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How To Make Money While You Sleep. 5 Steps.

Making Money While You Sleep. Is It Really “Too Good To Be True”?

Stop snoring, that would be greatWhen I think about where I was 10 years ago, I remember I was pretty rude and skeptical when I first heard about this “home business” stuff.

A mentor was trying to explain to me about ‘making money while you sleep’ and I thought it was most definitely “too good to be true”. 

It’s a good thing he was skilled enough to know how to help me stop talking and pull my head out, so I could actually learn something! I’m so grateful now…

Now of course, everyone is catching up, and all business has changed, it’s extremely exciting!

You’re starting to see all of your friends starting their “online businesses” and everyone now knows you can make money from home in your spare time for extra income!

Now we all know about being the “virtual middle man”, like Amazon and Uber, but what about you? Have you spent years learning how to “climb the ladder” like our parents told us? Have you struggled, like me, and been in a situation where you needed more money or time? 

When I first stepped into Network Marketing, I thought I knew the right millionaires, and I would still be close-minded to other things and pass up “opportunities” left and right, just because I had “tunnel vision” for my one deal.  

Yes, it is good to focus, but my mind wasn’t at the level to recognize leverage, or “complementary” opportunity for multiple streams of income. Sh*t I was barely getting started on this new business model! 

I now completely understand why some people have these limiting beliefs.

I was totally “that guy” saying silly things like “scam” and “it’s too good to be true”, even though I personally knew hundreds of home business entrepreneurs who had already achieved the #nextlevel lifestyle.

For those with the mindset of “it’s just too good to be true”, it actually IS too good to be true – FOR THEM!  (Only for those with limiting beliefs!)

For those who have the desire to live the ‘ultimate lifestyle’, it’s actually pretty simple, and most people are extremely excited to learn how you can make money while you sleep. (Notice I didn’t say it’s easy, but it is simple

Aaaand of course, some people aren’t. You know the type… The ones who don’t really mind wasting time watching TV, drinking beer, playing games, etc., not really caring about the future or the legacy to leave their family! It’s not for everyone. 

 It takes desire, discipline and determination, and if it were easy, everyone would do it. It’s very easy NOT to do it too, but for me, I think it’s HARD not to do it.

It is HARD to have to go to work every day at a job that keeps you busy and broke.

It’s HARD to run traditional business that takes up all of your time to where you’re stuck indoors, away from your kids all day. 

So, I’ve done this post, in case you’re curious. Are you open to “suspend your disbelief” long enough to get an educated look? 

Here we go.

5 steps that you will take to make money while you sleep.

Step 1: DECIDE it’s NOW.

Many people say they want to be successful and make money while they sleep, yet their decisions to NOT take action says otherwise.

Cold hard fact:

Life doesn’t give you what you want – it gives you what you deserve! Decisive action takers live “the good life”. You must decide to take action NOW, and decide to not be the “I’ll do it tomorrow” type of person.

There are two types of people in this world.

The procrastinator – who constantly thinks about success and says “I’ll do it later”. Tomorrow never comes for the procrastinator. “I’ll do it later” is the language pattern that keeps you struggling through life, year after year after year.

The other type is the action taking leader. The go-getter.

Successful people don’t have excuses and make up stories like “I don’t have any money” and “I don’t have any time”. They find a way. They make it happen, NOW. They just DO it, and they do it NOW.

This is WHY they have money and time. Decide to make money while you sleep, NOW.

Step 2: Choose a business vehicle that actually makes it possible for you to make you money while you sleep.

Once you figure out that you do want the ultimate lifestyle – FREEDOM- (and you’re willing to learn and actually do what it takes), you must:

Marc Frank Montoya dot com -open-24-7-A. Choose a business vehicle that would be open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. (In my case, it’s an online business, with multiple streams of income coming in, even while I sleep!) Woot woot

B. Learn to build businesses where you eventually have a SYSTEM running your business for you – (not YOU running the business). Many business owners don’t really own their business – IT actually owns THEM! 

C. Have a system that is GLOBAL, so when we are sleeping on this side of the world, there are people waking up on the other side of the world, ordering product and building more business.  

This took me a while to open my mind enough to learn simple truths in business like this.

