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How To Automate Your Network Marketing Business With Social Media : 6 Crucial Steps

Seriously though… aren’t you like, “DUH, don’t you get it?” when you see people on Facebook complain, but then say they’re “not interested” before they even know what they’re saying “no” to?  Or how about when your prospect gets all excited and you think they’re just going to go nuts with the business, and then 2 […]

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How To Quickly Enroll Your Prospects For A “YES”, Before You Even Give Your Presentation

Ever wonder if you’re missing something that could mean everything for your business?Well, I don’t wanna burst your bubble so I have to tell the truth, (which is, there is no “magic bullet”), but there IS a major skill that most marketers will never know to teach… In my first Network Marketing experience, I was sponsored by […]

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Effective Sponsoring, Without Wasting Time On “Tire Kicking Trickery”!

I’ll never forget that feeling…I was excited, grinding hard on my business, but it always felt like nobody else in my team cared as much about their business as I did…It was hard for me to find the “right people”, and even harder to keep them “motivated”. It felt like I had to convince and […]

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Marc Frank Montoya

6 Steps Of Communication For Ultimate Network Marketing Invites And Enrollment

Have you ever wondered why people complain, but you offer them a solution, and all of a sudden they’re “not interested”, even though they don’t even know what they are saying “no” to?Your company gave you some Network Marketing invitation scripts but do they ever feel funny or unnatural to you? Yeah me too. I didn’t get it.I […]

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How To Master The 4 (Color) Personalities For Effortless Enrollment

Have you ever felt like you’re just not able to find the best way to spark your prospect’s interest? It used to feel like I’m speaking Spanish and they’re speaking French. When I first got excited about Network Marketing, I thought everyone would be interested in what I was interested in, and speaking my language! Wow what […]

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