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How My Friend Julie Burke, A Stay-At-Home Mom Of Two, Built A Team Of Over 9,000 People With Social Media

If you’re like us, you tried to get to all the meetings, phone calls and trainings you could, but if you have kids and a busy life, then by now you’ve found out that it’s not very sustainable, right? hahaPretty damn hard to build your network marketing business doing all of the time-intensive traditional methods…So […]

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How My Razor Sharp Wife Used 3 Strategic Social Media Steps To SkyRocket Our Biz

Yeah, you think your PROSPECTS are skeptical?You shoulda seen my WIFE… lolLet me tell you what my wife Mariana thought about of all this “Home Business” stuff in the beginning:*(It wasn’t funny to me then, but we do laugh about it now, lol!)It was SOOOO bad…The Ultimate SkepticI came home and tried to tell her: […]

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The “6 C’s” To Master Your Network Marketing Invite Quickly

If you’ve ever wanted a super simple, fast, sure-fire  way to get your team into massive action, inviting their prospects without confusion, this is it… You will forever have new people in the team, asking you, “what’s the best way to invite?”, so have this handy… Of course, once your team is experienced and positioned as an […]

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5 More Deadly Social Network Marketing Mistakes, And How To Fix ‘Em!

If you’re a Network Marketer… does this perplex you? You invest all of your thought, time and energy into a Facebook post…But if it has anything to do with your network marketing company, product or opportunity, you’re lucky to get even two “likes”… (and it was only your Mom and your spouse!)I mean seriously, on one […]

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How To Spend MORE TIME On Your Business, Without Sacrificing Your Family Time

Ever felt guilty that you’re not spending enough time with your kids or your spouse because you’re trying to build a business that will set you all free? So how the hell are you supposed to “balance” it all? I know how it feels. A few years ago we both felt super anxious, wondering “how […]

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