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Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To Recruit As A Lazy Introvert Who Hates Awkward Rejection

Ok ok wait I don’t want you to get the wrong idea…

Just for clarity… by “lazy”, I mean not willing to waste your valuable time with dead beat tire-kicking skeptics and unqualified doubters (that have “that look” like our lil’ friend here on the right lol —>),  who aren’t already interested in what you have to offer, LOL!

Now, personally I was obsessed about making it to the top and gaining my freedom, so I’m willing to do (and have tried) EVERYTHING.

I also got rejected 1,000 times, but I seriously wasn’t going to quit until I MADE it… because I choose to be a 1%er… a top earner.

But FEWFF, the big “debate”…..

What is most duplicable , (or duplicate-able)?

Is being a total extravert (and public speaker) who goes out there all day and talks to everyone, recruiting everybody, and does perfect presentations on stage really that duplicable?

And yeah, most people feel like they’ve run out of people to talk to, like we did… BUT…

Here two sure fire ways to sift and sort through ENDLESS abundance using Facebook.

I’ll give you both ways, so you can do what we did to finally break through and become top earners in under 24 months: 


The World Is Yours, 
Marco & Mari! 


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The World Is Yours, M… 

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I was an inner-city kid who changed his environment and grew to become a world-class international professional snowboarder for over 17 years... I didn't know what I did when I did it, but now I DO. I learned a lot from that and lived an extraordinary lifestyle, so as you can imagine, I could not go back to a "the norm". I was "psychologically un-employable"... Through years of launching, building and promoting several businesses, I quickly realized that the more "successful" we became, the more BUSY we got, (and the less TIME freedom I had). The lack of freedom and quality time with my kids had me searching for solutions and investing into personal development and financial education. Then I searched out and found the most beautifully powerful business models and mentors in the world and they changed my life forever. So grateful. I've done this now for over a 15 years, and absolutely LOVE to pay it forward. I now coach and guide entrepreneurs on how to brand yourself, market your businesses online for multiple streams of income (from anywhere in the world), and protect the assets you've built, so you can be a #FreedomFam too! : )

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