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Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To Shut Up And Stop Sabotaging Your Network Marketing Biz. Professionals BEWARE!

When I fell into Network Marketing 10 years ago, I was a high profile international snowboarder with an entrepreneurial spirit, so I had a great contact list to start with.

My problem was, I didn’t trust anyone else to talk to my contacts, so I went around talking to them myself.  BIG MISTAKE. 

Here’s why amateurs can out-earn professionals.

One Simple System

The Challenge For Successful Professionals

If you’ve been a successful leader in another arena and have some specialized skills, (MD, lawyer, realtor, etc.), you may think you’re going to come into Network Marketing and absolutely crush it! This is what I thought too.

I’ve seen people try to come in and start “leading” to groups right away, without even building their own team to lead! LOL 
This would be like me, (a pro snowboarder), trying to start teaching, training, and leading people on how to be a lawyer!
Not a good idea! 

y-u-frustratedIn my first Network Marketing experience, I immediately went around to my circle of influence and started “throwing up” on them with anything that I knew so far. This did not work at all. I quickly became frustrated with my contacts when they didn’t “get it”! LOL

It took me years to realize that it wasn’t their fault at all. They are actually programmed to say “no” before they even know what they’re saying “no” to, so we must become very skilled at the “invite” – (not the presentation!).

It takes us years to realize this:
Do not give the presentation at the invitation! 

Later I discovered.. it was actually MY fault for not following the system and giving them a chance to make their own educated decision, by meeting up with someone who could do them a better service!

I was trying to be Mr.Big shot, trying to tell them everything I know in 10 minutes, instead of being a master inviter, letting someone else do the heavy lifting, with the skills to “empty their cup” and get them to show up and enroll themselves! 

I didn’t understand this:

You want your prospects to be saying, “OH, yeah I can do that”, instead of “ooh, I don’t know if I can do that”.

So how do you make sure they know that they CAN? You must make it very duplicatable. If you become the “expert” scientist or business guy and talk way too much, then they immediately think that they can’t do what you just did! 

On the other hand, if you simply “tee up” and edify your up-line mentor correctly, then we are positioned to go higher and further, and your prospects are actually listening to the information!

Haven’t you ever noticed? People listen to strangers better than they listen to people who are closer to them! No matter what you say, they aren’t going to be listening as good as if you were to put someone else in front of them to do the talking! 


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The Advantage Of Self-Admitted Amateurs

My 19 year-old friend Susan is now at an executive level in our Network Marketing business. She was a single Mom who shuffled through many fast food dead-end jobs. She had the advantage. 

She now makes money while she sleeps, because she has business going in other countries, and most importantly, she now gets to be with her baby boy, working from home. 

Her motto is, “you gotta SHOW up to GO up”! 

She has always stayed “plugged in” and remained a sponge for information. She has always been a teach-able, coach-able student of the game, listening to the proven leaders, and following the system. She stuck in there long enough to become skilled in the system. 

chasing?In the last 2 years, we’ve watcher Susan (and her business) grow, as many many “professionals” banged their head against the wall, giving up and quitting on their goal of financial freedom.

The professionals refused to simply trust in the system, (actually listening to the needs of their prospects and connecting them with 3rd party validation), so it would not work for them. 

Susan has grown into a 21 year-old international business woman, and has surpassed the professionals who must still trade their time for money. If they stop working, they stop getting paid. They are stuck in that linear equation, because they will never have a SYSTEM running their business. 

You Can’t Lead If You Don’t Follow

If you’re ever going to create real freedom for yourself, you must follow a system. Only then can you teach the system and lead with the system. Then, eventually you will have the SYSTEM running your business, instead of YOU running the business, because this is what DUPLICATES! 

This is why you don’t see the owner of McDonald’s working in the building! He didn’t make the best burgers, he made the best SYSTEM! 

Now, this isn’t the only system, there are many, but it is an example of how a great system can help your teams grow more quickly.

I hope this has been valuable. If it was valuable, please give us a “like” and share with your professionals when they “hit the wall” or they may fizzle out and quit faster than they came in! 

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Have fun, and we’ll see you soon. 

The World Is Yours, M! 



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