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Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To Master The 4 (Color) Personalities For Effortless Enrollment

4 colors rectangle4 colors rectangleColor circle Have you ever felt like you’re just not able to find the best way to spark your prospect’s interest? It used to feel like I’m speaking Spanish and they’re speaking French. When I first got excited about Network Marketing, I thought everyone would be interested in what I was interested in, and speaking my language! Wow what a wake up call that was… I had no idea that whatever caught my attention, would NOT catch the attention of 90% of other people. It didn’t matter what I thought was important. What mattered was what THEY thought was important. So, when prospecting/recruiting for your Home Business, online or offline, this is the one skill you must master.

How To Realize A Prospect’s Dominant Personality Color

If you don’t know how to speak their language and get on their level, they won’t be interested in what you’re saying, no matter what you have. If you care enough to observe how to speak to what’s important to them, (and not what is important to you), then you won’t keep wasting your time. Here’s one reason why your prospects don’t seem interested, and how to turn that around for the win… Watch this vid NOW. It’s an oldie but goodie! TIMELESS! Now you’ll be able to tell how good you’re getting at “speaking their language” by the feedback you get from your prospects – (interest level, tone of voice, and body language). Are they sitting back in their seat, uninterested, or are they up on the edge leaning forward toward you? Are their arms crossed, defensive, or are they open and optimistic? What kind of tone of voice are they talking or asking questions with? Study and practice by getting to know their dominant personality color, and use your new skill for building rapport. Being interested in people is definitely more important than being interesting. Knowing the personalities in the room is also very important while doing your presentation, but to master the invite is vital!

What NOT to do while Direct Sales Recruiting

Do NOT give the PRESENTATION at the INVITATION! Do NOT tell your prospect all about your business opportunity until they are at the actual appointment/presentation, or at least until you have built enough rapport that you are confident they are committed to sitting down and watching an online presentation.  (*make sure to do this with a PHONE conversation or in person – NOT an impersonal text or email!) Do not SPAM your warm list. Nobody likes SPAM! Your INVITATION conversation should be under 3 minutes and then change the subject and be “busy”. Say you have to go, and be gone in a hurry! Make something up if you have to – – “oh shoot, I have to run! Gotta make an important phone call!”

4 colors rectangleHere are Personality Colors for Direct Sales Recruiting

For a RED: After getting on the subject of making money, you say, “Hey Paul, we have a business meeting tomorrow night, be there! We’re talking big money, huge money! Not that crappy little “Job” type money, but massive amounts of money from having your own business. My successful friends are actually looking for a HARD HITTER like you. Here’s your chance to fire the loser boss and be your OWN boss so YOU can be in charge! You’ll be able to CRUSH it and be #1 in the whole state! You’ll be able to get that red Ferrari and drive back to your job and peel out all over the parking lot, screaming “see ya later LOSERS”! ” For a Blue: FIRST you don’t “talk to” a blue, you must excitedly LISTEN to a blue, because they love talking and going 150 miles an hour! Then when they take a breath, (and before they get sidetracked!), you jump in and say, “OH, hey Sara check it out, oh you’re gonna LOVE it – we’re having a tasting PARTY tomorrow night, it’s going to be SOOOO FUN! There’s gonna be all kinds of cool people to meet, that are teaching people how to make money while having FUN, it’s going to be SAAWEEET!!!”  (MONEY = Freedom and FUN!!!  DO NOT talk facts, figures, or details with them!) For a Yellow: Ah niiice Michael, you love HELPING people, eh? Yeah me too man, that’s what life’s about, isn’t it? Makes you feel good hey? Oh, speaking of that – you have got to come check out this event tomorrow. Last month we raised thousands of dollars for building schools and orphanages, and we work with organizations to help educate thousands of people, save the environment, and raise awareness all over the world, one person at a time! Get together with our  team, there’s so many warm, giving, and NURTURING people, working to educate and help everybody! You’ll LOVE it what this company does for the world! For a GREEN: Wow, you’re so organized and intelligent. I want you to take look at something and research this for me, give me your opinion ok? .. (send them a couple links). Or you can say something like, “Ay Barbara, I know you’re very research driven and like details, so I want some feedback from you. I want you to take a look at something with me. What are you doing this Thursday at 7pm?” There’s some very successful people that I want you to meet. They work with a $5oomillion dollar/yr business and are looking for some smart people. If they ask, “well, what is it?”, just say, well there’s a lot to it, I don’t want to muck it all up with the wrong information, so I’ll let you and the other smart people talk about it!  Being how sensible your are, I just want to see if you’ll like it or not. I honestly value your opinion… Remember: Direct Sales Recruiting is not hard, it’s simple! DO NOT say too much. ASK QUESTIONS and BE INTERESTED, (not INTERESTING)! Never give them “enough” information and satisfy their curiosity. They don’t have to show up if they think they already know what it is. Just give enough so that they have interest and show up on THEIR agenda. They will want to know MORE, only if you don’t give it to them until they’re at the presentation or on the phone with your up-line. Give just enough info to spark their interest and GET THEM THERE to your presentation/overview/tasting party! And of course, have FUN with your Direct Sales Recruiting! Ok, I hope that was helpful. Feel free to “like” it, comment, and share with your teams, and if you wanna dive into the next level, here’s what I use to attract and recruit online instead of chasing non-interested deadbeats around town! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate. Contact me and tell me your story! Talk soon, The World Is Yours, M!  


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