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These 3 Network Marketing Misconceptions Will Make You Smack Yourself

www.NeveraCaseOfTheMondays.comEver get the anxious feeling like something just “ain’t right” and your business should be moving WAY faster for you and your team?

Ok, well I’m not gonna step on any toes and say that what you’ve learned so far isn’t working, or that you “shouldn’t listen to your old school dinosaur up-line” like the online gurus try to tell you…

However, I am going to reveal 3 of our huge paradigm shifts that we teach our students, and it may go against some of the things you’ve been taught… 

We believe people get these concepts almost completely backwards and it causes most distributors major unnecessary frustration and failure:

  1. It Ain’t About Selling, Prospecting, Recruiting or “Reaching Out”

  2. You Don’t Have To Be “Social”

  3. It Ain’t About Your Great Company, Product or Comp Plan, (or even your “top of the comp plan up-line who makes 7-Figures”

And now, (like I was), you might be like, “Whoa Whoa Whoa, hold up!”


I know this may sound uncomfortable at first, but stick with me here, let me explain, lol!

When you go fishing:
Do you jump out there in the water and try to approach with your offer?

Hell NO you don’t…

Hopefully you’re with someone (or you reach out and ask someone) who has specialized skills, knows exactly what they’re doing, and has RESULTS in today’s online world.

And then you have be in the right areas, have the right lures that ATTRACT the fish, and build your skills so you can finally actually have a chance at catching them, right?

Ok, so let’s get to it:

 1. It Ain’t About Prospecting, Recruiting Or Even “Reaching Out”

Yep, this goes against everything most people have heard, but have built a team of THOUSANDS in under a year without reaching out or “recruiting” ANYONE.

Instead, we were able to ENROLL them into their own vision – and it all pivoted on the results THEY were already interested in. 

And you can get them to come to YOU, but for their reasons.

How? By knowing that it’s not about what you want them to buy or join. It’s about their reasons, and WHY they want those results.

People buy the RESULT

And truly, on the deeper level, people don’t initially make logical decisions. They make emotional decisions.

So if you really want to write a Facebook post that converts people into buyers…

Then you must tell a story and talk about the feeling they’re going to get when they get the results of the product they bought!

And this also goes for enrolling people into your business. They don’t want to “join” anything that’s unfamiliar.

However, if you learn to create enough curiosity that gets them to watch a few testimonies of how fun it is and how good it feels to follow some steps and achieve the goals they’re really looking for in their life… 

…and then you ask if they ever look for side projects that can help them get those results, they practically enroll themselves into your project before they even fully know what it is! 

Why Do People Join Clubs Or Organizations Or Even Gangs?

Because they also want the feeling of being a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to feel “safe”, with a culture that they identify with. A movement. Belonging!

But hold up…

2. You Don’t Have TIME To Be “Social”

Now hear me out on this one too…

I mean yes, at first, I was on Facebook to be “social”, as a “freebie” consumer of Facebook, connecting with friends and family, however… 

If you treat your business like a hobby, it’s going to PAY you like a hobby.

So if you’re a serious business owner, you’re not there to beat around the bush and be “social”. You’re there to produce RESULTS, daily. 

And most people think being social is productive, (and it can be), but is it producing much VOLUME?

Now I’m not sure about you, but when a Network Marketer tries to “beat around the bush” with me, messaging me with all the “fake social” small talk, I can immediately tell what they’re up to…

I personally would rather be told up front, and THIS language track will save you tons of time, so you can sift and sort through WAY MORE NUMBERS:

“Hey, I know we need to catch up and stuff, but today I’m contacting you about BUSINESS!” 

Or have you ever got the spammy copy & paste message, and then if you don’t buy what they’re pushing, they NEVER talk to you again?

Like honestly, how could they be so careless? It’s a dead giveaway. They didn’t care about me AT ALL. They just wanted to sell me something or “get” me into their business, lol!

