to be in a real business for yourself, you need to be willing to see what’s out there and innovate on your own.

Remember, when things become widely accepted in an industry, then chances are you’re too late and the strategies won’t be as effective as they once were. But then again, do you really want to be “fake social” or do you want leverage?

Luckily for you, reading this today…

What we offer at EMP is an opportunity to peek into the future

You too can implement the strategies only a small minority of successful leaders inside of network marketing are doing and catapult your business to the next level.

I highly recommend you sign up for our FREE Attraction Marketing Training Series.

Once you opt-in, you’ll get an overview of how attraction marketing actually works and learn about a paradigm-shifting e-book called “The Attraction Marketing Formula”.

If you’re already utilizing social media recruiting, this will seem like a natural next step for you, which is awesome!

Then you can have a real leveraged business, and use strategies that are ahead of their time.

And hey, I love that some network marketing leaders are now opening up to online strategies, but it would’ve been even better if they’d done so 12 years ago when these strategies were first introduced.

That being said, there is still A LOT we do here, which they are NOT open to sharing with you yet, and there lies the opportunity for you.

You don’t have to do any innovation of your own, to have that UNFAIR Advantage ’cause others have already done it.

If you’re ready to get ahead of the curve and become a leader who’s willing to modernize their business, then simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to our Online Recruiting Trainings.

I also recommend you pick up a copy of that e-book, the Attraction Marketing Formula & included bonuses, which you will learn about after you request the trainings.

And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

The World Is Yours,

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2022)

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