How I Quickly Enrolled 17 Leaders And Generated Over 5 Figures With Only ONE Funny MLM Blog Post - Never A Case of The Mondays
Never A Case of The Mondays
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How I Quickly Enrolled 17 Leaders And Generated Over 5 Figures With Only ONE Funny MLM Blog Post

The Ostrich Approach - NeveraCaseOfTheMondays dot com

I had to check it ALL out before I said “no”… 

(And I’m gonna be very direct here, so stick with me if you’re serious about your business)…

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to  live the dream and make all the money, while you, (even if you work harder), seem to struggle your Network Marketing business?

Yeah I did too. And it used to make me mad when I would see all of the Facebook ads…

You know the ones… “Are you struggling in your MLM?” and “Stop chasing your friends and family”, from some internet nerd… 

My Epic Fail. Way Beyond WRONG

I really thought these internet/social media “gurus” were just bottom-feeding and trying to use their tactics to steal my distributors or sell them something, lol.. 

I also thought to myself, “they just don’t like to talk to friends and family because they probably don’t know HOW to invite and recruit people!”

I would also say, “if they actually believed in their product, they would talk to their friends and family”…

And…“they just don’t like people, so they hide behind their computer and don’t want to talk to them!”

I had way too many closed-minded thoughts floating around, and I seriously stuck my head in the sand.

I made me a little uncomfortable and just didn’t want to even look at it. parachute minds

So, of course, one night as I was wasting time scrolling, I inevitably came across another one.

I got sucked into their “ad”, because I was curious to see if what these guys were doing was even working…

Well, hmmm…

Long story short, I ended up in the funnel and found out about a seminar in Las Vegas, (because what they were saying was making way too much sense.)


So then I discovered how crucial it is to have “online presence and generate leads, sales, etc.”

The funny thing is, it worked almost immediately for me. The first day I put out a post, I got a lead from Facebook.

It was another network marketer that I was connected with. He also wanted to know what I was doing, and if it was working.

I told him the truth:

“I don’t know, but I can send you a helpful link if you’d like.”

I told him what I was doing, and he bought the course that same night.

Went for a “J-curve”. 

As I dug in and got super sidetracked into my blog, I started to lose all focus on actually building my network marketing business.

I was afraid of my Network Marketing income going down, so I put the “internet stuff” on the shelf for a while.I would put up a blog post here and there, but no real coaching, consistency or clear direction.

Then to make it worse, my MLM company started to “fizzle out” and lose momentum.

I didn’t want to see it, because I had invested so much time and energy into it, but my checks were dwindling.

I was tired of chasing everyone, and I felt like none of my team was working as hard as I was.

I was running around, state to state, and even country to country like a freaking maniac and finally realized I was way too “busy” for way too long. Mentally burned out.

So there I am, on Facebook, one more freaking time, and before you know it, I’ve fallen into someone’s “funnel”, AGAIN

This time, however, I was ready.

By then, I had met too many friends that have made 6, 7, and even 8 figure incomes, leveraging and marketing their “freedom businesses” online.

This guy Tyson talked about being able “laser target the exact type of person you want to help and work with” and “connect with people who are already interested in what you have to offer.”

Woman_HamsterWheelYou’ve already heard it, BUT…

That same ol’ saying: “The definition of insanity…

Are YOU doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting a different result?”

I knew I needed change once and for all, so I dropped in without much hesitation and went ALL IN this time.

I also immediately upgraded so I could get more coaching.

I wasn’t gonna mess around this time. I knew this was the way, and I knew this was “it”. I watched the modules and implemented.

I paused the videos, followed the directions, step by step, and pressed play again when I was done… all the way ’til I was done…

I wrote a valuable blog post, set up my targeted Facebook Ad, and clicked the button…

“Process Order”

Butterflies in my stomach. Finally fell asleep. It had to be 3am…

When I woke up, I went straight to the laptop.

I had “woken up to LEADS”, like they say in all the internet videos and ads. 

When I checked my email later that night? …  


Holy sh*t! After a few months… messages from a ton of other network marketers, thanking me for helping them discover a better way of building, so they don’t have to feel like the slimy salesman at family outings.

Now they only talk to people who are interested and ready to buy… Freaking genius!

So Here’s The 7 Steps On How I Made Over $8k (And Also Sponsored 17 Leaders Into Business) From Only ONE Funny Blog Post

First, here’s the exact post, so you can read and recognize the exact steps I’ll talk about here…

  1. Target Market

    It’s crazy to know that you can be picky about who you want to attract and work with!

    There are so many millions of people out there on Facebook, that you can choose and laser target exactly who you want to work with, and there’s an endless sea of them!

