How To Build Your Network Marketing Biz While Juggling Kids, Spouse, And Business (3 Hacks) - Never A Case of The Mondays
Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To Build Your Network Marketing Biz While Juggling Kids, Spouse, And Business (3 Hacks)

Got kids?

Yeah me too! And with a few different businesses and the kids running wild, it can easily and quickly become completely bananas, and many people find it hard to build their home business with any thread of focus or concentration.

My wife and I are asked all the time how we do it, so we thought we’d throw this out there for everyone… 

“How did you do it? Can you really build a Home Business, part time, in between everything?

The answer is a huge YES, but I’m sure you’ve heard all the same old stories, and you may have even told yourself the same excuses.

“Oh, I’m just so busy” and “I don’t know if I can do this, I just don’t have the time”.Never a Case Of The Mondays

We were extremely motivated to figure it out and find the time to build a business that would set us FREE. I was tired of being busy and tired…

I was already working way too hard on my traditional businesses, while still trying to find time for my wife and kids, so at first it felt WAY overwhelming.  Well, ok, almost impossible, lol! 

“So wait, now I gottta show up to calls, meetings, trainings, conventions, and all the other stuff?”  Uhh ohh…

Buuuut, I didn’t wanna miss the wave and the chance for true financial freedom, so I went for it. I went all out. 

We had to fail forward, as fast as possible, over and over again, and we even felt like quitting on the dream, (many times), but we were committed. We sacrificed and found the way, because we eventually ended up getting really good at this home business freedom stuff…

Initially It Was The Opposite Of What They Promised Us

Well, you know what being “successful” in our Network Marketing biz got us?

Another year of being even more busy! This wasn’t gonna work.

I was happy to finally be making decent money in Network Marketing, but I was running around like crrrraazy…. (and that was just me being stubborn – I was never gonna stop until I was at the top, so I could put people’s foot in their mouth when they doubted Network Marketing!) LOL

But here’s what we discovered, that will help you completely shift your game as far as being able to juggle all the events that need your attention in your business and home life…

No Sugar Coating, MmmmKaaay?

There are some flat out lies you’ve been told in this Home Business arena, and we’re here to give you the TRUTHS, to help you, once and for all.

Here are 3 major hacks that will help you shift from “multi-tasking”, to time management mastery:

1. Multi-tasking is a LIE:

I know you may have been told that you can multitask, but this is a lie, and I’ll prove it below.

The truth is, we were mistaken to think that the human brain is able to do many different tasks simultaneously. It can not. 

In reality, we are simply (wishfully hoping to) switch in between all of our tasks quickly, which is not the case.

It takes some time for our brain to switch from one business task/challenge to the other. Example: talking about family stuff, to then switching over again back to another business, and then back. 

Yes, anyone can do a bunch of different jobs half-ass and try to get away with it, but that’s the thing – it usually ends up a half-ass and undone.

To do something right, it must be with focus, and “how you do anything, is how you do everything”!

So each and every time we move from one task to another, (like juggling business, breakfast, prospecting, dinner, follow up, family, etc.), there is a stop/start process that happens in our brain, in between those tasks, and you “almost” get plenty of them done.

That start/stop/start process is very taxing, and rather than saving any time, it costs us a ton of very valuable time (and money).

Think about it: If you own a business, would you like your employees giving 50% of their attention to their job in between calls to their boyfriend/girlfriend? If you were in a relationship, would you want your spouse to give only 50% of their attention to you, and the other goes to business phone calls? NO.

You see, if you are not 100% present, you make mistakes and things and people will fall through the cracks, which will cost you even more time in the long run, and you’ll run out of energy and fizzle out eventually.

In the long run, it’s gonna cost you way more money and time that you could ever imagine.

On the other hand, if you make it a point to “BE WHERE YOU ARE”, you’ll be 100% present, and you will get it done right, and in a fraction of the time.

If you’re scrambling in and out of different tasks, running back and forth in between each one, without blocking out an hour or two to laser focus 100% of your attention on just ONE AT A TIME, you will not only lose most focus on ALL tasks, but you’ll lose tons of TIME in between them all.

This video below reveals the truth about “multitasking”. Click play..

Which leads to…

2. The Importance of Time Blocking for Part-time FOCUS

They say that the average employee does about 2 hours of real work in their 8 hour shift.

We now understand how this is true, and you can really be done with your Home Biz work in 2 hours if you have laser focus.

This took us a long time to have it sink in and work for us.

Personally, it took me 15 years to realize just how many distractions we have in just our house, (and everywhere else), and it is completely bananas!

If you don’t have a plan for your time, then someone else does, and it will ruin your life if you don’t gain control to own your life and say “no” to the things that try to pull you away from your goals on a hourly basis!

