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Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To SCALE UP Your Home Business To Reach Your Next Level: 5 Mandatory Shifts

Marco & Mari stage 2I always had the vision of being on stage, living the life, and being debt free, but instead, I “ground it out” for 4 hard years, chasing my dream of becoming a successful in network marketing. 

I was doing everything they were telling me to do, but just couldn’t, (or should I say, wouldn’t!) break past $5k/month, no matter how hard I tried.

What else could I possibly do? I was losing hope and started to run out of enthusiasm.

I had no support, and no real mentors to turn to. 

The Good And Bad Thing About Being Stubborn

If you’re a stubborn type like I was, you will stick to what you think you know, which is a curse. It’s very hard to be open to “new ideas”, even if they work better.

The good thing about being stubborn is that I was not going to quit until I conquer this thing, and do what I said I was gonna do, which is be successful. 

So then it came down to which is more important… 

StubbornDo you stick to your beliefs and stay stuck, or do you get open to new ideas that may or may not work? Your pain of staying the same outgrows your pain of learning something “new” that may help change your situation in the long run. 

It’s kinda like a golf swing. You may be “good” at it right now. And you don’t want to learn a “new” way, because you’ll have to start all the way over from basically scratch, but after you learn from the paid pro that breaks it all back down, and builds it all back up from the ground, for ultimate results in the long run, it was SO worth it. You were SO glad you did it… 

What a Blessing! 

Today, I am SO glad I failed so much, because I know what NOT to do, and can teach my teams, FAST! Every failure is always a stepping stone!

I went searching and had discovered that the old schoolers were teaching me strategies from the 90’s, and most shocking is that they’re still teaching it this way today!

This creates another opportunity for us to help many many entrepreneurs, and get paid another channel of income for doing it! 

So, most people are taught, (and duplicating) the old “excited ignorance on fire” strategy, with no actual skill set. You may have the enthusiasm of “right place right time” but maybe you’re not treating your home business like a REAL business, that incorporates real marketing, among the other integral moving parts. 

So when you fall into network marketing, it’s like you forget everything you knew about traditional business, just because they told you to! 

So, like me, you may have been made to think that this business is built “differently”. This is another tiny fib they tell, to make it seem easy, to “get you in”. You only start differently, but it is absolutely no different than any other business. Here’s the 5 big reasons why:

5 Things Every Real Business Needs… 

  1. Investment:
    The first mistake you can make is to think you don’t have to invest in your business… CONTINUOUSLY.

    I mean, I know you invested “at first”, but even worse is to think you don’t have to RE-invest any and all money you make, BACK INTO your business for the first few years, same as any other type of business!

    I have been working from home for over 10 years, and STILL I re-invest into myself and my business, including investing money into next level mentors and coaches to get to that next level.

    Which leads to… 

  2. Budgeting/Bookkeeping:
    In my other businesses, we have serious bookkeeping. You can improve what you don’t track, so this is key.

    There is money allocated and put back into overhead, employees, upgrades, branding, etc… and  always up to 10% of any money made is put back into marketing. That is, if you want to SCALE UP. It is absolutely mandatory.

    Which leads to… 

  3. Marketing:
    The 2 words are Network MARKETING, but the funniest thing is that they only teach you the linear way, networking, one-by-one! 

    Yes, “belly-to-belly” is always great, especially for building relationships and stuff, but it’s not the ONLY thing you should be doing. Fisherman have many different tools, techniques, strategies, etc., right? 

    So even though the internet is here to stay, most people don’t leverage it the way they could. You can leverage social media platforms to get in front of thousands and thousands of people at a time, making the platform and systems do the work FOR you!

    Now, I’m NOT talking about internet prospecting. I’m talking about Internet MARKETING. There’s a huge difference.

    Every business owner must have a budget to generate more customers, leads, and sales for your business, which leads to… 
  4. Branding/Market Awareness:
    Now, there’s a reason why the big name brands still do commercials, even though we already know who they are.

    When a brand and logo is burned into your brain, it automatically makes you subconsciously trust that it’s “safe” and it works. And people only buy from people they know, like, and TRUST, remember?

    I’ve been saying this for a while now. The only reason you buy Crest toothpaste, (even though they put sugar in the kid’s toothpaste), is because you feel like you know the brand and feel “safe” to use it. You “trust” it works. That’s the power of branding. Which creates even more…

  5. Leads:
    Every business needs LEADS of new customers, and if you’re dead serious about building a real business, this business of network marketing is absolutely no different.

    Yes you were told to write a list of friends and family, simply because you may get some kind of quick immediate result that may keep you in a bit longer, but in order to scale up and hit that next level of business, you must “skill up” to scale up. 

    What do I mean by that? 

    Well, not only must you become skilled at creating more customers, but attracting business builders for sales teams and leveraged income, right?  

    Ok. So there are two ways to do this:

    1. You can “sift and sort”, one by one, through friends and family. You can also do the prospecting on Facebook, one by one, but this takes a ton of time, so it’s for people who have a bunch of extra time, but won’t (or “can’t”) find extra money.
    This is why I say you must create a budget, so you can get out of this situation of “having no money”, or you’ll have to keep sifting and sorting, trying to get lucky and find someone who DOES have a mindset of resourcefulness and finds the money. 
    Leverage2. You can use Facebook marketing, (or any other platform) to do the sifting and sorting, (aka, “the work”), FOR YOU, while you’re out doing the important things you’d rather be doing, like being outdoors, traveling the world with your family.  
    With even $5 or $10, you can create small ads and get your information in front of thousands (and even millions) of people at a time. 
    With the ad targeting capabilities of social media platforms, you can get your information in front of qualified customers who are ALREADY interested in what you have!
    You can also laser target exactly the entrepreneur type you want in your business, who are already interested in having a home business, and they are motivated to generate more income in their lives!

    Imagine the change in your business when you learn how to attract interested and motivated entrepreneurs instead of dis-interested skeptics and doubters! You’re not even going to believe the shift in your energy, when you wake up to messages of people wanting to join, and commission waiting in your account… 

Well Then How Then? 

This is exactly what I asked when I realized the truth, and what you search for, you will find! 

For now, you can grab my 10-day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp, for free. As you run through the process, it will all come together for you, and your mind will blown as the “next level” paradigm shifts happen for you. 

And now, when you’re ready, CLICK HERE to listen to my friend Tim, as he goes through his journey, and how not to follow everyone off the cliff of frustration and struggle! 

I hope this helped a ton like it did for me. we’ll see you at the top!

The World Is Yours, M!  


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