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Never A Case of The Mondays
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The “6 C’s” To Master Your Network Marketing Invite Quickly

If you’ve ever wanted a super simple, fast, sure-fire  way to get your team into massive action, inviting their prospects without confusion, this is it… 

You will forever have new people in the team, asking you, “what’s the best way to invite?”, so have this handy… 

Of course, once your team is experienced and positioned as an authority on their subject, you can move on to other specialized methods, (like “6 steps of communication“), but the “6 C’s” below  is the quickest and easiest way to create quick duplication. 

Feel free to share this with any new team mates you have…

We call it:

The 6 C’s:

1. Contact: 

Seems obvious, of course, but this is the most important part of your business building, so you must MASTER this initial inviting tactic. 

Now, I don’t mean email, text, copy and paste spam or any other ‘easy’ way out! I mean being thoughtful and having SKILLS.

How would YOU want to be approached? How’s your relationship? Don’t be weird!

You can “start” and “build” a relationship on Facebook, but you want to pull them onto a real phone/messenger conversation ASAP… 

Other small things to think about:

How do you usually converse with this person? Start it that same way initially.

The most important part is that you actually DO the contacting, instead of sitting there thinking about contacting! That is painful. Get into contacting QUICKLY and efficiently. 

2. Clear the time:

It’s so important to not get all up in the way of people lives. They’re busy and you need to be busy too, doing something even MORE important that will turn their head! You’re in a hurry! 

DO NOT fall in the trap of their questions!

Start with, “Hey do you have a few minutes?”. It’s always important to be so in hurry that you do NOT have enough time to go into answering all their questions of “what’s it all about?” right now.

If it’s an actual phone call, you’re trying to make this firstcall under 3 minutes. 

Also, since you asked if they had a few minutes, make sure you’re OFF THE PHONE in a few minutes like you said you’d be, or else you mess up the agenda, the energy is off, and you start to lose posture.

You need to be moving fast, with the energy of “you’re moving quickly, with or without them”, right from the very start.  

3. Compliment:

Then, “Cool, well hey Nicole, I was just meeting with some really savvy business friends of mine and they were asking me who I knew that was totally social go-getter, with an influence on their network and I thought of you. I brought up your name and was telling them how cool you were, and they were like, ‘Well shoot, when can we meet her!’, so I thought I’d just throw something out there for you. So I don’t know if you’d even be open or not, but if there was a lot of money on the table for a side project, pretty aligned with what you already do, and if it didn’t interfere with what you’re doing currently, would you be open for a quick 10 minute chat?”

4. Create Curiosity:

This part is above in the previous paragraph… Notice that I did not say exactly what it is – I didn’t KILL their curiosity, by unloading all my information, puking my ‘stuff’ all over them! 

This is why movies have their “trailers”. They tease you just enough to want to SHOW UP to get the rest of it! I always WARN… “Don’t give the presentation at the invitation

Think about what’s important to THEM, and ask into THAT important stuff. The more you follow that energy, the more curiosity you will cause inside of them. One big thing about the human mind is that it can’t stand not “closing the loop”. You can move people to actually SHOW UP for themselves with this.  Got it? 

5. Commit:

Commit them to an appointment. Now, I don’t mean pressuring or being pushy. There’s a trick here. One of the reason why people don’t like being “sold” to, is because they don’t ever want to be in a position where they’re not “in control”.

So, you can always give them options, and they’ll always think they’re in control. Here’s what you ask:
“So is today or tomorrow better for you? Ok cool, so afternoon or evening? Awesome, so like 5pm or 8pm? Great!”

Then, “Ok so I’m going to lock it in the calendar right now. Are you locking it in yours? We’re not going to get the answering machine, are we? Ok awesome!”

Then, one of the most important steps of inviting…. 

control-yourself6. Control Yourself: 

STOP TALKING. This is the hardest part, and sometimes takes YEARS for people to get this one down. The less you talk the better. The more you talk, the more questions you bring up. Again, BE BUSY. You only “have a few minutes”.

If they try to pull you into the “what is it?” conversation, just answer: Well shoot, seriously, I’m glad you have questions, so write them down and we’ll chat soon. I don’t have the time right now to get all into it. It would seriously take me an hour to explain and even then, you’d want more info because it’s that exciting!”

I know you don’t want to look like you don’t have the answers or sound sketchy if you can’t answer them, but just make something up, like “shoot I wish I could get into it, but I have another call to make! Would it be ok if we just set a time up real quick and I promise, I’ll answer all your questions here in a bit!”

Let the videos and your up-line and the events do ALL of the talking FOR YOU, later. The rest of your personal talking should in another conversation later, and only to build the relationship and to answer questions as short as possible!  

Then, of course, you’re getting your prospects to meet your upline and leadership, meet online, go to corporate headquarters, etc., 

So those are the “6 Cs”. Learn, Do, Teach, and share with your team if you want them to go out and prospect quickly! 

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Talk soon, 

The World Is Yours, M! 


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