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Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To Stop Repelling The Right Person At The Wrong Time: (4 Levels Of Market Awareness)

and-you-offer-them-the-solution-and-they-say-im-not-interestedI remember so clearly in the beginning…

This business is all about being “at the right place at the right time!

But then after a while I was like, “why does it always feel like you’re talking to the wrong person at the wrong time?” LOL

What if I told you it’s NOT just about “right place right time” and “follow the simple system“, but it’s more about your skill set and your “message to market”?

Let’s explore and discover…

Levels of Awareness – (FBlive):

Why Does This Happen?

So this is what happened this week…

I had 2 completely opposite experiences — 2 major different levels of awareness:

1. I have an old friend who came to me and complained about his crappy life and where he is right now with everything. Then, when I gave him advice, he didn’t take action on it, so he didn’t learn to fix it, and never even wrote me back. (Probably because he felt lame about taking absolutely no action).

2. Another friend from Canada wrote to me on Facebook, but this one asked me, “Hey man, do you still help people?” and told me his wife wants to start her own home business, and wanted to know more about it all! HA!

So, if you know my story, you know that when I first fell into networking, I was sponsored by a team that had absolutely no idea how to really market and promote, even though it’s called Network Marketing!

You’re told to “go to work”, write that list, “expose and upgrade”, “prospect and recruit” and “if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want” !

Well this didn’t work too well for us after a while, and our business was going absolutely nowhere.

We were definitely grinding, so finally searching online and finding the right mentors was game-changing for our business.

We quickly learned why people complain, but aren’t open to a solution. We also now know why most people in network marketing get rejected and avoided, both offline and online.

I’m barely scratching the surface here, but this awareness of your market is crucial:

unawareThere are essentially 4 levels of market awareness that must be recognized when marketing so you don’t waste valuable time:


  1. UN-AWARE:
    Did you know that most people are completely unaware that there is even a “problem”? Yep, they have no idea! This is most of our immediate friends and family.

    If you really observe this, most people see nothing wrong with working for someone else, living month-to-month or paycheck-to-paycheck, and over-paying in taxes! In my experience, they are not “qualified”.

    In fact, when you try to tell them to do something “else”, they may take it as you’re telling them that what they’re doing is “wrong”, (and their ego doesn’t like that), so they will even get defensive, even though they just complained! Could it be a bad pattern?! LOL!

    When they complain, you may automatically think that this qualifies them as someone who would want a solution, right? WRONG! hahaha! (more in the video)

    This is a group that would need a ton of time investment, because they need help shifting their paradigm into actually realizing there’s a problem with what they’re currently doing!

    It will take time to show them that what they’re doing for work isn’t exactly in alignment with their big dreams, so instead of wasting time trying to convince them of your solution, you can let the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” or a few other resources do the work FOR you. This will also help you weed out the weak. 

    I call this “gapping”, and only after you’ve planted that seed, (and they get tired of being broke and tired), and want to start listening to you, should you invest your valuable time!

  2.  i-dont-alwaysPROBLEM AWARE:
    Ok now some people are at better “level” or stage in their life, but you could still waste your time! lol

    In order to get your attention, people should have to be at a stage where they aren’t satisfied with their results and actually want to make a change.

    They now hopefully start to realize that if they won’t change their bad decisions and daily habits, things will stay the same.

    The challenge is, some people think a “different job” or traditional small business is going to get them what they want, but most of the time, it’s going to take them another try until they find out it doesn’t. 

    They now know there is a problem, but they don’t know the solutions.

    This is a great time to be skillful with your story. A master storyteller, and be very careful not to come off like a sales person. Remember, they still have their “sales filter” on HIGH.

    This is where you start to press on their pain, to get them to want to move away from whatever causes the pain, and also get them to remember their big dreams again, so that they want to move toward the pleasure.  

    You can actually do better finding these people online.

    They’ll be “liking” Facebook pages like Success Magazine, Entrepreneur pages, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Self Development, etc.. 

    Now you’re not wasting as much valuable time with people! I always like to think “It’s not if, it’s when“! 

    At this awareness level, you have entrepreneur minds who are more ready to make “the jump” and be open-minded enough to do whatever it takes to get more freedom and closer to what is important in their lives.

    They may own their own businesses or know about financial freedom, or they’ve already been reading wealth and self development books, going to self help workshops and seminars, etc.

    These people are actively searching and know about solutions, but just do not know about YOUR solution, so they’re at a place where you can go a bit “faster” with them! They will be open to an appointment because they’re already searching!

    This is where the right marketing to the right people at “the right place at the right time” is KEY! You can learn to laser target these entrepreneurial minds online and get your information in front of them! Make sense now? 

    I gotta say, this is a lot better than hunting dis-interested (and un-qualified) friends and family! So much more fun and refreshing to attract and work with those who are already interested! Which leads us to…


    This is where I was. I already knew that the internet was the way we wanted to build our network marketing business. I had already gone through the struggle and grew to be successful in network marketing, but I knew the internet was the future of building a home business. I was already searching for solutions on the internet.

    So when I fell into someone’s “funnel”, I was already sold, and was looking to buy a course, or pay for a mentor – whatever or whoever was going to teach me how to market online. Now, do you think there are others like me out there on the internet, searching around for solutions? You bet your butt! LOL!

    And so when I found it, and knew there was a system for doing it, I immediately bought it, and then I immediately “upgraded” to get private coaching from proven mentors!

Guess What Happened

I was dead serious about getting results, so I invested into myself. After I invested, I wanted to get my investment back, so I went to work, following the system and doing the work. After I gained the knowledge and skill set I needed, I then did the work and implemented.

Guess what? I got insane RESULTS.

Within 12 weeks, I had marketed and made an extra $8500 from a blog post, and had recruited over 17 leaders into my business. Yeah that’s right. And this is how I know that it’s not about a “product” or a “service”. It’s about the right proven mentorship that can help you get results.

The Power Of Mentorship

marc-frank-montoya-and-mariana-business-successI’m hoping this was post was eye opening for you, because learning some real marketing completely shifted our business and took us over the top.

If this was valuable, I want you to know that I am actually approachable and here to help, (unlike some of the other “gurus” that don’t wanna answer the phone!LOL).

Feel free to contact me and ask questions, because I know I can help you with a few breakthroughs that will take your business to the next level. 

If you want a shortcut that can help you get your business online and pull all of your marketing together, you can get our free 10-day Boot Camp here. This is how you can become the HUNTED, instead of that person being avoided, as the “hunter”! You’re going to LOVE it! 

Can’t wait to hear about your results, 
The World Is Yours, M! 


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