How a Total INTROVERT Enrolled a Social Network Marketing Team Of Thousands Without Being “Social” Or Even “prospecting” AT ALL - Never A Case of The Mondays
Never A Case of The Mondays
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How a Total INTROVERT Enrolled a Social Network Marketing Team Of Thousands Without Being “Social” Or Even “prospecting” AT ALL

Ok this one is gonna be pretty controversial…

Get out the popcorn n soda, because there’s gonna be a few old doubters chiming in here…

And I don’t blame them.

When you read ads or a title like that, your mind automatically wants to blow it off. 

I didn’t think it worked, and I most definitely didn’t trust any of those online “gurus”.

I was indoctrinated for sticking to the old normal ways and it was ridiculously hard to change my mind…

So I sat there being stubborn and UNNECESSARILY struggled for 3 more YEARS… 

Because “I’m loyal”. I was “coachable”. I didn’t want to get sidetracked into “shiny ball syndrome”…

Maybe I just wasn’t ready and didn’t want to face it then, who knows. 

You’re programmed to think everyone’s trying to “sell” you something, and none of us like being “sold” to. 

On top of all that, your up-line is telling you to “stay away from all that online stuff because it doesn’t work like our proven system“…

And then one day, (after realizing I had just wasted another year following a system that wasn’t working for me), I finally snapped:

I couldn’t help but wonder, “If I keep seeing their ads, it must be working, or it would STOP, wouldn’t it?” 

Sooner or later you realize, “well now when would be the right time to make a change if what you’re doing right now isn’t working?  

And after I found out these truths, I was definitely irritated at myself for ignoring my gut feelings and blindly following their “simple system” for years. 

I could have been doing all the right things, and I would have been in a better place a lot faster. 

So I’m inviting you now… Invest this next 5-6 minutes into yourself.

Make it through, all the way to the end, so you can see if you think real I’m real or not

You’ll finally gain the advantage, making your OWN educated decisions, knowing exactly what you’ve been saying “no” to.  

Get in a quiet place, press PLAY, take notes, and ENJOY. 

Now think logically about what you’ve heard until today…

All this talk about an “easy simple system” you should keep doing in the name of “duplication”:  

Now honestly, when’s the last time you heard of ANYONE being paid the “huge income” just by doing something “easy” and “simple”? 

Here’s how that goes against all logic and principle. 

Think about any job that requires menial tasks, or work that is “easy” or “simple”, (meaning it requires a lower level of knowledge or skill.) 

  • Does a janitor generate a high income?
  • Does a dishwasher generate a high level income?
  • How about a WallMart greeter? 
  • etc.

You see, everyone inherently knows: 

Brain surgery is not “easy” OR “simple, and a high paid attorney also takes a high level of knowledge and skill. 

And I’m not even saying that old traditional stuff doesn’t work, because it did kinda work for me. (After I pounded it out through the first 6 years getting my learning curve down.)  

The problem is, not everyone was willing to be an insane workhorse like me. It didn’t “duplicate easily”. 

I remember the feeling, every day. It seemed like it was taking FOREVER. 

You always have this “itchy” feeling bugging you, every day, in the back of your head… 

“Man oh man, what if there was a way to have an assload of like-minded people from the internet  come to YOU so you can go faster and make more money? 

And full transparency here…

For me, being able to shove EVERY crap-talker’s foot in their mouth kept my dream alive for my first 5 years in Network Marketing…

I was gonna die before I let any negator win. 

There had to be something… any thing… that would help me get to the top.

Suspend Your “Dis-belief”

So… just be open to (new) information and logic and believe yourself…. you can make your own educated decision…

Invest this 5-6 minutes into yourself, or at least long enough to wrap your head around how you can do exactly what I’ve done. 

Thousands and thousands and thousands of like-minded people exposed and followed up with… BUT… 

Facebook is doing the work FOR you, and it’s all rejection-free. 

You’re not even talking to them until they’re ALREADY IN. 

I’m not saying this to brag at all, but to impress upon you what is possible when you LEVERAGE. 

This is all happening while I’m sleeping in late, taking 2 hours to wake up in the morning with my coffee, go surf around noon, pick up Lucca from school, make us a snack and finally head to the playground… 

And I’m not saying I don’t work, because I do a few calls every single day, but I mean C’MON… it’s ridiculously better now.

Like WAY WAY better. 

No it wasn’t always this good. I know how the hopelessness feels. I know how HARD it is on you. 

The mental game. 

It sucks so bad when you believe in something so much and it seems like nobody else gets your “no-brainer”…

But quitting would just be too hard of a pill to swallow by now. You’re going to THE END. 


The Ultimate Network “Marketing” Paradox of Today’s Direct Sales Distributor

Now I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m not the greatest with posting consistently on my (personal) FB  page…

I’m actually pretty potent with the quality of my posts and they do generate leads here and there, but it’s just hard to remember. 

Are your leads consistent? 

Personally it’s always been hard for me to remember to post 3-5 times per day on my personal page.

Plus, it’s awkward and annoying, lol.

So with a business page, you can create a ton of automation, which saves you an insane amount of TIME. 

And if you’re out to build a solid, sustainable and predictable income flow that grows, you need 5-10 leads per day, duplicated.

So even if you do post 3-5 times per day on a personal wall, is THAT proven to bring at least 5 leads per day, consistently? 

Can you depend on it to duplicate, daily?  

If you haven’t watched the video, then just keep reading… 

How an (INTROVERT) Network Marketer who isn’t “social” and “doesn’t approach or prospect” anyone built an organization of THOUSANDS on Social Media…

Yes, oxymorons #rock !

This here contains the reverse approach” method, but if you want to skip my “firehose of information” video, you can just TAP HERE and go straight to what I call the “ANTI-social solution”, lol! 

You know…

So you never have to be ignored by unqualified uninterested tire-kickers on messenger ever again…

So what could possibly be better than being “fake social” with that agenda of awkwardly approaching people on Facebook and everywhere else…? 


The confusing part to me was always this: 

I never really speak up or engage in most conversations unless it’s something super worthy of talking about… ya know what I mean? 

So when it comes to completely pointless conversations that I’m not really interested in or don’t care to engage with, (like how bad the traffic is on the way to work)…  YES… 



Now usually this would seem like a huge problem if you have big dreams in Direct Sales or “Social Networking” because “you have to talk to everybody” right? LOL…

But now you’ll discover the 3 ridiculously simple steps on how a “quiet introvert” (who is horribly inconsistent with Facebook posts on his personal wall) attracted and enrolled over 3700 distributors into his Home Business in less than 18 months using a simple (business) page on Facebook and “units” in secret groups… 

And it’s The 3 Ultimate Networking Oxymorons:

  1. You don’t have to be “social” to have a network!

  2. You don’t have to “prospect” to find good people!

  3. You don’t have to “chase” people to FOLLOW UP!


So if you’ve never been more serious about your future than you are RIGHT NOW, would reaching the top of the comp plan be worth the next few minutes of your time?

If so, click below to gain access and discover the dirty little secrets of the industry… 

And there it is… 

The 3 (RIGHT) Things That Will Change EVERY Thing

  1. Identify the (RIGHT) audience

  2. Demonstrate the (EASIEST and most efficient) way to solve their #1 problem

  3. Leverage an (AUTOMATED) strategy for the The Invite & The Follow-Up”

Oh…  and P.S.!  
If you found this valuable and have questions or want more personal help to set yourself up, don’t hesitate, go here… 

Can’t wait to hear from you! 

Much Love and Blessings, M…


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