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Never A Case of The Mondays
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3 Immediate Course Corrections To Push Your Network Marketing Business Into Momentum

I remember this day like it was yesterday…

We went through all that preparation and effort to have a big up-line legend fly in to do a “meeting” for our team… fewwfff!

Crazy, it seems so “old school” now, (even though this was barely 3 years ago, lol!)

We thought we were doing it right. You know, “doing what others aren’t willing to do, to get what they’ll never have”… Isn’t that the ol’ saying?

Now I completely understand why it was always so hard to get people to “show up” on a Saturday for meetings, business overviews, briefings, or whatever we tried to call them!

Who even has the time, to come away from your kids, in between work, dinner, quality weekend family time, and everything else?

We sure as hell didn’t have the time either, but those are the sacrifices we were told that we needed to make, in order to be successful in our Network Marketing business…

I would always have that quiet thought to myself, “who the heck would want to come home from work, (with nothing but meetings all day), just to come to another meeting?” LOL!

I Finally Snapped And Stopped Taking Advice From Our Legendary Up-line

I knew for sure that there was something to what I was doing online, because I was signing people up here and there, who would COME to ME and ask me for advice!

The problem was, I would bring them back to the old-school “system” that didn’t work and actually caused them to struggle…

Still, my up-line, (who I respect big time) would downplay my ideas and the online strategies I would use to attract my prospects. I was using my blog and Social Media but they kept saying “stay away from it, it’s not simple or duplicate-able“!

I was like, “wait, what’s more duplicable? Running around town, wasting gas, time, and energy, with people who aren’t even looking or interested in your business,
OR, working from home in your sweats and a t-shirt, from your laptop?  Hmmmm!”

They kept insisting, “Make your first million OUR WAY, and then you can go and try all your creative “unproven” methods online. Just keep following our system!”

The problem was, their system wasn’t working, but my way worked like craaaazy…

So I’m gonna give you the 3 major course corrections we used to completely explode our team and volumes, so you can finally push your business in momentum like we did, practically overnight…

  1. YOU are NOT the most powerful. (Your Subconscious Is!) And It Makes All Of Your Snap Decisions For You, Whether You Like It Or NOT!

    It says, “Would I be willing to do what they’re DOING on my Facebook page or in person?” 

    This is the biggest nugget I can probably EVER give you, so you can finally remove almost ALL of the “resistance” when it comes to attracting your best prospects.

    With these slight shifts, you’ll effortlessly enroll prospects and stop dragging all of the dead bodies that completely waste your time! How great is THAT gonna feel? lol

    Here’s the deal…

    Your subconscious is there to keep you “safe”, as it will instantly make every decision based on past experiences, so it’s kinda stuck in a pattern of what it has already learned.

    This means that your prospect makes all of THEIR snap decisions based on past experiences too, and their ego does NOT want to admit they’re “wrong”, so it’s touchy.

    Because they have most likely been exposed to other similar “opportunities” like yours before, in some way, shape or form, they may believe they have an idea of what it’s all about, and that’s why they “avoid” the subject. (They THINK they already “know”).

    If their “sales radar” thinks they’re being sold on something, or they’ve have had an experience themselves, or seen other people fail, or lose money, or even be that “annoying MLMer”, they will avoid you, or your Facebook posts/messages.

    This is what a wishful MLMer looks like to their prospect if they have a lack of interested prospects to talk to, LOL!

    Yep, they’ve all had that “pushy” friend or annoying family member who was over-excited about their “ground floor MLM”, and was totally “that girl” or “that guy”, and then watched it all fall apart a year or three later…

    …and they instantly make that snap decision of “I don’t want to be that guy/girl”!

    So it’s not that they are “interested or not interested” in your product, service, or company. (It actually has nothing to do with Network Marketing, your products, the company, the comp plan, or ANY of what you think…)

    It has EVERYTHING to do with their subconscious question: “Would I be willing to do what they’re DOING on Facebook?” 

    AHHHH, there’s the KEY:

    What would they LOOK LIKE, to their friends? How do your posts make them FEEL?

