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How To Make A Fortune With Your Follow Up, Using One Simple Game Changing Strategy

Is “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up” just a catchy phrase? Let’s find out:   When I first dropped in and started building, it got real messy real fast, and I didn’t realize the importance of the “follow up” process. If you treat your business like a business, (and not a “hobby”), then pay attention to these […]

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Getting The “Pyramid” Objection? (Do THIS Instead!)

Somehow, it just still gets under your skin doesn’t it? Like, it literally insults your intelligence… But learn the words, “Awwww, bless their little heart!” So, if you’re like me, you have most likely debated or tried to convince someone on social media (or in person) that your business is not a “pyramid”, and that “THEY are […]

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How To KNOW “What’s Next”. There Are Stages. (Your Predictable Emotions And Patterns)

I thought I’d put this STAGES video (of your predictable emotions and patterns) up on here. It was “private” for team only at first, but seems to be very valuable for everyone, so you will be able to think about where YOU are in your journey! (Ventures, relationships, hobbies, etc…) If you do what 97% of […]

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