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Never A Case of The Mondays
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5 Tweaks To Quickly Create Curiosity And ATTRACT Without Resistance

I’m so mentally scarred from my first year in Network Marketing…

I was avoided strictly because of my ridiculous tactics.

What if you were being outcasted and you didn’t even know it?

Personally I was way too excited and not paying attention, so I’m telling you now, so you don’t have to go on struggling for years like I did…

I actually wrote a similar post a while back and helped thousands of networkers, so I’ve revised and updated, adding a few new-school nuggets to help you take your business up a notch…

Below are 5 (more) extremely important tweaks you can do that will help you spring forward faster.

Stuck for YEARS…

When I was first exposed to MLM, I was way too excited. They said, “just get a few people to get a few people” and “it’s right place right time!”

Then when you hit the wall, (inevitable for most network marketers), you may kinda get stuck there…

If you’re like I used to be, you may be trying to find smooth ways to bring the subject back up with your sharpest friends, or wondering why there’s crickets on your Facebook posts, right?  LOL!

Even funnier now that I think about it… is that I would actually even take it personal when they weren’t “seeing it” like I was, and I was totally thinking THEY were the ones who were crazy! LOL

Luckily I stuck in long enough to find my wits and the right mentors!  FEWFF!

My coaches immediately let me know that the old school strategies were out of date, (but still being taught), and those who weren’t using  the internet to leverage their network marketing were struggling.

I was also watching my internet friends absolutely crushing it with some wild new ninja strategies that I’ll hit on below in #5…

So here’s some initial crucial course correction!
*As my mentors said: “Put down your ego, and pick up a pen”!

1. Build Your VALUE 

The other day a Facebook friend copy-n-pasted me in messenger about his “ground floor opportunity” with “the best comp plan in the industry”…

Ever heard that one before? 

I messaged him back:
“Stick in there man… If you have the right coaches, take enough action and work hard enough on yourself to gain the skills you need, you’ll become ultra valuable, and you’ll attract great people!”

(This was my nice way of saying “hopefully you’ll grow to STOP being “needy”, pushy.)

I can crack jokes about this (because I used to do it too), but this guy just being way too careless, trying to “get” me in his business.  

He spammed me on the “most aggressive comp plan and amazing products” and how “it’s going to be a Billion dollar company” and all of the usual points. 

The right mentors will quickly let you know:

It doesn’t matter that your company is “the fastest growing” and “in momentum”

When you’re doing it wrong, it’s a nightmare, no matter which business you’re in.

So would it be ok if I just told you the TRUTH?  


The comp plans are the same for everyone, in every business. The products are the same for every single person, in every single business.

So why do some people make ridiculous amounts of income, and others hardly make anything?

Only ONE thing left – YOU. The only thing that matters.

People aren’t joining the product or the comp plan. They are joining YOU.

So it is most crucial to get the education and specialized skills that make you VALUABLE, so you’re extremely helpful with solutions to people’s problems.  

Leading to…

2. “Selling” vs. “Enrollment”:

If you’re like I used to be, you believe the products/service of our company are the greatest things in the world known to man and “everyone should want it”!

BUT, the fact is, your prospect hates to be “sold”, and still thinks they are “too busy” and “not interested”… …  …  at first! 

Blurting out “I’m looking for someone who wants to make $$…. or  join my team, private message me!” or posting a picture of some product does not work.

They have become immune to any “salesy” Facebook posting!

And more deadly, is that their subconscious mind says, “ooh, I don’t want to do anything where I ruin my Facebook relationships and become avoided like that, so I am most definitely not interested in the business!”

Here’s why… People aren’t on Facebook to buy things, …  (initially).

There are there to be social, so you must have the skills to interrupt the scroll, catch attention, create curiosity, engage, be social, build a relationship back up, share a story, convert, etc… 

And here’s the deal:
People won’t see themselves working with
your company, or using some product just yet.

