Top MLM Recruiters Vs. Top Network Marketing Earners - Never A Case of The Mondays
Never A Case of The Mondays
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Top MLM Recruiters Vs. Top Network Marketing Earners

tell-me-moreI’ll never forget the time, back in the day, when a top recruiter showed up in my team. I thought I had caught the “whale”. 

A girl in my team had sponsored a woman into her business who ended up being the #1 recruiter in the whole network marketing company – and she was all the way over in Australia… 

I started to see this surge in my check, I was literally “making money while you sleep”, and for a while there I thought I “hit the jackpot”!

Fewwff…. None of us like to admit when we’re wrong, (or that we may not have the right mindset), but I learned my lesson. 

Reality Check

sleep-on-it-2I found out later, throughout the year, that this woman was kind of a “pressure closer”.  I soon found myself always trying to convince her to give me her contact’s info, so I could build a relationship with them and do “damage control”. 

The had recruited over 150 people in less than a year, but the people she recruited couldn’t, (and wouldn’t) push other people into the business like she would, so naturally, there wasn’t any great amount of sustainable duplication.

She would pressure them so hard to work, that she would blow them right out of the water almost immediately. 

I was investing tons of time and money flying back and forth to Australia, constantly trying to “fix the leak” as she would blow them out, one by one. This was one of my first lessons in “top recruiting vs top earning”.

Fast Forward To Today

This past week, I was talking with another top earner friend of mine in a big fast-growing network marketing company.

We recently started working together to take her business building efforts online, to add to the incredible success she’s had offline.

I was asking her questions on how she built her organization, the type of people she enrolls, the way she trains her people, the promotions she runs, etc…

What I found was making me totally smile, because now I’m more of an ONLINE recruiting advocate, but I was in total agreement with how she had built her business OFFLINE!

So many of the things I hated about traditional network marketing, she hated too! LOL! 

She didn’t believe in making a list of 100 closest friends and family and pitching them about the business!

I told her about always feeling anxious when I was out at dinner with family because I was compelled to prospect the waitress the whole time, and we both LOL’ed! 

She firmly said, “If I’m out with my family, I have 100% attention on my family. When I’m building my business, I’m 100% focused on my business”. 

We both totally agreed that everyone should NOT be your prospect, unlike they tell you at the MLM conventions and training. She said she almost threw up in her mouth every time she heard that! lol

Whoa whoaShe said, “I’m sorry, but if someone is just complaining about their crappy boss, it shouldn’t automatically qualify  them enough for you”.

I was like, “YEP EXACTLY!”

I was right there with what she was thinking and feeling…

“And that’s why the best recruiters are pretty much NEVER the highest earners”

Allow me to explain: 

We’ve been told the same ol’ 3 things for YEARS in network marketing, but for *most people that I’ve seen, it doesn’t work. 

  1. Make a list of 100 of friends and family
  2. Prospect anyone that comes within 3-feet of you (you know, the “3 foot rule”)
  3. Reach out to your old Facebook friends from middle school, one by one 

I build my business so different now, that most of my friends and family has NO IDEA what I do, what opportunity I’m involved with, or what products I even sell.

AMF_Banner_400x100I bet even still today, as far as they know, I’m at the top of my old “pyramid”, and thankfully don’t bother all of them anymore! hahha! 

Anyway, in my experience, the highest earners in network marketing are usually NOT necessarily the top recruiters in any company, because a legitimate company does not pay you by the “head count”.

You actually get paid from the VOLUME that you cause,moving in the market place, and if you have the skills and ability to teach and train others to do the same, you are paid greatly. 

If you’re a top EARNER, you know that you must grow your organization IN DEPTH, and NOT just in WIDTH.

It’s built in strong quality leadership that produces volume and captures market share.

The true secret to building a stable 6- and 7-figure business in network marketing (or any other business for that matter) is actually to have greater emphasis on QUALITY leadership over QUANTITY of heads.

How To Generate 7-Figures By Enrolling QUALIFIED People

storytelling-skillsI personally have sponsored less than 50 people into my opportunity, yet I have an international organization which stretches across The States, Canada,Europe, Oz, and Latin America.

