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How to Guarantee Your Success In Network Marketing With New School Recruiting: 5 Simple Steps

Marc Frank Montoya & Mari Business SuccessWhen I first fell into network marketing, I was told some pretty big “fibs”…

It was at a workshop training held by a distributor in my up-line.  

A wealthy physician who had his own private practice.

He’d also made over 2 million dollars in network marketing, so he knew what it took to create success in life, or so we thought! 

But when I got to his big house and sat through his training, I was kinda disappointed.

Basically, for an hour I sat in his living room as he drew on a whiteboard, and listened to him give a big spiel that was mostly hype and  “fluff.”

Worst of all, he didn’t teach us anything about a real strategy or skill set set we could use.

Instead, he kept on saying…

This business, it’s not selling, it’s sharing.

You’re simply ‘sharing’ the business with people.

You don’t need to sell anything… Just “share” these meetings with more people! LOL

Sell itselfThis didn’t make much sense to me, because he was basically saying that network marketing was “easy” and didn’t require any skills.

(Even though the only way to create big income is to have specialized skills). 

Think about it…

As a physician, he didn’t just get “lucky” in his practice.

It wasn’t “easy” when he graduated from med school and got licensed in the state of California to practice medicine.

He worked really hard and learned actual processes and specialized skills for everything he did, which is how he became an MD, and eventually became an entrepreneur by opening up his own space.

As a professional snowboarder, I know that snowboarders don’t become successful by luck or because it is “not hard”.

And no matter what profession you’re in, I’m sure you’ll agree that…

People Get Paid The Big Buck By Developing Specialized Skills!


Luck has very little to do with real success.

Even if I didn’t know much about network marketing, I knew his path couldn’t have been easy. My success wasn’t random.

After that presentation, I wanted somebody to show me a specific process that would help me build my business quicker. Offline or online, I didn’t care.

I wanted the network marketing success this guy had and I wanted to know, step-by-step, how you do it.

The lack of answers from my up-line is what led me to eventually go online and find network marketing mentors who used the Internet to build big teams, using a set of strategies, which they called “Attraction Marketing.”

Along with giving you the cutting edge strategies, attraction marketing solved your team’s #1 problem…

You have a serious lack of customers and prospects for your business.

So now you’re able to use social media marketing to create leads of qualified people, in a steady and predictable way, without bugging friends or prospecting strangers at dinner parties. 

And I’m not talking about social media prospecting, one-by-one. I’m talking about social media MARKETING, because it IS called Network MARKETING, isn’t it? LOL! 

Yep, you must have real strategy. For you to be successful in Network Marketing, it’s really about doing the right things in the right sequence, to achieve a specific result.


5 Proven Strategic Steps You Can Use To Guarantee Your Success… 

push button incomeEssentially, these 5 steps, (when you do them in the right order), can literally create “push button” money — which gives you the power to recruit qualified go-getters with a few touches on the keyboard on your computer, (or even a smart phone).

Yeah that probably sounds a bit “hypey,” but I invite you to let me prove what I’m saying…

Just like any profession, you need to invest in learning with the exact same seriousness that a pro athlete, doctor, artist, or engineer treats the skills of their trade.

You can listen to my friend Ferny with the five steps right here…

Now, read on for the complete blueprint…

Step 1: Find/Develop Your Strategy


Your strategy is basically a series of specific steps that help you to achieve your specific goal. I say specific in the sense that you can draw these steps on paper or a whiteboard and map out the “how”.

Now, if you’re not being taught a short or long-term proven strategy by your up-line or company, run away fast!

Seriously though…

Because you have 2 choices:

You can either:

  1. Develop your strategy yourself, which takes a lot of time, money, headache & trial and error, or
  2. You can find proven people who have already figured out the steps to be successful and model their strategy.

Now, personally, from experience, I don’t have the time to reinvent the wheel.

We now know we’d much rather follow a proven process from a top networker who’s already generating tons of cashflow and achieving what we want to achieve.

In summary:

Find the mentor that gives you a simple proven strategy for enrolling your first person, making your first sale, and eventually reaching your bigger goals.

If nobody has provided that for you, they either don’t have a strategy or don’t know what they’re doing — so run!

Step 2: Your Chosen Strategy MUST Be Simple & Easy To Repeat


Duplication is key.

Teach your strategy to your team so they can go out and succeed, (and make money in the process), and the process should be simple, but not necessarily “easy”.

Now, again, that doctor I mentioned before kept saying “it’s not selling, it’s sharing.”

To me, it sounded silly and inauthentic.

After all, I was “sold” (influenced) into enrolling into his business, so why would he tell us we wouldn’t have to learn the same?

Thinking back, I now know why.

  • Problem 1:

    He assumed we were dumb or weak, so he wanted it to sound easy so he wouldn’t scare us away by telling the truth. (i.e. that we had to invest some time to learn some serious skills.)

  • Problem 2:

    He was not practicing what he preached. His approach was one way (skill based), but he was telling us to do something entirely different.

    This meant we couldn’t duplicate it, even if we wanted to, because catering to weakness doesn’t duplicate.

As a leader myself today, I use every single process I teach to my students and teams.

I give my team the exact tools I use, and I’m constantly tweaking and improving my methods.

