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5 More Deadly Social Network Marketing Mistakes, And How To Fix ‘Em!

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2017)

If your Facebook posts have these blowing through them, you’ll know you are “selling” too much on your wall!

If you’re a Network Marketer… does this bug you? … ….

You put all kinds of thought and energy into your Facebook posts, and if it has anything to do with your network marketing company, product or opportunity, you barely get 2 “likes”,, if you’re lucky… (and it was only your Mom and your spouse!)

I mean seriously, on one of my posts a few years ago, I think I actually heard crickets!

Then, what’s even more frustrating, is that when you do a totally pointless post with no value on your Facebook wall, (or especially if you complain about something), and you get all kinds of engagement and “likes” and comments, lol!!

So what the hell is that?! It used to drive me NUTS.

I used to feel like people only cared about meaningless things that do nothing for their family or future, LOL!

Come to find out, those things were only meaningless to ME, (and I finally realized that I just needed to care LESS about what I personally cared about, and MORE about what they DON’T initially care about, and look to understand what’s most meaningful to the people I actually wanted to attract!)

So if you’re not sure if (or WHY) your being avoided, offline and online, I know how you feel. It used to confuse, frustrate, and discourage me all at the same time…

So let’s explore why most networkers get stuck, and what we did to turn it around and recruit lightning fast with social media.

Now you’re finally gonna find out what you can fix, so you can attract and sponsor an endless flow of entrepreneurs into your home business.

WARNING though: I crack jokes, so don’t take it personal! We have ALL done these rookie social media moves! Sooo…

Here’s 5 (more) mistakes Network Marketers make on social media, and how to fix them for immediate results…

1. Being “That Guy” / “That Girl”!

Now at first, every one of us tries to tell ourselves that we’re not “that (annoying) guy” or “that girl” who repels people.

You know, the one who’s posting (way too much) about their products, trying way too hard to sell people on why their opportunity is so “life changing”, etc.,

And if right now you’re saying “oh no, that’s not ME”, well, that’s probably just our ego talking, and you can NOT trust your own ego, LOL…

Your ego is going to have a bit of “Cognitivie Dissonance” going on, so make sure and keep reading!

In fact, in my personal experience, people avoid Network Marketers, “MLM”, and “Direct Selling”, not because they’re not interested in beneficial products/services, or being healthy, or wealthy…

They avoid you because their subconscious mind makes SNAP decisions, (usually based on their past experiences), so when they look at your posts, they can immediately identify if it’s anything they “wouldn’t wanna do”, and they instantly make their decision that they are NOT INTERESTED in doing “that“!

It only takes one split second to (subconsciously) make up their mind — “Naw, I wouldn’t wanna do that kind of stuff. I would never want to ruin and repel all my Facebook network and be avoided by my family, or even un-followed by my Facebook friends”!

So to sum that up, it has nothing to do with “best products”, “new companies”, “best comp plans”, “timing”, and all the hypey stuff we’re all excited about after coming come home from the events, lol!

…and it has EVERYTHING to do with getting people to instantly say “Hey, I would do that”… (whatever “that” IS!!!)

Get it? Ok keep reading!

2. “Before and After” Repelling (Instead of Results!)

Now with this 1st one, don’t get me wrong… I had my friend Eric that lost 55 pounds, and helped thousands of others have results, and yes, I had to share that back in the day. Still do, here and there…

Your “before and after” pics with someone’s story can work great to get a customer or even a business builder initially, but there’s just a thin line between consulting and helping people with beneficial products and just straight up selling/spamming “anyone” that will listen.

When you look around Facebook, we can now immediately tell if it’s a Network Marketer, because most of the time you’ll hear the crickets in their posts…. a serious lack of engagement, likes, comments, or shares, lol!

We always say, “social network marketing done wrong is a nightmare, but done right it’s a DREAM!”

So how do you do it “right“?

We invested into our business and bought some internet and social media courses, so we could be more valuable and educate our teams on how to post in an ultra attractive way, (instead of the “hey anyone, check out my product” way).

It took a few weeks, but the teams began to grow way faster…

So in today’s social media, (just FYI), have your posts be: 70% lifestyle, lessons, positivity and value memes, stories, etc, 20% nonchalant/indirect business hinting, and 10% (or less) direct recruiting/social selling posts… you know, “SHARING” in a caring way. (Notice I did not say spammy unthoughtful “selling” to “whoever”!

As you know by now, people LOVE to buy stuff, but they HATE getting “sold” on stuff. Especially on Facebook. If you stop to think… people are not on Facebook to buy stuff. They are there to socialize, engage, spy, and maybe even share!

So if your post is even slightly impersonal or spammy, (meaning you’re just going for ‘anybody’), then you’re not making it exclusive. Your prospect must feel heard, connected, special, or engaged), or they’ll quickly hit the “unfollow” button and tune you out.

Also, if you’re copying and pasting private messages or spamming too much, Facebook will shut down your account, or at least put you in “Facebook jail”. Yep, let me explain…

Facebook has one priority. It’s that it’s customers are having a great customer experience, so that they STAY on Facebook, so Facebook can make their money from partnerships/advertisers/etc.!

What they don’t care as much about, is you or your business, (especially if you’re trying to use the “free” version of Facebook, and trying to make money with it!). They don’t like you making money for free, so they will shut you down before YOU make people feel like logging off of Facebook! You know what I’m sayin’?