    Are you posting in ways that look ATTRACTIVE to them, or is it just a wall of selling and commercials, repelling all of your best prospects? (They HATE to be “sold”).

    Does your story resinate with their “core values” and align with their existing beliefs?

    You must be acting and moving in a way that makes them say, “HELL YEAH, I WANNA DO WHATEVER HE/SHE’s DOING“!

    You can also be honest and vulnerable about how you FEEL about your problems and frustrations, to agitate their PAIN.
    (*And we instinctively move away from PAIN at any cost, without even having to “think about it”!)

    And the way you create a powerful attraction to you, (where you’re not attached to whether they join you or not), is if you have an endless flow of interested, high-caliber prospects/leads to talk to….

    WHO COME TO YOU… (NOT you having to “CHASE DOWN” or spam all your Facebook friends, family, and extended network”, because again, they’re thinking, “Would I be willing to do what they’re DOING?” )

    And after you have way too many people that are coming to YOU, asking for more information on what you’re doing, you’ll find that you don’t even have time to deal with any tire-kicking time-sucking dead-beats!

    Watch this vid where I lay it out directly…

    This leads us to…

  2. Real Marketing: (It’s called Network MARKETING, right?)

    This was absolutely mind-blowing, and a huge breakthrough for us!

    Why don’t they don’t teach you any real marketing when you go to corporate events? And why is it always the same old “talk to friends and family, and hit up all your Social Media friends of friends?”

    Well, there are many many reasons, but I have a few ideas on this: *(WARNING: I could be wrong, and I’m not an attorney, LOL!)

    1. First, at the corporate headquarters, there are presidents, account managers, and all the other corporate employees on the corporate side! They actually don’t know any marketing, and that’s why they leave the creative marketing to us!
      Think about it: They are scientists, accountants, etc., NOT marketers!
      And THAT’S actually the business model – the company doesn’t pay for advertising. They invest in science, ingredients, better products & services, and then pay US to get creative and market, but here’s the catch…
    2. They don’t want to “scare you off” with anything that’s “too complicated” right off the bat.
      Initially, they know that most people have never owned or built a business, so a newbie will need things like a “simple system”, where you’re not overwhelmed by specialized training or skills.
      *I mean, in all fairness, we actually do start everyone with our own system – a simple “initial posting series” for immediate income, but we also inoculate them and tell them the TRUTH right away, which is…
      $500-$2000/month is realistic, but you must have specialized Leadership and Attraction Marketing SKILLS if you’re gonna jump your income to the bigger 6 and 7-figure incomes.
    3. They avoid this confusion:
      All companies are all closely watched and regulated by FTC and other agencies, so they can not have careless distributors putting crazy ads out there that have outrageous product and income claims, (with the company logos attached).
      Naturally, this would be extremely hard to control, so just to be safe, they don’t even go near the subject of anyone actually “marketing”.
      This is is totally understandable…. BUT…
      *In many cases, distributors accidentally confuse certain “rules” in tiny type of what they can and can not do. And sometimes, what the tiny type could actually be saying, is that the company can not and will not let you use their name, logo, and likeness in big advertisements, or putting it all over Amazon.com, Craigslist, etc., (because they can’t possibly watch or control all the outrageous and crazy claims that distributors make out there!)
      **Here’s the important part:
      When you’re marketing correctly — branding YOURSELF, creating and sharing great content, knowledge, and skills, (and NOT talking about your company, and making all kinds of ridiculous claims), you may not have to worry about some of those advertising “rules” that were stopping you from having a blog, or leveraging with social media.
      In fact, it’s actually WAY BETTER when you’re NOT being annoying, spamming your company’s products and logos out there all the time. And when you make the shift, creating great content, and getting it out there across the whole industry, the right prospects will be exposed to your value and automatically be attracted to you, because they see the VALUE of working with YOU, not just “some company”!Here’s the deal: People don’t care about the annoying “selly” stuff. They love to buy things, but for THEIR REASONS. And they hate to be “sold”, because they know it’s for YOUR reasons! So just know: People don’t join your company or the products. They join YOU.

