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Never A Case of The Mondays
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10 Initial Distinctions Between Millionaires & Middle-Class

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2018)

It was such a simple and small audio, that it was easy to dismiss… but it’s stuck in my head FOREVER…

“The 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and Middle-Class” is the name of a tiny but ultra powerful book by Keith Cameron Smith.

Once you realize the differences, you can then make sure to think (and more importantly DO) like a bonafide millionaire…

I tell everyone to come back and listen to this every fews years, to keep your mind protected and trained for greatness…

So here are the main points from this amazing little gem of a book…

Starting backward from 10:

#10 – Millionaires Think Long Term… While The Middle-Class Think Short Term:

The very poor think in a “day to day mentality:
They subconsciously ask themselves, “How am I going to survive today”.

They are barely able to take care of themselves, so trying to help someone else is usually way out of the question. They live in a (accidental) selfish space of “I” and “Me”.

What they don’t understand is: what you seek, you will find , and they think scarcity.

The struggling poor think in a “week to week” mentality:
They say to themselves, “How do I survive this week”, just one step higher but still a “me, myself, and I” space. Survival.

The Middle-Class are stuck thinking “month to month :
They look to be comfortable. When you’re “comfortable with being comfortable”, you will most definitely stay there, settling for what life gives you, but you don’t look to be extraordinary.

They’re thinking is, “How am I going to pay my bills this month?”. It is still a “me me me”, (“MY” bills) mentality.

The Rich think “year to year“:
They set goals. They have a plan to set themselves up in one year. More importantly, they think to solve the problems and help other people get what they want. This is why they are business owners.

Say you have a problem – a flat tire – so a business owner creates a solution and creates a tire store. If people are hungry, the entrepreneur creates a Taco Shop to help them get what they’re looking for. This is being proactive and valuable in the market place!

The Very Rich/Wealthy think “decade to decade“:
They have a total abundance mentality (and a Core Value of FREEDOM). They know that there’s more than enough for everybody to have more than enough.

No limits. They constantly looking for growth – where the biggest problems will be in 10 years – so they can provide solutions for the most people.

In fact, it’s the wealthy know: the more you help people get what THEY want, the more you get what you want, and the amount of money you make in this world, (and the quality of your life), is directly proportionate to how much valuable you create in the marketplace.

The TRUTH is that there is abundance. The LIE is that there is “scarcity”.
Stretch your business plans 10 or even 20 years out! Also, make sure you learn how to create yourself freedom!

#9 – Millionaires talk about ideas. (Middle -Class talks about things and other people):

Have you ever observed how people attract to those with like-minds? Like the gossip circles that get together, smoke cigarettes and talk about other people?

Well on the other side is the successful people who talk about the future and ideas.

I can listen to the words you speak for just a few seconds, and your language patterns, and know where you are mentally. It takes IDEAS to make money – (not just MONEY to make money…)

The Middle-Class complains about things and other people. They don’t realize, whatever you complain about, you bring MORE about!

Whatever you appreciate , you get more of it! The power of life and death is in the thoughts and in the tongue!

#8 – Millionaires embrace change. Middle-Class is threatened by change:

Do you think people like change? NO WAY. They fear it…

When change is presented to them, the Middle-Class assume it will be negative or painful. Middle-Class like comfort, not growth, because growth means to “stretch”, and thinking and overcoming challenges, (becoming more and stretching yourself), is uncomfortable, even painful.

Millionaires , when change is presented to them, positive or negative – they say “it’s gonna benefit me either way”! The are programmed to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This is a much more empowering perspective. If it’s good, cool! If it’s bad, sweet! Either way, it’s a “win” because you can learn from every experience, good or bad.

In fact, the only constant is change. When change comes, it’s life’s way of making sure we stretch and grow, to become the person we needed to be, in order to impact more people in a positive way. And there is always an opportunity to grow from each experience.

Do you fear success?#7 – Millionaires take calculated risks. The Middle-Class is afraid to take risk.

Calculated risk means you have educated yourself first, and you consider the consequences of failing before you take action.

Here are 3 questions that will give you profound insight into making wise decisions:

a. What’s the best that can happen?

b. What’s the worst that can happen?

c. What’s the most likely that could happen?

Insight: If the most likely thing to happen will get you closer to your goals, and if the worst thing that can happen DOES happen – and if you can live with that – then you must GO FOR IT!

If the most likely thing to happen is not going to get you closer to your goals – and if you’re not willing to live with it – don’t do it!

Here are the 3 primary fears in Middle-Class we see:

A. Fear of “Failure“:
Millionaires see failure as good. Because when you fail, you have an opportunity to learn – to grow from it.
Middle-Class see failure as bad.

