Thank God It's Monday... #TGIM ! - Never A Case of The Mondays
Never A Case of The Mondays
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Thank God It’s Monday… #TGIM !

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2016)

Mondays Aren’t Bad. We Were Just Investing In The Wrong Business Model:
(From Busy And Tired, To Completely Awesome In A Few Short Years)

I remember watching Mari at the table, seriously, 10 hours a day on her laptop, trying to figure out how to squeeze the numbers and negotiate with companies to get a better margin for any kind of profit. She dealt in import and export, and I could tell she was anxious. What do you do when you’ve put so much time investment into something, and you constantly feel like you’re “almost there”, but the same thing keeps happening over and over and over again? .. (Disappointment and frustration. The owner of the business is always the last one to get paid!)

Wanted To Have A Baby – Impossible

So a friend calls to check up on us and see how we were doing… Mari needed a change, if she was going to have time for a baby…
Cynthia had been calling every six months or so, following up to see if the “timing was right” for us to look at something else. We were finally at 12 o’clock with the blinders off and opened minds, because what we were doing wasn’t really aligning with the life we wanted to achieve. We took the time to take a look.
Now, like I said, I had been “avoiding” here for over a year. She said, “Now this time, DO NOT flake on me. I’m going to introduce you to Derek Tillotson. I agreed.

“Going To Do This With Or Without You”

Meeting Derek, he was sharp, humble, and very confident about what he was doing. He asked what our goals were, and asked if we would be open to look at something that would help us achieve our goals in approximately 4-5 years. We said “sure”. Then he went on to tell his story, and why he’s building himself this business asset, using Nuskin as his vehicle. Somewhere in the presentation, he mentioned that “listen man, we are going to do this with our without you”. Now, I didn’t really pay attention to it at the time, but all the way home, I kept thinking to myself, “what if it really DOES go to $10Billion/year and I MISS IT?” This keep bugging me, all the way home, and I HATE missing waves! As I kept thinking about it, the information he gave to me all made too much sense. The trends, the timing, the step-by-step system, the mentoring, and the compensation, would not get out of my head. I couldn’t deny that he was telling the truth. He also said that it would grow by a billion dollars. Well, it did last year. He said all these things 3 years ago, and everything he said was going to happen, has happened for us!

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I was an inner-city kid who changed his environment and grew to become a world-class international professional snowboarder for over 17 years... I didn't know what I did when I did it, but now I DO. I learned a lot from that and lived an extraordinary lifestyle, so as you can imagine, I could not go back to a "the norm". I was "psychologically un-employable"... Through years of launching, building and promoting several businesses, I quickly realized that the more "successful" we became, the more BUSY we got, (and the less TIME freedom I had). The lack of freedom and quality time with my kids had me searching for solutions and investing into personal development and financial education. Then I searched out and found the most beautifully powerful business models and mentors in the world and they changed my life forever. So grateful. I've done this now for over a 15 years, and absolutely LOVE to pay it forward. I now coach and guide entrepreneurs on how to brand yourself, market your businesses online for multiple streams of income (from anywhere in the world), and protect the assets you've built, so you can be a #FreedomFam too! : )

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