      They enroll with however you can solve their problem, and you can create the attraction to you, by targeting those who are already motivated to work with someone who can teach them how to get what they want – someone VALUABLE to them.

      Someone who cares about THEM. Someone who they feel like they KNOW. Someone who they LIKE. Someone who they can TRUST!

      And if you want to see exactly how we’ve done just that, you can go read read this other post on how you can now use social media to leverage what you’re trying to build.

      And this next one is one of the reasons we are always in growth and momentum with our teams and volume…

  3. Train To Get Rid Of The Biggest Objections, BEFORE They Come Up

    One thing that I know from experience, is that getting rid of “the resistance” is the key to velocity and momentum in your business…

    In your network marketing business, we all know that the biggest annoying objection we get is:
    “Is is going to COST me anything?”
    “How much IS it?”
    “I don’t have any money!”
    “I don’t have much time!”
    “But I’m so busy!” … LOL!

    So if you can completely annihilate this objection before it ever even comes up, your prospects will take the steps forward a lot faster and easier. Tell them, with full conviction… “It’s actually FREE. Won’t cost you a thing. Just be willing to work.”

    Now with our primary business, there are no membership fees, “up front inventory”, minimums or ongoing purchases required, so that makes the enrollments almost effortless, but no matter what company you’re in, you can create the same effortlessness…

    Here’s how:

    However you’re exposing them, (whether it’s with a video clip, or offline/online presentation), slip the ANSWER to those objections into your presentation, WAY before their objection comes up, so that it doesn’t ever even have to come up at the end!

    The more you hit it up front, the less it comes up when it counts!

    Since the #1 objection is money, create the scenario where they literally won’t come out of pocket. Let them know:

    a. They can put it on a credit card:

    “In essence, you use “OPM” – (Other People’s Money) to start your business. It’s just another normal loan from the bank, same as every other business owner does for every startup…

    …and even if they were to put $1000 on the credit card, you will guide them to make immediate cash on hand within the next week, and have it in their bank account, WAY before they even get the minimum credit card payment BILL in the mail! (Which, even at 10% interest, wouldn’t even be $100)!

    Then you assume, “You can make $100 in 2 weeks with this, CAN’T YOU?”.
    (*Tell them with posture and conviction. With “It’s an absolute no-brainer” energy.)

    b. Usually it can be something they were ALREADY BUYING, so they’re not really coming out of pocket – they’re just redirecting to buy online instead of the (middleman) retail store.

    And just so you know…. the person in the room with the most conviction and belief on what’s gonna happen, WINS!

    If you don’t let them go to a place of limiting beliefs, trying to tell stories or excuses, and you show them their future, (step-by-step),  exactly how they’re going to do this, then they’re joining you, because in their eyes, you’re valuable to them!

    Have total confidence when you say, “You’ve been doing this your whole life. Just by sharing your experience, (which you’ve already been doing on Facebook with other things), the cost to start and build your new business is 100% FREE to you, not even costing you a dime”.

    If you make this ultra clear throughout the presentation, or beforehand, the money objection NEVER EVEN COMES UP, getting rid of all risk and resistance!

And now that you have it resistance-free, you’re going to need more people to talk to, so you can pour gasoline on the fire and explode your business…

You can grab our free online recruiting bootcamp HERE, which will reveal how to target and attract an endless flow of qualified prospects, so you can use Social Media to build your business faster with less time consumption.

I mean, think of how you ended up here! We didn’t chase you down on Facebook or at Starbucks, and we’re not texting you on the phone, which means we’re most likely at the playground with our lil’ guy Lucca!

So don’t hesitate, reach out HERE. We offer FREE personal one-on-one coaching for anyone that purchases the Attraction Marketing Formula ebook. It’s complimentary and completely FREE.

Our goal is to PROVE to you that building your network marketing business online is faster, risk free, and duplicable!

And hey, share this post with your team if you found it insightful…

Also, please comment below and let us know what your main “aha!” moment was!

The World Is Yours, M&M


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