How To Properly EMPTY An Ex-Network Marketer's "Full Cup" For Effortless Enrollment - Never A Case of The Mondays
Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To Properly EMPTY An Ex-Network Marketer’s “Full Cup” For Effortless Enrollment

empty their cupHave you ever ran into someone that has “tried” network marketing before, but they’re closed off, negative, have a “full cup”, and and say they “aren’t interested”, even though they had the vision and big dreams before?

So how can we get them back to open up? 

Here’s a clip that will be most beneficial to you! And after you master this technique, you’ll get them to DREAM again!

You see, there was a reason they signed up in the first place! They had big dreams and goals. 

It’s in there somewhere. We must find it, and help them be a hero! 

Maybe they just weren’t in the right vehicle and didn’t have the right training and support…

Don’t let them live their life and base their decisions on past experiences. What a horrible way to live!

Hope that helps! Leave me a comment if it did!


The World Is Yours, M… 


And P.S. – If one of the reasons that they were “burned out” on it is because they got tired of going to meetings and chasing people around town in a linear one-by-one fashion, and they’d rather build online and generate leads with internet strategies, CLICK HERE

See you soon, M!


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