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How To “Position” With Your Prospects For Maximum Impact

Have you ever felt like people aren’t really taking you serious? If, I know how it feels, and it’s a bit frustrating. In this post, I’m going to break down 1 of the key 6 steps of communication in detail… In order to have respect so that your prospects are actually listening to you, we must […]

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7 Ways To Be “In Momentum” With Your Company So You Don’t Miss The Wave

Ever felt anxious, watching your network marketing company explode in full momentum? Wanna make sure you’re not gonna miss “the wave”? If your business is growing way slower than you thought, and nobody in your team is working as hard as you are, I know how you feel… “You Missed It” I remember the feeling. […]

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How To Stop Repelling The Right Person At The Wrong Time: (4 Levels Of Market Awareness)

I remember so clearly in the beginning…This business is all about being “at the right place at the right time!“But then after a while I was like, “why does it always feel like you’re talking to the wrong person at the wrong time?” LOLWhat if I told you it’s NOT just about “right place right […]

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How To Build Your STORY For Effortless Attraction And Enrollment

What if you could multiply your income with your (social) network marketing business, and get on every success trip with your company by simply telling stories? After you start to utilize the power of telling a story, (and truly understand that people do NOT make logical decisions), your business will change FOREVER, like ours did… Facts Tell, Stories […]

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5 Deadly Mistakes Network Markters Make On Social Media

I’m seriously mentally scarred from my first 3 years in Network Marketing… Chances are, you are too… BECAUSE NEW (EXCITED) NETWORK MARKETER BE LIKE…   Most Network Marketers are avoided strictly because of their accidental tactics.What if YOU are currently being avoided and made fun of and you didn’t even know it?I remember being WAY too excited but getting […]

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