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Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To Quickly Enroll Your Prospects For A “YES”, Before You Even Give Your Presentation

Ever wonder if you’re missing something that could mean everything for your business?

Well, I don’t wanna burst your bubble so I have to tell the truth, (which is, there is no “magic bullet”)…

But there IS a major skill that most marketers will never know to teach… 

In my first Network Marketing experience, I was sponsored by someone who who had absolutely no idea how to prospect or recruit at a high level, so I was basically trained to repel everyone I knew, lol! 

This was the first big challenge….

It most definitely kept me from getting enrollments, and I struggled to build a real solid business for the first few years.

After 2 (very fast) years passed, I began to feel both desperate and anxious to recruit people, and I wondered why I couldn’t “close” most of them into my business.

Well no wonder…

Despite What You’ve Been Told, You Don’t Have To “Close” Anyone Into Your Business 

Think about it:

When you’re invited to a meeting, where you think you’re going to be “sold to”, (or sold on an idea), you are fearful that you’ll be somewhere where you’re pressured into something or not “in control” of your own decisions.

You may just run away from any situation where you’ll be “closed” into the sale.

This is why you won’t show up to their presentation, even if you were curious about it. 

Kinda reminds me of the Time Shares sales people in Vegas! 

So why did you show up and enroll in your Network Marketing business?

Well if you want better success rates with your prospecting, it is important to recognize that it was really all about enrolling YOU into your own vision.

You showed up for yourself, based on your own agenda! (Not theirs!)

If you have that feeling that you need to “get” people into your business, then that’s your agenda.

If you’re feeling like you have to convince or sell them on why they need to do what YOU think is a good idea, then you’re probably not enrolling your prospects based on what they value. 

So watch this clip below — the 6 Steps of Communication mandatory for any meaningful conversation.

It will help YOU help THEM get clear on what is important to them.

And at the bottom of this post is a 7th step that will bring it all together and change your prospecting game altogether.

Make sure to read this whole post, and this game-changing prospecting/recruiting webinar will help you pull it all together for the ultimate enrolling transformation!

Click play and enjoy! 

Now here’s more detail on the 6 mandatory communication steps, below…. ENJOY!

Mess up agendaMess up agenda1. The Agenda:

Mess up agendaSpecific Agenda: Make sure to ask, “how much time do you have?”, and clear the time with people, so all parties know how long the meeting will last.

If they say they only have 20 minutes and have to be back at work, but you’re still talking 25 minutes later, then they’re not gonna be listening to anything you have to say.

The only thing they’re going to care about is their agenda that you’re messing up!

General Agenda: Make sure all parties know exactly what the purpose of the meeting is. Does everyone know whey we’re here?

Make sure their expectations are clear. If it’s not at least close to what they expected, then they may be confused, or even angry if they think they may be wasting their time.

If the agenda is to have a few beers, then they want to have a few beers, and will they feel tricked or lied to if they get bombarded with a presentation right there at the bar! Make sure they know you’re about their agenda too – not just your own!

Positioning2. Positioning.

If you are too close, (like family or friends), then you are not very “positioned” with them.

The closer we are, the less we listen to each other.

Friends and family never really listen to each other like they should, so with them, sometimes it is important to re-position.

This is why it is so important to edify and “tee up” your up-line, positioning and building them UP.

This is so when they’re talking, your prospect is listening. 

When you’ve positioned correctly, there will be respect there, and their words will have more impact.

It’s about having better posture.

The way I’ve been able to position myself is through branding and becoming the authority of the subject, with a blog site, putting out tons of value, and marketing online.

3. The Fact, Feel, Find.

Again, people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.

If they feel in any way that you’re not really interested in them, and you just have your own agenda to “sell them something” and aren’t caring about what’s important to them, then they will run away, every time.

How can we help people if we haven’t even probed to see how we can be of value to them?

Dig deep.

Don’t pounce at the first thing you hear. Use the words “Tell Me More”. Find 5 o 6 things that they really want in their life.

What’s important to them? What moves them to force themselves to go back and forth to work.

What would they die for? What is life all about for them? Get clarity on it with them.

Then you can invite them based on that thing!

4. The Invite: (“Presentation”)

There is no presentation here. There must only be a great invite.

Don’t give out your whole schpiel at the invitation!

All you have to do is be a good listener, then invite them based on what they want in their life.

