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How To Attract And Recruit Powerhouse Women Without “Resistance”

Do you remember your worst regrets from back in High School? I remember mine… I thought I was all Mr. Baddass, but secretly I was a wussy and wouldn’t ‘go after it’… I would not put myself any where near rejection from any of the cute girls, and I didn’t know what attracted them… And what happened? My […]

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Never a Case of the Mondays

How To Recruit Your Skeptical Powerhouse Spouse (And Anyone Else) Into Building “The Biz”

Sooo d*mn funny to think about how idiotic my approach was… I was fresh off a presentation where they said all the right things I wanted to hear… “It’s gonna be the next Billion dollar company… stable, debt free, crazy momentum, best team in the industry, greatest new product, most aggressive comp plan”, etc… Ever […]

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Ugly Duckling Network Marketer Transformations: 5 Hot #BossBabe Rules

Turns out, we weren’t the only ones feeling this way… lol Always “busy” and anxious, building your home business, so you can get FREE one day? In the car, on our phone. Hot date together? Both on the phone. “Netflix and chill”? Yeah RIGHT! More like “how can we make this #smart phone business move […]

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How My Friend Julie Burke, A Stay-At-Home Mom Of Two, Built A Team Of Over 9,000 People With Social Media

If you’re like us, you tried to get to all the meetings, phone calls and trainings you could, but if you have kids and a busy life, then by now you’ve found out that it’s not very sustainable, right? haha Pretty damn hard to build your network marketing business doing all of the time-intensive traditional […]

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How My Razor Sharp Wife Uses 3 Explosive Social Media Steps To Be A Network Marketing NINJA

First, I gotta tell you what my wife Mari used to think of “home business”… (It wasn’t funny then), but we do laugh about it now… It was SOOOO bad…The ultimate skeptic. I would try to  tell her: “You need to do this!” and she’d come back with “don’t try to tell me what I […]

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