If anything changes, I tell them. That’s my responsibility as a leader.

Developing strategies is not the team’s responsibility. It’s the leader’s! 


The strategy doesn’t have to be a “knock it out of the park” the first time it’s ever used, but it just has to deliver results that can be quantified, assessed and be improved over time.

It’s a good chance that your first time dialing in a strategy won’t be perfect, and you’ll have to be ok with that.

Just as long as you’re committed to improvement and learning.  

I’ve taken my business to the next level with Value, Attraction Marketing and “Social Commerce Mastery.

They’ve solved the biggest problem in network marketing, which is finding interested prospects to talk to, (generating your own leads), who are already wanting to engage with you about network marketing.

Do it. Get Results. Course Correction. Repeat…

Step 3: Gain Experience


When you’re dead serious and you treat what you’re learning here as seriously as you would the skills you’d learn in any other profession, you gain the experience.

And with that, you start learning things that you just can’t learn in a course, or in an audio book.

It becomes second nature.

Here’s the harsh truth:

If you’re thinking, “I want to make money NOW… right NOW”, I can tell you you’re setting yourself up for quick “failure”.

I believe you already know, “get-rick-quick schemes” are just that: schemes. They don’t create sustainable success.

There is no easy way, no magic bullet. Stop looking.

If you treat network marketing as an actual professional skill, then you will succeed. 

If not, you will not. Period.

We worked extremely hard to develop and learn the strategies I teach, and it’s actually aggravating when people think I can teach them “the trick” for what we do.

It may seem like a trick, because we might make it seem like it’s easy, but it requires practice and time investment. Same as any other trade.

**So if you think about it, even if it takes you a year to be effective, isn’t that better than 40+ years at a job you hate? You’re gonna work hard for the next 5 years either way, aren’t you? 

So if you’re serious about network marketing and you want to be a true leader, you’ve got to decide to be committed.

You must gain the experience you need, and an appreciation for nuance to develop the DEPTH of understanding.

It is impossible to attain any other way.

Yes, fundamentally, every networker building offline or online has the same general foundation. However, we all have different approaches, styles, and tactics, and over time, we all have a slightly different space in this arena.

As you implement your strategy, you have learned to customize it for your strengths and it becomes your own system.

In summary: you gain experience through repetition and you gain specialized skills and understanding.

Then eventually you start modifying tactics and processes for mastery.

Step 4: Paying it Forward


Once you have depth of understanding and nuance from steps 1 through 3, you’ll likely have achieved some success and now you’re positioned to teach what you’ve learned through social media platforms…blogging, video, Facebook Live, e-mails, etc..

By communicating to the following you’ve created, (and are continually building every day), you’ll “pay it forward”.

Not just to your downline, but even to the whole industry.

Two benefits for you would be:

  1. People will watch you giving great value and many people are benefiting, so your following will grow. (This is how I grew my community here at NeveraCaseOfTheMondays)!

  2. As you build your foundation and following, you will build your own brand and evolve into a leader, who is not just selling some product or business opp. This is key to your final step…  (the “push button” recurring income)…

So, Once you have paid it forward and built a following by helping others with great trainings and content, you will have a following of people that trust you and want to learn even more from you.

That’s how you create a real empire.

You’ll have a loyal community that loves you, and knows you will lead them to greater success.

Step 5: Become The Force


This is where you get the ability to gain customers and recruit on a larger scale, (and I’m talking about with the push of a button).

After you have a community who trust you, that push of a button can be clicking the “send” button to your email list, or clicking “begin” for your live webinar, or clicking “publish” on a new blog post.

Whichever strategy you’re most comfortable with.

Lately I’m simply voicing my call to action on FB Live and people buy courses or fill out the form to join me in my opportunity.


Because they trust me in my community, and you’ll have the same credibility after you’ve committed to mastery. 

Imagine yourself now, waking up with these messages …  “you’ve got commissions”, every single morning…

Because you pay it forward consistently. 

Many networkers miss the #4 and #5 steps. They miss the part about building a community beyond their network marketing business or team.

The huge problem with that is, if anything goes wrong with their company or team, they’re doomed.

They didn’t have a “plan B.”, and it happens every single day to “mlm jumpers”.

Do not be dependent on anyone or anything else. Build your own personal brand.

That’s why step building a following is so important. It allows you to become the force that no one can stop and you’re able to recruit on a larger scale, at will.

What I just shared with you was a 5-step strategy for “skilling UP”. 

This is most important whether you choose to build online or offline.

Now, if you’d like to learn today’s online business building strategies to generate red hot prospects, every single day, and all of the customers you can handle per month, click here and I’ll give you my Online Recruiting Course (for free), so you may begin that journey.

So, now, to guarantee your success:

  • #1 – Find a proven strategy that works.
  • #2 – Make sure the strategy is skill based and repeatable. DO it. Get RESULTS. Course CORRECT. REPEAT.
  • #3 – Gain experience through repetition so you have a deep understanding and “nuance”.
  • #4 – Pay it forward so you build a community around your brand.
  • #5 – Become a force to be able to create “push button leveraged income”…

… and live happily ever after. It’s party time! We’ll see you there! 

The World Is Yours, M!


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