However, on a subconscious level, if your prospect relates with “why” you’re doing it, (after you get honest and vulnerable, and tell a compelling story), then they’ll probably enroll themselves

Then it will be their idea to find a solution to their problems!

So instead of trying to selling them stuff or get them in, you can gain the skills to dig a little deeper, and gain enrollment, (not “recruitment”… AND without having to “chase”)… which leads to a funny tweak you may want to change immediately… (like seriously right now), which is… 

3. Putting Your MLM Company Name (instead of your Facebook business page name) In (any of) Your Profiles:

what-they-doBack in the day, I accidentally thought having a business card filled with my company and product features was a good idea, but it was actually the exact opposite of good! LOL

If you think that people are going to see your company name and hurry to get a hold of you, then you’ve probably been confused and struggling for a while now…

Even if the internet was still in it’s early stages, it wouldn’t be a good idea to put your information out there so fast, because you immediately KILL their curiosity, and CURIOSITY is what keeps them COMING for more! 

Also, (instead of just being some distributor or promoter of some product/company), it’s always better to work at a higher level and brand yourself, for positioning and credibility. (More on that here).

But you must know: 
If you put your company name out there…. Your potential prospect will immediately rush to Google and do their “research” on your company name instead of being curious enough to ask you for more information on what you do! 

They will immediately find the negativity out there, because the internet is “the bathroom stall of information“, and Facebook used wrong will be your biggest business prospects repellent!

You want them to make an educated decision, so they don’t say “no” before they even know what they’re saying “no” to, don’t you? Ok, so they must see your personal value first, and be attracted to you! 

If they only see some crazy company name first, they’ll think they’re not interested, and they’ll run the opposite way because they’ll think you’re gonna try to “sell” them on it.

*Important Note:
A better thing you can do is have your Facebook business page or group in your profile (which provides tons of value, with great content) instead.

If you don’t have a business or fan page yet, then have something in your profile that makes them so curious it will drive them nuts where they can’t help it and must find out more! (like your STORY about your pain/frustrations, and how you found a solution) 

This creates curiosity, rather than instantly repelling your Facebook prospects.

If you satisfy their curiosity right off the bat, or even give them enough to they think they already “know what it is”, they will not have to “show up” to learn more, will they? This is why they are not showing up for you, or asking more about you!

4. Go SLOW: (Yep, you heard me right!)

People don't care how much u knowIf you’ve been going at a slow painful pace, and you hate it, then don’t go too “fast” with your prospects and customers…

These days, everyone is trying to sell something on the internet, so people have their “blinders” on…

When you try to go too fast with people, (if you don’t care to build a relationship and probe for some powerful ways to provide real value for them), your business will go extremely slow, or not at all.

If you’re doing all the spam posts with your company name and logo all over the “before and after” pics, with pictures of products, saying “lose weight, ask me how” and “private message me if you’re interested”, you’re going to continue to get absolutely no engagement from any of your posts. (Well, except from fellow distributors, trying to add that “social proof”, lol!)

People’s “sales filter” is on HIGH, so even the words “if you’re interested” make them run the other way! There must be way more thought and skill involved today if you’re going to be using social media. 

I see way too many posts out there with barely a few “likes” on their posts. It’s almost like they’re posting in a different language! Like seriously, I think I heard a cricket on someone’s page the other day! LOL

On the other hand, if you come with mega value first, (and no strings attached), and you take the time to care – to be interested in people, and go slow, (by building a real relationship first and finding out what results they would want in their lives) – then your business will actually go fast because you build trust and credibility – and people only buy from people they trust.

Yep, they only join people who they think will be valuable to them, and the more value you put out there, the more credit you will build. This takes TIME! 

As you can see, people who have a lot of credibility with their network tend to do very well in this type of business.

All day every day, you can see people trying to be interesting on Facebook, yeah?
“Hey look at me, look at me, I’m interesting! I have something interesting!” LOL

So how do  you differentiate? You can be interested, always be curious… probing to know more about others!