B. Fear of “Rejection“:
You must have the desire to succeed, more than you have the need to be approved of by other people.
If you’re successful, you’ll be rejected by some people – no biggie. But Middle-Class can’t deal with that “rejection”.

C. Fear of “Loss“:
Millionaires play the game to WIN — Middle-Class play the money game NOT TO LOSE.

You’ll never have a chance to win by playing “defense” the whole time. With Middle-Class thinking, you may not “lose”, but you will most definitely NOT WIN!

#6 – Millionaires continually learn and grow.

Middle-Class think learning ended when school ended. The biggest challenge for most people is to let go of the ego long enough to admit that we don’t know everything, so we can keep learning – (growing)!

You should always look for mentors – ( in books, seminars, courses, etc.). It isn’t like millionaires have better “genes” or anything. It’s that they are always in front of the bubble, staying up with the times, because they are always adapting, learning, and growing.

We are like trees: If you’re not growing, you’re dying. This is why when you’re a kid, life is so fun! You are growing, learning, discovering new things every day.

Most of the time, the Middle-Class eventually decide to stop learning. You become stagnant, stuck in “ruts”.

The Wealthy 1%#5 – Millionaires work for profits. Middle-Class works for WAGES

The great Jim Rohn said, “PROFITS are better than wages”.

Wealth is rarely created by working for wages, and I personally have never seen an employee grow rich from a salary.

You can not expect to build your own dreams if you spend all your time building the dreams of someone else.

Instead, invest any spare time into yourself. Get out of your comfort zone so you can learn how to generate supplemental income in today’s environment.

#4 – Millionaires believe they MUST be generous: (Middle-Class believes that cannot afford to give):

This one sounds like it doesn’t need much explanation. Every millionaire I know is always willing to give me the shirt off their back or offer advice, as long as you’re looking to be of service, (and not be annoying), lol! They tithe. They give back and live to pay it forward.

Struggling people, (with their “me me me” mentality), believe everyone else has that same mentality, and they aren’t used to other people going out of their way to help someone else!

Another challenge is, most struggling people are too busy talking, trying to show others they are smart, (and repeating what they already know), so they aren’t listening when a millionaire is in the room!

*Have you ever noticed that the people who talk the most, seem to know the least?

This is because you can’t talk and listen at the same time, so if you’re talking, you can’t learn anything!

In order to take advantage of millionaire’s mentorship, generosity or advice, drop your ego, be humble, and LISTEN, because Millionaire’s are always happy to share how they did it!

#3 – Millionaires have multiple sources of income.

The Middle-Class only have one, or maybe even two jobs/income streams, and by having more than one (linear-income) job, they are doubling and tripling their tax burden.

If you work to build multiple streams of passive (and leveraged) income , you will eventually become free, financially, meaning you’re free from most of the work.

Multi-millionaires build TEAMS of people for leveraged income. They know that no “one” person can make a million dollars. You need a team for that.

They look to create systems for simple, faster duplication. Franchising, mini-franchising, etc.

Middle-Class think “if you want the job done right, you gotta do it yourself”…

Sometimes they’re too smart for their own good. They don’t trust anyone else to do their job, so they can never be replaced. They’ll always have to do the job, so they create their own situation where if they stop working, they stop getting paid – tied to their profession.

Millionaires understand that sales equals income, but MASSIVE income equals having TEAMS. There is no such thing as a “self-made Millionaire”. It is about intentional congruence.

Fish with not one line, but a NET! They’re connected and they FEED each other. It’s all about networking for Millionaires.

The "normal" life. Don't do what "everybody else does"!#2 – Millionaires focus on increasing their net worth. The Middle-Class focus on increasing their paycheck.

If you’re planning on any wealth, forget about the bigger TV and cooler car to keep up with the Jones’. Build ASSETS instead.

Millionaires get paid, they spend it, THEN they get taxed. Middle-Class are taxed out of their check before they even get it.

#1 – Millionaires ask themselves empowering questions. (The Middle-Class ask themselves dis-empowering questions.)

Language patterns:

Middle-Class asks, “Why do I still struggle every month?”.
The Millionaires ask, “How can I double my income this month?”

You ask, “what’s the meaning of my life?”
They say NO…. Ask, “what would make my life meaningful?”
You ask, “Who am I?”
It could/should be: “Who am I becoming?”
“Who do I WANT to become?”

Then, go out and get it, without any of your old stories, limiting beliefs and excuses! Now go out there and not just think like a Millionaire, but go out there RIGHT NOW and do like a Millionaire!

And get this little book…

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The World Is Yours, M!

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