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How 2 Tiny Paradigm Shifts Can Help You Escape From The Rat Race Without The Risk Of Traditional Business

I’ll never forget that day…

My friend Tom, my first employer, had just been killed the week before, and his funeral was that day. I was scheduled for work and scared to lose my job, so even though I was pretty upset, they didn’t want me to take the day off.  

On top of that, my relationship with my girlfriend was not going great, so basically everything was piled up. I finally couldn’t hold it any longer, and I demanded I go home.

Know what they said? You guessed it….    “If you leave, don’t come back.”.

That was that last straw for me.

If you have struggled through the years of obstacles, road blocks, setbacks, and barriers like I did back in the day, then now when you discover the truth about living paycheck to paycheck, you’ll be absolutely mind blown, and you may even get PISSED.

Enough to get open to better ideas… 

Creating Multiple Streams Of Income, Even While You Sleep

If your mind is “fixed” and you insist on defending your old beliefs, then there is no point in you watching this video.
This harsh truth may get under your skin and ruffle your feathers, but hopefully just enough for you to want to do something about it!




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It’s Not That They Don’t Care.
It’s Just That They Don’t Know

Back in the day, my Dad, (who loves me to death), told me, What are you going to do with that damn skateboard? You need to go to school and get smart, so you can  get a great JOB!

He accidentally almost crushed every dream I ever had, and didn’t even realize it! If I would have gave in and settled for “school and a job”, I would have been stuck in a building for the last 22 years, trading my time for money.

Luckily I went toward my vision and passions instead. What happened next was absolutely insane…

When we do something “different”, I’m sure you’ll agree, you feel more alive!

As everyone doubted me and gave me their opinions and advice to “stop dreaming” and “just get a job”, I payed the price and invested the extra time to develop my skills to get closer to my goal.

A massive problem today, (and one of the reasons many struggle financially), is our corrupt “education” system and environment.

We have been programmed to spend the first 25 years of our life acquiring skills, so that we can utilize those skills for the next 40 years. And “then we get to to live”, and travel the world and have time freedom, right?

Well what if you could work smart for 4-5 years, using these better business vehicles, and not have to slave away at a crappy job anymore?

Working hard at a job for 45 years simply wasn’t an option for me, so I started launching my own businesses. The problem was, these businesses quickly sucked away all of my free time, and I still felt like I was a slave.

I had bought myself a job, and even worse, I sat there doing that for many many years!

So if you’re looking for the truth, you’ll find it here, but you may not like it. Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable to hear, unless you’re self-motivated, open, and have desire for change.

If you’ve been programmed for the 40-50 hour/week for 40 years plan, then this will take a few exposures and a few wealth books to wrap your head around.

I invite you to open your mind to new ideas and opportunities that can lead you to your dream life.

Suspend your dis-belief and forget the “norm” for a while. I’ll tell you now, the regular old way, working a job, making someone else rich, doesn’t work.

I know, because we’ve all been there, and it ain’t pretty. Soon you’ll know why there’s always more month than money.

If you’re trying to live an abundant, more meaningful life, you eventually find that wealth is not measured in money. It is measured in time freedom and/or the quality of your life!

When I was owned by my businesses, I had absolutely no time freedom for family or experiencing other cultures of the world.

I finally asked myself:
How much freedom do I really have? How much free time do I have, where I can actually be with my loved ones? How much extra money or time do I have to be able to help others in the world? What am I really here for? What’s my purpose?

So I ask you:
What’s your purpose?
Which is more valuable – money or time?

Money comes and goes, and you can always make more. TIME, however, is obviously much more valuable, because once it’s gone, you will never get it back…

So why do we spend most of our days working, chasing money, so we never have any time?

This is why my mission is to “de-program” our limiting beliefs. Every day, I see parents unconsciously killing their kids dreams, telling them, “no you can’t do that” and “that will never work”!

Before I fell into snowboarding, I used to struggle month-to-month too. I was pushed around, taken advantage of, bossed, and led around like a lamb! The reason I couldn’t help other people is because I couldn’t even help myself!

95% of people have not realized that they are held back by ignorance and FEAR… and humans fear the unknown, but only if we think we don’t “know” the outcome.

We want to know “what happens next“.

With correct information – (education) – a human begins to have a plan, and a better idea of the outcome.

Then, by taking steps toward their fears into the “unknown”, learning as they go, the fear begins to disappear, (like riding a bike)!.

I’m here to help you create more freedom in your life, like I helped my son and daughter break the barriers of their fear to ride their bike and experience more joy in life.

Now, as far as freedom, 95% of people have been taught nothing about wealth in school, and wouldn’t even know where to start, so they are fearful to take any action.

Wealth is so very easily achieved if you put your energy into the right leveraged business “vehicles” to get you there.

Instead, the majority stay there struggling, blaming it on “the economy” or anything else beside themselves. I used to do this.

Many are unwilling to learn the new business models because of their unwillingness to leave the “comfort zone”, sticking to “what they know”.

Again, this is because of:
– FEAR of Loss (“What if I lose money?”, “What if I waste my time?”, “It’s too risky”, etc.)
– FEAR of Failure (“What if I fail?” , “What will everybody say?”, etc.)
– FEAR of Rejection (“I don’t know how to sell”. “What if they say NO?” etc. )
– FEAR of Success (“What if I succeed?” “Money is evil!” “People will hate me!” “I don’t deserve it” or “I can’t handle the pressure”, etc.)

I have crashed and burned and failed over and over and over again, which is WHY I am where I’m at today.

My mission is to put an end to all the bullsh*t inside your head that holds you back. I will help you create success and time abundance for you and your family, to go after your passions, and after you learn, you may even want to spread that information!

Fact is, one drowning person is useless to another drowning person.

Everyone on this planet would LOVE to help another person, but they just can’t, if they have no extra time, money, or energy.

One of the best feelings in this world is to help another person – (one of the 7 Human Needs).

It will be vital for you to transform into an unstoppable LEADER, because it is only LEADERS that are able to help guide others!

This is where I come in. I believe life should not be about “hard work”, existing to chase  money. Life is supposed to be about living living!

So are you going to settle for what life “gives” you, or are you going to come learn with us and take an extraordinary ride toward a brighter future!

I invite you to open your mind to new ideas that work, every time, instead of old ideas DON’T work. You don’t want to be like “Jenkins” and work until your 70 years old, do you?

Then we invite you to start with us RIGHT NOW.

Practice and training with the right team of mentors is KEY. 

So click YES, I BELIEVE MY SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE, and we’ll start you with another channel of supplemental income with a  Home Business!

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Much Love,
The World Is Yours, M!