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The Three Tiers of Modern Prospecting & Recruiting for Today’s Network Marketers

A bit ago a friend of mine asked me to speak at a smaller private meeting at his home, attended entirely by their leaders from a well-known MLM company. The training they wanted was basically… How to successfully build a network marketing business with social media online… Also though, the current state of (social) network […]

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Scared Money Don’t Make Money – (5 Do’s and Donts of Wealthy Friends)

Some days, when it just seems so hard, I simply go back to that dreadful day….  It’s puts fuel back in my fire every time, without fail…  My first employer, a great friend of mine, had died. This day was his funeral… Of course, I had forgotten to call into work in advance to get the day off, […]

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How To Finally Get Above Water Using The Tax Advantages Of A Home Business

I remember that “dead pit, let down” feeling… It was back in the day, when I had my crappy dead-end job at an electronics distribution place… Before I would get my check, I would be so excited, (because it was supposed to have a bunch of “overtime” on it)… But then, once it was actually in my hand, […]

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How “Free” Can Cause You To Struggle In Your Business

Have you ever taken advice from the wrong person and PAID for it big time? Haha, big lesson right? And have you ever taken advice from a proven successful person in the area you’re looking for results in, and save tons of time and money, since you didn’t have to go through the learning curve all […]

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Top MLM Recruiters Vs. Top Network Marketing Earners

I’ll never forget the time, back in the day, when a top recruiter showed up in my team. I thought I had caught the “whale”.  A girl in my team had sponsored a woman into her business who ended up being the #1 recruiter in the whole network marketing company – and she was all the way […]

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