In order to have a global business, you must have a seamless system that people can follow, no matter where they are in the world.

Example: If you go to McDonalds in Europe, it’s the same as in the United States.

The owner doesn’t have to work in the building, because he made a very good system that anyone can follow.

When people order the burger on the other side of the world, he makes money while he sleeps!

Any high school dropout can follow the manual, make the burgers, and run the building, if they just follow the manual (the system).

The burgers will be the same, and the building will make the money. It’s a proven system.

A bank will even give you a loan on it because they know they’re going to get their money back, it’s a proven system, and 24-7 leveraged income!

Step 3: Drop In, (BELIEF and COURAGE)

The top reasons for failure are:

Fear of Loss, Fear of Failure, and Fear of Rejection.

Another reason for procrastination is confusion, or the fear of not knowing what to do next.

Here’s what you must know:

Most home businesses, (direct sales, network marketing, affiliate and internet marketing), have the franchising business model.

This means they are PROVEN systems that work, if you work them.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you follow the step-by-step proven system, you will make the money. If you don’t, you won’t!

Very simple.

If you’re committed to the ACTION, you get the results. If you’re hung up on your fears and other people’s opinions, and you care whether people say “yes” or “no”, then you leave yourself open for failure.

Now, when you’re committed, and you surrender to the numbers, doing what you must do to get where you want to go, the system and law of averages will take care of the rest!

Very simple to do, but not “easy”. The things that are simple to do, are very easy NOT to do!

You must have courage. You must take the “risk” to get the reward. You can stay an employee and not have any risk, (or “fear of loss”) because you’re not risking your money, but this is why the owner makes all the money – they “took the risk”.

The employees that never take risk just sit around and complain about money.

The crazy part is, there is no risk if you follow the system, because it is a proven system! And eventually, you will build leadership and have the SYSTEM building your business, not YOU running the business!

A system running your business is the only way you can “make money while you sleep“!

Step 4: Massive Unstoppable Action.

Many people suffer from “analysis paralysis”.

We think we need to know everything before we take action. It’s like trying to be a pro basketball player by reading all the books, but not jumping on the court!

The best way to learn is by DOING. You’re going to make mistakes, so hurry up and make them! This is how you’ll learn the fastest!

The key is to LEARN from your mistakes, and not quit when you make the mistakes!

Most people give up on their dreams in the first year of business, which is why 90% of all businesses fail in the traditional world.

But if you compare success to all of the other arenas, you will notice that you’re never in the “big” money until you have either 10 years of 10,000 hours of practice and training under your belt.

If you don’t realize this yet, just look at any musician, artist, athlete, MD, lawyer, etc. They didn’t expect ANY money back until the 8th or even 12th year!

Luckily for you, that is not the case here, and you can make money almost immediately, but don’t expect to make millions of dollars in your first 6 months either…

Which leads us to the most important concept…

duplication and leverage hardcore success training dot comStep 5: Duplication

Sadly most so-called “super skilled” business owners with practices will never be able to make money while they sleep because they have become too smart for their own good.

Many doctors and lawyers, (or anyone with their own practice), are stuck in this “rat race” boat, because the smarter/better/more skilled they get, the LESS they are able to DUPLICATE themselves, (or put anyone in their place)!

Of course, they’ve practiced and trained 8 to 10 years to make the “big money”, but it is now the price they really pay that is killing them.

They pay with their TIME, and time is way more valuable than money.

Most MDs would rather be at Disneyland, spending quality time with their family, but they can’t because if they stop working, they stop getting paid – there’s nobody to take their place.

Now think about this:

If you’re going to invest all that time and money into getting skilled at something, shouldn’t it be in a SYSTEM that can set you FREE, that anyone can follow in your footsteps?

This is a MUST, so that you can duplicate, and eventually there are people in place that know how to follow the system, and build the business WITHOUT you! And there is your “Ah Ha” moment!

If you ever want to make money while your sleeping, you must create leveraged, passive, residual income, online, with a system in place that runs the business whether you’re there or not!


Click here for another post on how to make money while you sleep, or to ask questions, you can contact MFM here.

Talk soon,
The World Is Yours, M!


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