Set an appointment and then SHUT UP and drop it!

You immediately set an appointment for them to take a look at a solution for what they just said they wanted! (From your Fact Feel Find)!

Then when they show up to the appointment, they show up for themselves, and they know what the agenda is – (it’s too take a serious look at how to get to their dreams – what they said they wanted!)

5. Summary:

After they say “YES, I’d love to sit down and look at a solution”, I give them a summary —  3 steps that are going to happen next.

(1) “I’m going to text and confirm with you. Then, 
(2) I’ll send you a link to watch beforehand, and then, 
(3) we’ll meet online or chat on the phone with a partner of mine, so you can see the power of what we do and how simple our system really is.

Any 3 steps will do. Just be clear, and get them in a pattern of doing what you tell them to do.

Take servant leadership, based on what they want to achieve! 

opening the door6. The Open:

Instead of a “close”, I make sure to open the door to the next exposure.

Remember, people do not like being “closed” into anything. 

If they are being pushed or “pulled” into a business, they’ll run away quick.

So, before I leave any phone or face-to-face meeting, I ensure the next steps by asking, “So when is our next meeting time?”

Then we set a specific appointment time for their next exposure!

The more they find out, the more excited they get! So when they make their decision, it’s THEIR decision, and they are ALL in! 

Again, if you do a good job of getting down to what’s important to them, and then you ENROLL them into their own solution of how to get it, you just opened the door for them, and you won’t be able to stop them from getting it!

They will be self-motivated! 

And remember:

The fortune is in the follow up, so do it right! Keep opening the door to the next exposure.

In our company, if you follow up an average of 5-8 exposures, it will lead you to an 85% chance of enrollment! The fortune IS in the follow up! 

BONUS: The 7th Step 

The way to build home business is changing fast, especially with Network Marketing.

Done Wrong It’s A NIGHTMARE. (Don’t Worry, I Did Too!) lol

When in momentum, Direct Sales companies have great opportunity, and can grow extremely fast with people who have never had a business before.

This is why they try to “keep it simple” for beginners, with “invitation scripts“. 

The problem is, it doesn’t work very great, and when people are told to “make a list” and chase your friends and family, there’s a ton of frustration and failure.

In the startup and pre-launches, many people get caught up in the “we are first”, or “just get 2 to get 2, it’s going to be easy” syndrome that attracts temporarily motivated people.

This is exactly why companies “fizzle out” a few years later.

Two major problems:

No leadership MarcFrankMontoya dot com1. The people and the training fall through the cracks when the companies grow exponentially with no foundation of leadership.

The excited “get rich easy” expectations weren’t managed properly in the beginning, so they later find out it wasn’t as easy as they were told.

They thought maybe they would find someone else to “build a huge business underneath them” instead of working hard to grow into a leader themselves, so when it doesn’t happen according to their unrealistic expectations, they eventually give up.

Nobody knew how hard it was going to be, or even had a mentor who had enough specialized skills to help grow them into a leader that can teach, train, facilitate, and build more leadership.

2. Most people have never been an entrepreneur before, and anyone can “get in” to Home Business, so there’s a high failure rate.

Many people think these training clips are optional, so when the quitters quit, (which is 90% of people in life), their up-line also quits because they were depending on “someone else” to build their business.

The Leadership Mindset and skill was never built.

It was all built on “ignorance on fire“, hype and fluff, “get 2 to get 2”, so 99% of the startup companies fizzle all the way back up, up to 99% of the time.

However, for the all of you 1% Next Level Mastery heads who are here to make the whole industry look good…

Done Right, It’s A DREAM!

In my opinion, the company, products, or service aren’t as important as branding yourself and becoming the authority, with specialized skills, so you’re able to attract people from all over the world through the internet.

When you’re positioned, and you know how to have meaningful conversations, (using 6 steps of communication), it really is almost effortless.

These 6 steps are the absolute best way to get results, online and offline.

From your position, once you help people get clear on what is most important to them, and the you’re able to connect to the actions they must take to get there, they’ll become self-motivated, and you won’t be able to stop them!

I hope that was helpful! Please “like” us and feel free to share with your team if it was valuable for you. 

I’d love to hear your story on how this helped you too!


P.S. – For A Free Boot Camp On Positioning, Branding, And Attraction Mastery, You Can Click HERE On This Link!

We’ll see you on the next page.

The World Is Yours, M!

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2022)

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