And People Aren’t Stupid – They Can Tell

Their sales radar is on “extremely sensitive” mode. However, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being transparent and offering people the results their looking for… PLUS, they respect the transparency!


Only IF you offer it to them in the right way…  And this is why it’s called “sales copy(writing)” and “marketing”. It takes education and SKILL…

So, yes, it’s social media, but you should no longer think of it as your personal profile, hanging out being a simple “freebie” consumer. You’re on the business side now, so be VERY INTENTIONAL! 

I recommend looking at it like it’s your “HBO Channel”, “HISTORY CHANNEL” or “Education channel”.

And after you’re proficient with your personal profile, (if you’re thinking long term for branding yourself, so you can target and attract high-caliber entrepreneurs), I would also think about getting a Business/Fan page, because you’re a business now.

So after you have experience and traction, with a solid foundation under your belt, you can also use Facebook ads from a business page to generate leads FOR you…

This means you can have Facebook working FOR you, (getting your information in front of people who are already LOOKING for what you have to offer), even while you’re with the kids at the park…

In fact, Facebook likes you more if you’re paying them, so they actually give business owners with business pages a TON of extra advantages that the normal “freebie Facebook customers” can not get. * (You can click HERE to find out more on that on this other blog post.)

And last extremely important paradigm shift…

Here’s a story that explains more. Then #3 below this clip may bring it all the way home:

3. It Ain’t About Your Great Company, Product or Comp Plan, (or even your “top of the comp plan up-line who makes 7-Figures”

I’m not bashing, (because I used to do this too), but after I really learned the game, this stuff is just nuts to me…

Pretty much every other day I get a message from an excited Networker talking about all that “stuff” that they’re excited about.

And a while back I was approached by a friend…

I didn’t want to waste their time jumping on a 3-way call, but they kept insisting I get on the phone, (and I wanted to show my respect), so I reluctantly said “ok”… 

Wow, I got the ear full from their amateur “top earner” up-line:

Have you heard any of this language?

  • “We’re the fastest growing and we’re gonna be the next Billion Dollar company!”
  • “We’re stable and debt-free!”
  • “It’s a Ground Floor opportunity, and timing is EVERYTHING”
  • “This product changes lives!”
  • “I’m serious, the product literally sells itself!”
  • “I want to introduce you to my mentor who’s a 7-figure earner!”
  • “We’ve already made 397 millionaires!”

I could go on for days, but you get my drift, lol!

It’s Like Trying To Catch A Fish With A Bat

They weren’t doing it right!

Yes, they said it’s Network “Marketing” – and they said to get out there and push your stuff –  but it’s not even their fault, because they don’t know this stuff…

Very few of us have been educated or mentored on today’s cutting edge social media marketing.

Different people want different things, and their interests aren’t your company, products or comp plan, so we scare them off with all that “stuff” that we like, lol!

It’s like you’re speaking Chinese and they’re Spanish – you’re simply not speaking THEIR language!

And guess what?

Depending on what they like, they’re going to be “liking” and hanging out on different Facebook pages. Things that they’re already interested in.

So wouldn’t it be easier to get clear on EXACTLY what type of fish you’d like to catch, and then invest the time to discover where all the best fishing holes are?

And shouldn’t you simply ATTRACT them with the right BAIT, according to what their interests are, so you’re speaking their language and they all come to YOU to get what they want?

And THIS is how we’ve added 3700 distributors to our team in under 15 months , without chasing or bugging un-interested skeptical friends on Facebook!

And if you’re like we were… just completely DONE with reaching out with cold messages, being told “no thanks”,  “not interested” and getting totally ignored and avoided, we have a free paradigm shifting training series for ya… CLICK HERE NOW to grab it, because we’re not sure how long we’ll have this available…

And PLEASE, let us know your thoughts! We’ve love to hear from you, right here on messenger, especially if you have any questions…

Happy attracting!

The World Is Yours, Marco and Mari : )


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