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Never A Case of The Mondays
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5 More Deadly Social Network Marketing Mistakes, And How To Fix ‘Em!

If you’re a Network Marketer… does this perplex you? You invest all of your thought, time and energy into a Facebook post…But if it has anything to do with your network marketing company, product or opportunity, you’re lucky to get even two “likes”… (and it was only your Mom and your spouse!)I mean seriously, on one […]

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How To Spend MORE TIME On Your Business, Without Sacrificing Your Family Time

Ever felt guilty that you’re not spending enough time with your kids or your spouse because you’re trying to build a business that will set you all free? So how the hell are you supposed to “balance” it all? I know how it feels. A few years ago we both felt super anxious, wondering “how […]

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How “Free” Can Cause You To Struggle In Your Business

Have you ever taken advice from the wrong person and it COST you even MORE time and money? Yeah me too. Big lesson right? And have you ever taken advice from a proven successful person in the area you’re looking for results in, and SAVED tons of time and money? You didn’t have to go […]

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How To “Position” With Your Prospects For Maximum Impact

Have you ever felt like people aren’t really taking you serious? If, I know how it feels, and it’s a bit frustrating. In this post, I’m going to break down 1 of the key 6 steps of communication in detail… In order to have respect so that your prospects are actually listening to you, we must […]

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7 Ways To Be “In Momentum” With Your Company So You Don’t Miss The Wave

Ever felt anxious, watching your network marketing company explode in full momentum? Wanna make sure you’re not gonna miss “the wave”? If your business is growing way slower than you thought, and nobody in your team is working as hard as you are, I know how you feel… “You Missed It” I remember the feeling. […]

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