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How To “Position” With Your Prospects For Maximum Impact

Have you ever felt like people aren’t really taking you serious? If, I know how it feels, and it’s a bit frustrating. In this post, I’m going to break down 1 of the key 6 steps of communication in detail…

In order to have respect so that your prospects are actually listening to you, we must be positioned correctly.

Here’s a Facebook LIVE I did on the subject. Don’t let the beginning throw you off, I had to do a “pattern interrupt ” because it was around Halloween, lol!

Now to take your positioning to the next level, click on this box below.
(Because your business depends on it!) 

I hope this has been valuable, and you’ll implement this and tell me all about your results! Share with your team, because if they aren’t getting massive results, this could be a major reason why… 

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(Last Updated On: November 4, 2016)

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Marc Frank Montoya was a world-class international professional snowboarder for over 16 years. Living an extraordinary lifestyle, he could not go back to a "the norm" and was psychologically un-employable. Launching businesses, he quickly realized the stress, responsibility, lack of freedom, less travel, and most painful of all, less quality time with his kids. Searching for solutions and investing into personal and financial development, he found Home Business. "Done wrong, it's a nightmare. Done RIGHT it's a DREAM". Marco now helps entrepreneurs brand themselves and market their business online, from anywhere in the world.

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