So… your before & after weight loss/anti-aging pics are good, but just a tactic that doesn’t take much thought. If you want long term strategy for building an empire and generating leads for your business, you must be better, interested, engaging, curious, and thoughtful.

Mastering Facebook GROUPS is a more strategic move (vs. tactical), and actually a better platform for social selling or prospecting. You can learn more about that HERE.

3. Your Product Name & Logo : (Attraction’s OPPOSITE, lol!)

(Here’s an example of how to REPEL your prospects on Facebook!)

This one is counter intuitive, ever so slight, (both online and offline), and easy to overlook, but trust me, it makes a HUGE difference in the long run!

Again, most distributors go to the conventions, get all hyped up, and are told we must be “brand promoters”… .. so we buy the T-shirts, bags and swag, and spam all of our friends, not just on social media, but on the street too!

Then, we hurry and post pictures of our products, with the name and logo all out there for everyone on Facebook to see, lol!

“What’s wrong with that?”, you ask?

Well first, notice there is NOT ONE “like” or comment on this person’s “selly” post? (I covered up all the logos/name of the company!!)

There’s absolutely NO engagement because nobody likes being sold to! Also, they immediately KILLED any curiosity, which is one of the most powerful motivators for attraction, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. (More on that below).

Even if someone did have interest, they were given the logo and name right there, so instead of asking the person who posted, (because they’re scared you might try to sell them something), they immediately go to Google and investigate!

And what are they going to find? “Scam, sales, pyramid, etc.”! And even if by chance that might not even happen, why would you even take the chance?

Sooo.. don’t blow it by automatically revealing the name and the general “features” of your products, with no kind of emotion, story, or feeling written into your post. If you want your prospects to move, tug on their heart strings, so you can help them show up for themselves!

So what DO your prospects care about? They care about the BENEFIT of the benefit. How are they going to FEEL, when they get the RESULTS!

The salesy post tactic is more of a “push” energy, instead of an “attract” energy. If you want to attract, tell a compelling story (with a ton of detail) about the benefits, and how it makes you (or them) feel after losing that weight, or gaining that energy, or traveling with your family!

4. The Shotgun Approach, aka “Throwing Spaghetti”

So I got another message today from another networker, who (bless their heart) threw more spaghetti on the wall, to see if anything would stick! I was just another one, because they’ve been told “it’s a numbers game” and “some will, some won’t, so what”!

I can joke, because I used to do it too! I call us “accidentally unthoughtful networkers”… another lazy copy-n-paste attempt to “get” someone – (like, ANYONE) – into their business, LOL!

Completely un-targeted, unthoughtful spam, that usually does more HARM than good!

I remember it like yesterday! I was WAY too excited, and it’s like I had lost my mind! In fact, I literally had to apologize to some of my close friends for being “that guy”, shotgunning everyone and anyone…. just straight up puking on their shoes about “this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity”, LOL!

Yes, it caused more harm than good!

So instead, wouldn’t it be better if you were more “targeted”, engaging with people who are not just “open”, but ALREADY INTERESTED in your type of products?

Well, they’re out there on Facebook. And you can find out where they’re hanging out, (because they’re already “liking” pages that they’re interested in).

And you can build a relationship and follow up with them in a more automated way, so you can save time, (with automatic emails and stuff, so you don’t have to deal with all the awkward rejection), because you’re also gonna to learn that people only buy from people they KNOW, LIKE, and feel they can TRUST.

A mentor of mine calls this “fast is slow, and “slow” is FAST”! Meaning, if you go too fast with people, (like a spammy “I’m sending everyone the same unthoughtful copy & paste message”, your business will go SLOW.

And if you go SLOWER with people, and add value to their lives, with no strings attached, and show them you actually CARE, your business will go FAST! And now, in my opinion, the biggest repellent…

5. Killing Curiosity:

One of the biggest psychological triggers that moves people to “look further” into things in the power of curiosity. But it’s the smallest tweaks that make the biggest difference.

One major thing about the human mind is that it must have “closure“. We almost HAVE to know “what happens at the end“. It’s why we all love movies and story lines, and personally, I can’t even fall sleep until I’m at the end of the movie!

So if you give up all the information and satisfy their curiosity right away, then they’ll think they already know what it’s all about! And now why would they even be compelled to show up to get more information, if they think they already know what it is and made their snap decision? LOL

The trick is to find out what is important to THEM, and then invite them based on THAT, to make them curious enough to watch a quick video clip, and that clip can make them curious enough to jump on the phone to get the rest of their curious questions answered, while at the same time, building up a relationship of credibility and trust.

If you create more chances to cause curiosity, (instead of them making a snap decision right there in the 1st exposure), then by the 4th-6th exposure, (aka follow up), they have wrapped their head around it enough to see themselves doing it, and how this “business vehicle” can help them get to what THEY really want. Remember…

In your prospect’s mind, subconsciously, they are thinking a few things: “Can I do this?” , “Would I do that?”, and “Will it be worth it?”


These 5 tweaks should help most networkers, big time. There are many more “tweaks & tunes” you will learn if you stay plugged in, so in my next post I’ll be talking about 3 more mistakes and how to fix them.

In the meantime, if you want to hurry and leverage social media like we did, so you can grow into a Ninja Master with your Facebook attraction and recruiting, go grab your Social Network Marketing Ninja Training HERE.

Oh and I’m not sure how long I’ll have this up, because I’m going to pull it down to change it and put it back up in a few months, so you’ll want to hurry and get it now…

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