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Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To Automate Your Network Marketing Business With Social Media : 6 Crucial Steps

Seriously though… aren’t you like, “DUH, don’t you get it?” when you see people on Facebook complain, but then say they’re “not interested” before they even know what they’re saying “no” to? 

Or how about when your prospect gets all excited and you think they’re just going to go nuts with the business, and then 2 days later, they are totally M.I.A.? 

Like seriously though, what kind of wimps do that?! hahaha! 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but have you ever felt like strangling skeptics when they complain, but don’t want a solution, and immediately turn into doubters, haters, and energy sucking toxic dream stealers? 

Ahhh You TOO? LOL

So years ago we jumped into Network Marketing, learning that leverage is the best idea ever. Then they told us to run around chasing people, and we found out pretty quickly… NOPE. NOT into it, LOL!

But you know, you gotta come out of your comfort zone, and “do what other’s aren’t willing to do, to get what they’ll never have”, right? So we jumped in… massive action… 

shut up momRight away, we figured out that mastering social media to connect with people helped us build fast, and we were quickly questioned by an up-line for trying “that interweb stuff”.

Yep, we got “warned” by the old schoolers that said “no, that doesn’t work” because “you can’t build relationships through a computer”! heehee

SO glad we didn’t listen, because last year they had sure changed their tune, and they’ve been BEGGING us to tell everyone in the company our secrets, and Billion Dollar companies even paying for us to fly in and do workshops…  

…and after all your new customers and business builders have stampeded into your team with these online strategies, you’re gonna have tons of other leaders coming to you for answers too… but only if you hurry…

The Most Important Part Of Your Business

As an entrepreneur you’re always looking for the best way to build your business, constantly searching to find the “missing ingredient”.

It’s just human nature to search for the best methods that will bring you results, (and everyone is always searching), but I honestly can’t say social media recruiting or “Attraction Marketing” are the “only” best ways… 

This is because we’re never sure who will actually do the work that it takes.

You see, the most important part of your business… is YOU.  

Now if your up-line mentor built their business 10 years ago and had success using all of the old school recruiting methods, then from their perspective, face-to-face and belly-to-belly are the methods work the “best”. 

Some of our best friends are $50million dollar earning leaders that still do it the old way too, and it actually works for them, because they are branded and have the credibility with their network that they’ve built for years…

But we didn’t have that, and most of their downlines has caught on to the social media recruiting strategies, and the old schoolers are trying to “catch up” to the times, because most networkers now believe that Social Media Recruiting is the “ONLY fastest” way to go! 


So if you’re like us, you go through these stages in network marketing:

First, you’re excited. Then anxious. Then frantic. Then you kinda hit your first “wall”…

Now you’ve already spent hours upon endless hours building a team, training, and constantly teaching and talking to people on the phone, one-by-one.

Seriously, it was out of hand. The more successful we got, the more “busy” we got, and I was starting to snap. We were on the smart phones every single waking moment.

This is my wife in the pic, while driving. Every time we got in the car or tried to do anything… Does that remind you of anyone? hahaha!  

I can’t tell you how much time we sacrificed, meeting people in coffee shops, presenting at home parties, hotel meetings and Saturday trainings, and of course on Social Media… 

By now, at least 1000 times, you’ve probably had your head down in your phone prospecting on Facebook when you’re really supposed to be “present“, spending quality time with your significant other, right? 

You’ve also most definitely tried the “subtle approach” with your friends and family, (who seem to instinctively know how to avoid the subject, lol)! 

Now, I’m not saying it was a horrible journey, because you end up getting pretty dang good at prospecting…

You learned from every mistake, and you may have built some skills, but I believe you’ll be super relieved to learn even more leveraged marketing here, so you can save yourself a whole buttload of TIME.

Having actually quality focused TIME was important for us to figure out, because we were starting to feel guilty about our begging for our attention. 

The Unavoidable Future: “Adapt Or Die” 

My friend Ferny called it out years ago:

The Ostrich Approach - NeveraCaseOfTheMondays dot comHe told me, “if you try the ‘Ostrich Approach’ and act like these strategies aren’t here, you’ll work hard to build a team, just to have your team attracted by another leader who can show them how to effortlessly ATTRACT and build a more leveraged and automated business online.” 

We listened.

We discovered, learned, took action, and quickly implemented … and holy crap, we became #freedompreneurs on a whole other level… 

We most definitely had to come out of our comfort zone to learn some “new” cool marketing, but it was SO worth it… 

So, there are 2 types of people:

Those who try to ignore it and try to fumble through it their own way… 
Those who realize that what really matters is:
a) You make money,
b) You’re getting closer to quitting your job, and
c) You’re helping other people in your team do the same exact thing, fast.

So here are the 6 steps to make today’s online strategies work for you, in the same way all my 6, 7, and 8-figure friends have done:

Step 1: Who Is Your Perfect Prospect?

marc-frank-montoya-and-mariana-business-successIn my experience, the absolute best prospect to go after, is one who has passions that are already aligned with what you have to offer:
Proven customers. 

In fact, every day, millions of people across many countries, are ALREADY interested in your Facebook posts, and you can easily find out which pages they’re hanging out on! ( I would read that again and let that sink in.) 

So now, what if you could create enough curiosity to get them to show interest in what you’re doing, and then even contact YOU to ask more about your business? 

Can you imagine that? What if instead of presenting your Billion Dollar Company or products, you can first identify your perfect prospect’s problems, address their needs, and then provide the exact solutions for ’em, and they actually close themselves

Step 2: Specialized Value/SKILL

You never have to chase people down or try to sell them products or “convince them” into your business when you do this right. 