You must invest in yourself and block out your focus time for separate tasks to get yourself FREE.

You,,,at this momentYou,,,at this momentMost of us don’t realize it, but the TV, games, entertainment, friends, parties, kids, spouse, snacks, relatives, weddings, funerals, BBQs, etc., all have their ways of pulling us away from the ULTIMATE goal of building a business that will help us get rid of our job or traditional business.

It is the JOB that keeps us away from our spouse, kids, and financial and time freedom, so we MUST do whatever it takes to get rid of it!

We can either let these things get in the way of our work, and never get to the ultimate goal, or BLOCK OUT the time, (that nothing can interrupt that 2-3 hour time block), so you can just get your freedom business built!


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3. Arranging The AGREEMENTS :  (“Rewiring” Your Spouse)!

Many times our spouse or families initially have fears that if we build a serious side project, it’s going to be taking valuable time “away” from them or the kids, and have fear that we just “don’t have enough time“.

This is a very valid concern, but it’s a big lie you tell yourself, and it comes from creating a bad subconscious connection.

SkepticalThe real truth is, most Fathers “support” their family, but they just don’t get to see or be around their family as much as they’d love to.

If you don’t pay the price to change that pattern, then your JOB or your small traditional business will continue to keep you from your kids.

It is not your home business that will take time away from your kids – it’s your linear income.

Whatever income is linear, you must replace it with passive recurring income, if you’re ever going to get free.

If you don’t make time for your home business you will only get limited time with your kids in between work and sleep, and maybe on the weekend, which is next to nothing.

So you must anchor in the right wiring, so you’re motivated to work harder on your home business than you do at your job, so you can get rid of that crappy job forever. It keeps you locked up, like a slave, away from your life and loved ones.

When you rewire it and connect your daily disciplines, habits, and money-making activities with all the time freedom you’re going to have with your kids in 4-5 years, then you’re really gonna get your stuff done like you need to!


Grab a marker. Write down your WHY. Put it on your bathroom mirror, so you have to look at your kids when you look in the mirror. Are you going to let them down? I don’t think so. Get to work.

3-5 Years. DONE.

You,,,at this momentYou tell yourself “no it’s ok, it’s only gonna be 4 or 5 minutes” when getting caught up in your social media newsfeed, watching Facebook and Youtube videos.

An hour later, you’re just sitting there scratching your head on how it turned into 60 minutes in the blink of an eye!

You see, if you don’t have a plan for your life, then someone (or some THING) else does.

So, if you’re going to try to attempt to build a freedom business on the side, you must get DEAD ASS SERIOUS, and not only block out an hour or two (straight, uninterrupted, and focused) of your time, but you must go to a place where there are absolutely no distractions.

My wife and I have some set agreements to manage our energies and expectations.

She knows that when it’s time, I’m in the office at home, working on our financial and time freedom for early retirement.

The baby can not come in and interrupt me to play, and she can just go ahead and slip the dinner under the door, because nothing or nobody is going to pull me away from getting to our ultimate goal!

So, blocking your time is how you can save yourself from running around wondering where your day went.

You’re no longer thinking you’re being productive, but actually sitting down, focused, and getting your stuff done right, way more efficiently!

Don’t believe me? Watch this video. (You’re going to LOL)

BONUS: Here’s the important part: Core Values

You must be very clear with your Core Values, and block that time into your calendar first:

– First, I block time into my iphone calendar (with 2 alarms) for my family. My wife and kids know they are priority!

– Then, I have the time blocked, every single day, to build my freedom business (2 alarms) that is going to get me my time freedom!

My wife knows that I’m sacrificing my time now, to get abundance of time with them later, because they are priority!

This way – (since it’s blocked, and I get more stuff done with focus) – when I’m with family, I am 100% present, and not feeling anxious about building my business.

And when I’m building my business, I’m 100% focused, getting way more done in way less time, and I’m not feeling bad that I’m not spending more time with my family because they were already blocked into the calendar!

Got that? Make sense eh?! haha

Now, I hope that was valuable and I’m sure you’ll save some significant time, being present and 100% focused with both your family and your business.

Now if you really want to take your network marketing business to the next level and find out how I didn’t just save time, but leveraged my time, using Facebook targeting to generate more leads for our business while I was outdoors playing with my kid, you can click right here for my FREE 10-Day Boot Camp.

Have fun with it and take notes, because it might go away soon!

If this post was valuable, please share it, and we’ll see you soon…
Much love,

The World Is Yours, M!

P.S. – You know how else you can save ridiculous amounts of time? You can learn to make money while you sleep, so that you have passive strategies working for you, while you’re sleeping, and you can be outdoors and with family in the day time!


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(Last Updated On: April 19, 2016)

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