And how can you even help someone if you don’t know what they want? Helping them on a deeper level takes more TIME.

So, when you post, ask questions, like “what do think about this?”. You can create more engagement, and show you care about their opinion!

If you don’t get to know them, then you will only know what YOU want, and trust me, they don’t care what you want!
They only care about what THEY want! So find out what they want!

And finally…

5. Discover Attraction Marketing :
(Internet prospecting is not the same as Internet MARKETING

marco-camera-adNetwork Marketing! Now you’ll really start to notice the main word in there:


It’s not called Network “spend hours and hours chasing everyone down, trying to convince them into your business, one by one” or Network “private messaging all your cold contacts one by one on Facebook”! 

It’s also not called Network “invade everyone’s space on Facebook with your flashy products until they buy something” Marketing! lol!

I can joke like this, because I did all of that too! haha! 

I know they told you:

Do house parties. Prospect everyone! (Even though this business is not for most people).
Write down 50 contacts. Use the scripts. Call every one of them! Drive all over town to meet them. Show up to every meeting!
Make business cards and a Facebook fan page and fliers and wear your T-shirts with your company name on ’em so you can spam everyone online, on the street, and on the coffee shop wall!
Throw that spaghetti on the wall, and don’t worry about all that rejection, those people are just negative dream-crushers!
Have meetings at Starbucks with dis-interested 9to5 skeptics who think their dead-end job is way cooler than your million-dollar network marketing business!

Should I go on? I think you get the point, LOL!!

They told me the same old school stuff. Nothing wrong with it, but for me, it wasn’t the most efficient and we just didn’t have the time for everything.  

If you’re like I was, you’re frustrated and anxiously looking for a way to work smarter, at a higher level, so you can attract high-caliber leaders and build a real business.  

I’ll tell you now:
Done wrong, it’s a freaking nightmare, (offline and/or online). You’ve probably found out by now, the time and effort it takes to convince skeptics one by one at Starbucks can really take away your precious time and slow your business down… 

But I’ll also tell you this:      Done RIGHT, it’s a DREAM!

Now, imagine knowing how to get your information in front of perfectly aligned buyers who are already interested in your products on the social media platforms. 

This is WAY more fun than trying to convince “Uncle Manny”, the overweight cola-drinking chain smoker with High Blood Pressure and Diabetes, that he can make millions, when he’s just fine at his dead-end job watching WWE wrestling and football all weekend! LOL

This is exactly how we went from wasting time, getting stood up at home parties and Saturday trainings, to enrolling over 90 people into our business in under 6 months, and being home more, playing with the baby… 

You literally wake up to messages (from qualified buyers and hungry entrepreneurs), coming to YOU, asking for appointments to learn more about you and your business. 

You can laser target those who are already interested.

To get a free video training series on how to recruit with no rejection on Social Media, GO HERE. 

Yes, it takes time to learn, but it’s SO WORTH IT!

I can’t tell you how good it feels to wake up and have way too many people to talk to, who are already ready to join… 

Heck, what about just being able to relax at dinner with your family instead of feeling anxious trying to think of smooth ways to bring up your network marketing business to your waitress? LOL!

If you wanna learn more on how to avoid the time-wasting energy suckers and attracting the RIGHT buyers, you can read The “Attraction Marketing Formula”, and get a free training series HERE.

It was an absolute paradigm shift and changed our business forever, but most importantly, you’re gonna have way more FUN!

Ok, I hope these initial 5 (major) tweaks were helpful like they’ve been for us over the years!

We have WAY more, so give us a “LIKE” to stay plugged in, or leave us a comment, and share if it helped!

See you soon, enjoy! 

The World Is Yours, M!

Oh, and P.S. : 
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Here’s the link to our calendar. Don’t hesitate! calendly.com/marcoandmariana


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