Instead, you can attract motivated entrepreneurs by demonstrating your value and your leadership, and you can do this all through effective marketing

In fact, in the past 3 weeks alone, I’ve had over 60 people “opt-in” and COME TO ME for more information on what I have. That’s a lot different of a situation than “chasing” people, isn’t it?

After you “learn, do, and teach”, you become extremely valuable, and then you realize that people aren’t signing up with your company – they’re signing up with YOU, because you know your sh*t, and you can help them finally CRUSH it).

They’ll want to do whatever you’re doing, no matter what it is, because of your own personal value to them. You’re have the solutions for what they want.    

Step 3: A Follow Up System That Sells For You

 “The fortune is in the follow up.”

I’m not sure where you are with your business, but personally, I was burned out on being on the phone all the time, head-down in social media, exposing, 3-way cold calling, and pitching dis-interested skeptics.

The follow up took forever, and “selling” and convincing unqualified skeptics was not the way for me any more.

We set up a simple system and automated emails that actually do the “selling” and follow-up part for us, so you don’t really get much of the awkward rejection anymore, haha!  (Gotta love that part, lol! ) 

The systems we have save us a TON of time, and now you only jump on the phone with someone if they are already qualified and interested, or want to join your business immediately.

When they are sure they want to get started and just have a few quick questions, we are right there in a heartbeat and ready to support them, but you don’t have to drag them over the goal line kicking and screaming anymore… YAY! LOL

How To Stick OutStep 4: Brand YOU

Nothing wrong with promoting your network marketing company. If it’s new, they need the branding, I get it…

But if you want to start working at a higher level, you gotta start positioning yourself with as much credibility as possible, so you can attract high-caliber go-getters! 

Without branding yourself, you could stay struggling for YEARS, attracting the 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s (that suck your energy), when you really should be sponsoring UP, recruiting only 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s, (that work as hard as YOU do!)  

I know you’ve heard this, but people only buy from people they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. This why discovering how to build your own personal brand is important. 

It’s why the pharmaceutical drug companies hire the well known actors and actresses in for their commercials. People know their face and trust them. 

If you’re a network marketer, (or ANY marketer), you must differentiate from all of the other distributors with the same product out there, and when you have the credibility, people have belief, and that will help them get results.

Having FB groups, a business page, and even a site with free tips, tools, and training will also save you tons of TIME. (You’ll spend way less time on the phone when you switch to sending them a link instead!) 

If you want to take it even further, a simple blog will help build a community, and a you’ll build reputation that will follow you, anywhere you go, and no matter what happens to any company you’re promoting.

Your network marketing company is one vehicle you’re using, but shouldn’t be your whole business. 

Your email list is it’s own online distribution channel, which will always bring sales and recruits into your business. 

Your own branded blog can even generate MULTIPLE streams of income, which feels so freaking AMAZING, let me tell you…   

Step 5: Make Money Whether They Say Yes Or NO

Yeah, here’s the “hard” part for some to wrap their head around. I invite you to suspend your “disbelief” for a second here: 
Think of how many people have said “no” to you.
Imagine the money you would have made if you got paid when they said “no”…
One of the greatest personal breakthroughs you will ever have is when you find a generate multiple streams of income, even when people say “no” to your primary MLM business.
I actually used to take it personal and I’d get frustrated when someone didn’t think that my idea was the best thing they’d ever seen in their life, lol! 
It’s great to finally realize that not everyone is going to see things the way you do, and you’re no longer attached to whether they say “yes” or “no” to your primary opportunity, so you can just relax when you’re out with your spouse at dinner!
So now imagine simply helping other entrepreneurs build their business and adding value by guiding them to a system that will teach them how to build their business online.  

As you provide the solutions for most entrepreneur’s biggest frustrations and needs, you will become a leader of leaders in the industry, helping others break through to the next level in their business.   

Our income skyrocketed when we were able to benefit from the fact that most of the people might say “NO” to our primary opportunity, but most entrepreneurs will say “YES” to a tool/service that will help them generate more leads and customers for their own business. 

Also, if anything happens to their primary business or they’re not getting the support/training they need, they usually come back to learn more about you, because you’re now their coach. You’ve built trust by being extremely valuable to them.

Sooner or later, we all realize, it’s not a product or service that can get you everything you want in your life. It’s a person that can mentor/teach you how to make a real big income. 

Step 6: Build Your Freakin’ Empire!

 Networking Marketing professionals understand that their goal is not to simply build a down-line or home business. It’s to brand yourself and build a professional business that has solutions and serves an entire industry.

When what you have created has influenced many entrepreneurs, not only can you build an explosive organization and a financial legacy, but you can be a visionary that other leaders want to connect and venture with.

We created an extraordinary lifestyle for ourselves (where we get to be home with our baby son every day) and we became top earners in the industry, simply by having good groups, a blog, and leveraging with Facebook pages! 

Imagine not having to reach out with small talk any more! LOL. (You’ll feel so good about that!) But instead attracting only high-caliber self-starting entrepreneurs, simply by solving problems and adding value.

You will attract thousands of entrepreneurial professionals to your email list, and generate tens or even hundreds of leads and customers, every week.

Our blueprint for all of this is outlined inside this 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp, which will teach you the power of ‘Attraction Marketing’, and is specific to your needs if you’re a Network Marketer.

Of course, it might be a good fit for you, or you may have more luck building the old way. (Hey it happens!) heehee!

Hurry and grab the information by pressing HERE, to go to the next page, because you want to learn this before everyone else catches on! 

And if what you are doing right now is working great for you, then don’t change it! That is awesome! With enough effort and commitment, it all works 100%!

Talk soon, (throw me a text if you have questions) 303-882-2488

The World Is Yours, M!


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