    Many times your target market will be someone exactly like you.

    Think about it: Whatever your pain/frustration was, it made you open to looking at something else, right?

    Maybe you had bigger dreams and felt “owned” by your traditional business. Maybe you hated your boss? Which leads us to…
  2. A Problem

    Now, what are your target market’s worst fears? What is their worst frustration? What is important to them? What do they wake up thinking about, that stays on their mind constantly?

    What moves them to do what they do, trudging back and forth to work every day? What would they die for? What is their problem? Now, let’s press on the pain a bit…
  3. Story

    How Do You Stick Out From All The Other Spammers-Why do people watch movies? It’s because they just want to shut their brain off and relax after work, and be entranced into a storyline.

    So if you learn to slip into your story, and talk about your pain or frustrations, (WHY you’re doing the business), then you’ll never really have to shpiel anyone.

    They don’t really care about “what” it is that you have. They care about WHY you’re doing it.

    And if your story, (why you’re doing what you’re doing), resinates with what’s important in their lives, they will attract toward your solution, no matter which package it comes in.

    Your story will help bring down their “sales filter”, so you can actually get them to be curious enough to show up for themselves.
  4. Solution/Value:

    Do you have the solution to their problem/problems? If you do, awesome! Give it to them!

    If you don’t, then go figure it out, and then give it to them! This makes you ultra valuable to them!

    Maybe you still have the same exact problem. Even better! Now you have the chance to become bigger than your obstacle that has been holding you back!

    Google it. YouTube it. Find the solution and overcome it yourself! Only then can you help others!

    The amount of money you make in this world is directly proportioned to how valuable you are to others.

    The catch is, building yourself into a valuable person takes time, so in order to have the success you want to have, you must become the person you needed to be.

    It took me years learn what NOT to do, and I have become extremely skilled in Network Marketing.

    So in my post, I knew I could help them, with no strings attached, and go above and beyond, to make sure they don’t make the mistakes I made.

    I know my post was valuable, because I have been exactly where many of these “newbies” are right now, and I could help them avoid the pitfalls, even if they weren’t in my team…
  5. Entertainment:

    Learning and having a business is hard, because you have to think, so naturally, people don’t like to learn as much as they like to be entertained.

    Most of the time, the information sticks better when it’s part of a story too.

    If you can somewhat entertain them while you’re teaching them, they’ll have a great experience and probably connect you/your site with “great experiences”!

    This will also create trust, and “people only buy from people they know, like, and trust“!
  6. A Call To Action:

    After I give them what they need, and it was super valuable and game-changing for them, they know that I am trustworthy.

    Then I can invite them to learn even more, and who doesn’t want even MORE great training that changes your business?

    Then I’m able to direct them to the next step.

    In this case it was:
    “Oh, P.S., if that was helpful and you want even more network marketing strategies, or want to take your business to the next level using online strategies like I learned, CLICK HERE!

    The platform did the rest…. Converting them into buyers and over-delivering, teaching entrepreneurs everything they need to build their own businesses online…  

    How cool is that?  Which leads to…
  7. A System That Follows Up (And Sells) FOR You:

    Honestly, selling used to be a weakness of mine. I never liked being pushy like a “sales guy” or anything.

    Also, I’m not the strongest with follow up, so having a system to do this stuff for me was KEY, and in this case, EMP (Elite Marketing Pro), gave me an email autoresponder follow up sequence that sells FOR me, with good sales letters and a whole turn key process.

    That changed everything for our business.

    And for follow up:
    They say the average person needs 5-8 follow ups to make their decision to buy, and when you have kids, a business, wife, etc., that’s just about impossible!

    I’ve just never had time for that, so this is why it was a weakness of mine!

    Well, when you have emails going out every day to laser targeted entrepreneurs who are already looking for solutions, you don’t have ANY rejection, and the emails are doing the selling FOR you, even while you’re SLEEPING!

    You’ll soon feel how satisfying it is to wake up to emails that say “you’ve made commissions” every morning, because it only takes a few steps.

    Yes you have to come out of your comfort zone and learn this stuff initially, but if you’re dead serious about taking your business where it needs to be, it’s literally the ONLY way with today’s new-school internet business models.

FEWFF! Crazy right? Are you crazy enough to know that it works? 

I hope that was eye opening and valuable for you… Leave me a comment or share if you liked it!

And, now that you have discovered my process, you can learn how to put it all together for yourself…

Just click here on YES, I’m ready for Next Level Home Business Mastery For The Ultimate Lifestyle, and I’ll see you on the next page…

P.S. – You can DM us here if you have any questions.

Can’t wait to hear about your results!

The World Is Yours, M!


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