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Top MLM Recruiters Vs. Top Network Marketing Earners

I’ll never forget the time, back in the day, when a top recruiter showed up in my team. I thought I had caught the “whale”.  A girl in my team had sponsored a woman into her business who ended up being the #1 recruiter in the whole network marketing company – and she was all the way […]

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How To Stop Repelling The Right Person At The Wrong Time: (4 Levels Of Market Awareness)

I remember so clearly in the beginning…This business is all about being “at the right place at the right time!“But then after a while I was like, “why does it always feel like you’re talking to the wrong person at the wrong time?” LOLWhat if I told you it’s NOT just about “right place right […]

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5 “Desperation Signals” That Automatically Scare Your Network Marketing Prospects Away: (Learn Attraction Instead)

 Holy crap I’ve made some huge “prospecting” mistakes in my Network Marketing journey… I was actually mentally (and emotionally) scarred from my first 2 year experience in Network Marketing, because nobody told me what NOT to do!  So I’m helping everyone now, revealing exactly how to turn your “postured  relationships” around like we did so you can […]

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How To Quickly Enroll Your Prospects For A “YES”, Before You Even Give Your Presentation

Ever wonder if you’re missing something that could mean everything for your business?Well, I don’t wanna burst your bubble so I have to tell the truth, (which is, there is no “magic bullet”)…But there IS a major skill that most marketers will never know to teach… In my first Network Marketing experience, I was sponsored by someone […]

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How To Shut Up And Stop Sabotaging Your Network Marketing Biz. Professionals BEWARE!

When I fell into Network Marketing 10 years ago, I was a high profile international snowboarder with an entrepreneurial spirit, so I had a great contact list to start with. My problem was, I didn’t trust anyone else to talk to my contacts, so I went around talking to them myself.  BIG MISTAKE.  Here’s why amateurs can […]

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