Procrastination: The KILLER of success… AND your freedom. - Never A Case of The Mondays
Never A Case of The Mondays
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Procrastination: The KILLER of success… AND your freedom.

We all want “the good life” right? But doesn’t everybody want that? Yes, of course they do! Only one problem though: Most of us can’t seem to break out of our “comfort zone” to do these “uncomfortable” money-making activities, even though we know these activities will create our own FREEDOM! We unintentionally procrastinate and “not show up for ourselves”, as we unconsciously default to doing more comfortable activities like scanning through Facebook, watching YouTube videos, or even doing the dishes, (even though you hate doing the dishes!).Now, when do you think it would be a good time to take MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE ACTION toward your big dreams? Would that be NOW, like the 5% who get to live their dream life, ….. or are you going to choose “tomorrow” like the other 95% of people who struggle and inevitably quit on their dreams? It’s TIME for you to BREAK THROUGH! The common thing in people who fail and quit, is that most of their time is spent in THINKING mode instead of DOING! The only thing that disolves “fear” is ACTION! Only after you’ve broke free from your fear shackles, can you duplicate to help others do the same. THEN you will have true wealth and freedom! They don’t call it the POWER OF NOW for nothin’! Let’s do this together, NOW! So you can either have excuses, or you can have absolute success. Which one is it going to be? Talk soon, M…
(Last Updated On: April 14, 2016)

About the Author Marco Frank Montoya

I was an inner-city kid who changed his environment and grew to become a world-class international professional snowboarder for over 17 years... I didn't know what I did when I did it, but now I DO. I learned a lot from that and lived an extraordinary lifestyle, so as you can imagine, I could not go back to a "the norm". I was "psychologically un-employable"... Through years of launching, building and promoting several businesses, I quickly realized that the more "successful" we became, the more BUSY we got, (and the less TIME freedom I had). The lack of freedom and quality time with my kids had me searching for solutions and investing into personal development and financial education. Then I searched out and found the most beautifully powerful business models and mentors in the world and they changed my life forever. So grateful. I've done this now for over a 15 years, and absolutely LOVE to pay it forward. I now coach and guide entrepreneurs on how to brand yourself, market your businesses online for multiple streams of income (from anywhere in the world), and protect the assets you've built, so you can be a #FreedomFam too! : )

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