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Never A Case of The Mondays
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How To Differentiate Yourself Using (Network Marketing) Blog

personMost messages or questions we receive has something to do with people not getting any results when trying to engage with prospects online….

And most of the people I see on Facebook are not attracting people into their business because they’re putting all the wrong network marketing “stuff” on their groups and pages… 

So you wanna keep getting avoided on Facebook before you even know WHY? Wanna keep hearing the words “no, I’m not interested!”? 

Ok, then don’t read this post all the way to the end! lol!  

Oh, and BTW, I can crack all the jokes, only because I’ve done all of the mistakes too! The good news for you is, you don’t have to keep making the funny mistakes! 

The Mistakes “Iceberg”

We’re only scratching the surface here, but every day I see 90% of distributors unconsciously blowing it, right from the start. 

First mistake:

Are you inserting your network marketing company’s name as your “employer” at the top of your Facebook profile/bio?  UH OH.

So I have to let you know, same as I tell all new distributors in my team…

As soon as you engage with your prospect on social media, they’re gonna be curious about you, do research on you, and immediately check your profile.

So what is the first thing they see? Well if you put your company’s name as “where you currently work”, they’re gonna see your company name right away, and you killed their curiosity before it even had a chance! 

shut up momThey immediately do “their own” research on the name of your mlm company, (and find the word “scam” all over Google), and automatically avoid you because they now think you’re gonna try to recruit them! 

What Should You Do Instead?

Now that you know there’s one thing wrong, you can come up with an amazing solution, so you can immediately gain some credibility and become the authority of your niche. 

And once you’re branded, you’re going to attract exactly the right people, and instantly get them to do whatever you tell them! How would that feel? Imagine what that would do for your business… 

Get Your Own Blog Site

Yep that’s right. Your own blog. Why? I know your up-line may have told you that you must build your business offline, face to face, or your business won’t work, but let me show you why building an online presence is detrimental.

I’m not saying building all online is the only way, but here’s 5 reasons why you MUST have a blog to build your business these days. 

    Have you ever tried to approach a friend or family member and you feel that they’re just not taking you serious and even blowing you off?

    Have you ever told someone they should really watch their diet, because they are dangerously unhealthy, but they don’t care what you say…  and then as soon as an MD tells them the same thing, they comply and do EXACTLY what they’re told?

    Yep, it’s because to them, the MD the “authority” of that subject you are not. You’re not branded as the authority of that subject just yet so they’re not listening. You are not “positioned” yet. Having your own blog helps you with that. 

    Once you have your own site, and you’re putting out tons of value, tips, trainings, etc., you gain credibility and tons of influence with people. You’re positioned, and this makes a HUGE difference because you’re more valuable in their eyes.  

  2. Generate leads:Every business needs leads. We used to go out and generate leads by making fliers and signs, having the solution for people’s problems, and they would be give us a call to find out more about getting the results they wanted.

    I had my teams do the same and it always works better when you have people calling YOU. 

    These days it’s all online. I wake up and have a few messages waiting for me from people wanting to know more about what I have to offer. They even tell me their story, selling me on why I should work with them, and ask me what I think they should do next.

    From my position, I’m able to ask, “So tell me about yourself”, and dig down and find out more about them. I find out what they really want, and then I tell them what to do to get it! (Which is of course, joining my team and doing what I tell them to do, in order to get the results that they just said they wanted). 
    This of course, is a lot different than chasing the skeptical doubters around town. So now imagine yourself waking up to LEADS of interested people who were already searching for you. Would it be worth it to learn how to make that happen? You bet your *ss!
  3. Multiple Streams of Income:
    If you’re in Network Marketing, then you should be reading a ton of wealth books. They all say that if you want to create a true financial fortress around you and your family, you must learn to create “multiple streams” of income.

    I remember my old up-line tried to explain to me that I could generate multiple streams of income from my one mlm company. That was a nice try, but let’s just get honest – it’s all from just one company.

    Now you may know from experience by now, that you can not put all your eggs in one basket. It’s dangerous. Well between my primary business, Elite Marketing Pro and private coaching, I truly generate more than 3 different streams of income, just because of my blog! You MUST do the same, even for the branding alone, which leads to…

  4. Build your own BRAND. (Differentiation):

    Many people have become completely immune to all the MLM company’s replicated websites. So when you’re putting your information out there on social media, how do you differentiate from all of the other million distributors out there selling the same products? 

    How do you stand out? You must show your value. You’re going to start to realize – people don’t sign up with your company. They sign up with YOU. Especially if they know that you know your stuff, and you can get them the results they desire!

    They told you, “the product is gonna sell itself” but it’s not going to just get up and walk off to go do that. You must sell it. And now you know that people only buy from people they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST! 

    By putting out all of that free value on your blog, and then sharing it on social media, you gain trust and brand awareness. Then you have people coming to YOU… which saves you…..

  5. Save precious TIME:
    I have many pages set up with private trainings for my team, (and also for new people) on my blog.

    Wow if people only knew how much time that saves me every day. I no longer have to be on the phone or on webinars all day training a new person, one by one.

    I use that same valueable time on the phone or on webinars to get to know them, ask questions, and build the relationship, which I believe is more important! Can you see how easy that is to duplicate? 

    I also now send Facebook Ads to my blog posts, and get my information in front of hundreds of thousands of interested people at a time!

    This is extremely effective for building credibility and branding yourself on a much larger scale. You want to SCALE your business. Talk about building an extended network and community! Yeeeoowww!  

    Now, like I said, this is barely scratching the surface, but if you want to discover the system I used to put it all together, you can click here to get the full vid, where my friend Tim goes into specifics. 

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me here.

    Talk soon,
    The World Is Yours, M! 

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