Many of my good mentors and friends have built a growing multiple 6-figure business in less than 2 years having only sponsored 15-20 or so people into their personal business.


Baddass RECRUITERS, on the other hand,  are basically TOO GOOD at recruiting people and it hurts them:

a) They spend the majority of their time recruiting – (that’s what they are good at)
b) The people who they sponsor are not really hardcore recruiters like they are, so no real duplication, therefore no depth… 
c) There’s no real emphasis on product VOLUME, because there is so much emphasis on simply “getting a couple people to get a couple people”!

The main challenge here is b), because let’s just get honest…
Most people are not ready to be entrepreneurs and no matter how much you try to drag those dead bodies over the goal line, 90% of people won’t ever do anything in their network marketing business! LOL

So can top recruiters also be top earners?
Yeah for sure, but you’ll find that the highest earners will focus more on training & time investment building skilled leaders.

That’s why you may not want to bother bother building your big list of 100. You should know that most of them won’t make good builders!

So here’s what you can do instead…

You can be extremely selective. You can qualify people rather than try to recruit them right away.  

After you TRULY believe they are winners, or you discover they’ve been successful in another area, you can invite them to look at your business and invest the time.

Really, most people just make great customers! In fact, better would be to make a list of 100, but for consumers/customers for you!

Very few prospects should qualify to be building business with you, unless they go through a qualification process. I have a nice simple one here… 

Frankly, that’s how I promote my business, except instead of doing 1-on-1 conversations to qualify entrepreneur minds, my qualification process is actually automated online using what we call ‘Attraction Marketing.’

How To Create an Automated Steady Stream of HIGHLY Qualified Entrepreneur Minds To Contact YOU

So first, I want to share with you what Attraction Marketing is NOT!

Attraction marketing is not spamming or messaging everyone on social media like you may have been told. I’m not talking about private messages to your acquaintances, and posting your links on people’s desktop feed, lol!

Most people have been approached with something on social media, and everyone really hates that spam strategy now and if you’re currently doing that, please STOP, they’re now IMMUNE to it!

I can’t tell you how many heads in network marketing think they are doing “Internet Marketing”, by sending dozens or hundreds of private messages to strangers every dang day! 

Attraction Marketing is a completely passive activity.

This means that you aren’t messaging everyone. Instead, you can actually get better qualified entrepreneurs to send YOU their contact information, because they already want to learn more about your opportunity.

But here’s the deal:
Still, just because someone shows interest in your business, that doesn’t mean you’re gonna recruit them right away.

In my experience and belief, they must demonstrate to me that they are a good fit for my business and this is done using something we call a ‘funnel.’  This is how you can “sift and sort” like the pros! (Opposite of convincing and selling like the amateurs)! 

marco-camera-ad“Funnels” are series of steps, which replaces your 1-on-1 interaction with prospects, (where normally you would have to qualify them yourself, one-by-one at starbucks or somewhere.)

The big challenge with doing this offline for most people, is that you better be a person who can command a certain level of respect. Plus, this isn’t “leveraged” or passive activity – it’s more “linear”.

If you’re pretty damn confident, well spoken and successful, you’re off to a great start and will most likely have great success…


If You’re Not Outrageously Social… You’re Pretty Much Screwed Building Offline

It’s a whole different situation online because when a qualified prospect requests information from you, you already have good posture. They came to YOU, and they have already told you that they are interested in what you have to offer.

On top of that, they’re actually pretty damn impressed that they found you online, and immediately want to know how you did it!

My wife and I generate many leads of interested entrepreneurs, every day, but only a small amount of them qualify to be leaders in our business. 

The majority actually become my customers, which is awesome, because they pay for my ad costs and overhead.

its-like-facebook-prospectingIf you want a breakdown on how you can setup your own ‘attraction marketing funnel,’ I put together a free 10-day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp, which you can access RIGHT HERE. 

Today, all the highest earners are using Attraction Marketing, because it’s important to adapt to the new changing ways of building a network marketing business, and it’s all online, leveraging with the internet. 

You now see that all the top networkers have a massive online presence.

And you know how that saying goes:

“If you want something, find someone who has it, then DO what they do, to GET what they got!” 

I’ll see you on the next page and talk to you soon, 

The World Is Yours, M


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