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Never A Case of The Mondays
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7 Ways To Be “In Momentum” With Your Company So You Don’t Miss The Wave

failEver felt anxious, watching your network marketing company explode in full momentum? Wanna make sure you’re not gonna miss “the wave”?

If your business is growing way slower than you thought, and nobody in your team is working as hard as you are, I know how you feel…

“You Missed It”

I remember the feeling. I actually DID miss a wave in one of the fastest growing companies in America before, and it suuuucks.

Here’s what it feels like:

  1. You don’t know how to surf.
  2. You’re not with the right pro surfer friends, who can actually teach you, (correctly), how to surf.
  3. You have the wrong type (and size) of surf board.
  4. It’s not even waxed, so it drags.
  5. By the time you’ve learned “how”, it’s too late. The “right timing” is GONE.

So what if you wait too long to learn the skills you needed, and the wave passes?

Let me tell you the cold hard truth:
There’s two types of people in this world…

missed-the-gravy-trainThe first type are the ones who don’t invest the time to work on their personal development and do the work to SKILL UP. The pain and thought energy of regret pretty much sticks with them forever.

Most people make the mistake of thinking it’s about “outside circumstances” like a “company in momentum” that is the reason they’ll be successful, which is why they’re not successful, and it becomes a pattern. They’re always looking for the “easy” get rich quick gravy train.

I actually have more than a few friends in the industry that call me every year with their “new ground floor opportunity”, but can’t ever seem to make it work. Nobody ever shows up to catch the wave with them and they flop around like a fish out of water.

Meanwhile, we enrolled in a nice solid older company a little bit ago, and now we’re at the top of the compensation plan.

So how does that work? Here’s how:

The second type are those of us who constantly stretch themselves, growing and course correcting, finding cutting edge mentors, until we are extremely SKILLED at “surfing”, and after we are masters of the craft, we’re able to catch any wave we want!

Massive Action Or REGRET

Ok, so most of the time, the thing that stops you from taking (more) massive action is simply your “comfort zone” (that you’re telling yourself you don’t have any more)!

You’ve heard it all before, but you may still say things like, “but I have to do the dishes first”, as you procrastinate on basically ANYTHING that is a bit uncomfortable for you.

A few of these vital steps below may be easy for you. Others you will try to avoid, (especially #7), because it’s “unknown territory“.

If you continue to avoid them, you will most likely NOT being catching any waves. Got it?

Ok. So here are 7 things you must turn around quickly to finally surf this next wave. Ready to paddle your ass off? Go!

  1. RELEASE From Emotional “Attachment”:

    In the beginning, I get it, you feel anxious, thinking you have to “get” people, hoping they’ll join you. It’s almost “needy” energy, instead of simply focusing on helping others who are looking for help.

    Here’s the deal:
    Amateurs try too hard to convince and sell, while professionals are master of sifting and sorting.

    There is a “Law of Averages”, and if you’re with a great company, (hopefully you did your due diligence, carefully looking at 50-100 of them before committing to one), then up to 8 out of 10 will want to become consumers, and up to 5 out of 10 will want to become a business builder with you.

    When you surrender to the Law of Averages, it works, and even if it was only 1 out of 10, when you do your daily numbers it takes to reach your goals, you won’t ride the emotional roller coaster.

    When you’re talking to AT LEAST 3 new people/day, getting your presentation in front of AT LEAST one or two new people every single day, this would be at least 14 people per week, and if 1 or 2 out of 10 say “yes”, then you will be successful in network marketing.

    If you fail to do this, then you will have a lack of leads, and you will subconsciously be “needy” – emotionally attached to whether they say “yes” or “no”.

    This causes your “energy” to be off, and it makes people run away. You never know what people are thinking, so don’t try so hard to convince them. Simply attach to your work, doing your numbers, and the right people will show up in your business.

    Now, want the best ratio for your Law of Averages? ….


    One of the most important things I do with new team is the INVITE training/workshop. The mandatory skill in network marketing is your masterful INVITE.

    I tell every new team member immediately to “NEVER give the PRESENTATION at the INVITATION”. You don’t have to worry about any presentation or information when you’re newer in the business.

    I urge you, right now, to FORGET any “scripts” you learned in the beginning. They don’t work as good as actually being yourself and becoming a master with communication.

    Like anything else, it’s going to take practice, whether you’re prospecting offline or online, but here’s a huge shortcut… my free training on the most effective invite process, 6 Steps of baddass effortless enrollment

    We’ve invested 10’s of thousands of dollars to go through these trainings, and that’ll get you through your learning curve a lot faster like it did for us.

    What it’s basically about is this:
    Learn the words “TELL ME MORE”. Ask questions and go deep into what’s really important in your prospect’s life, and then invite them to take a look at something or meet someone based on THAT.

    Don’t be interesting, (like everyone tries to be on Facebook)!… be INTERESTED instead!

    Then, whatever you do, don’t satisfy their curiosity before the appointment to sit down and get ALL the information! Again, no presentation at the INVITATION!

    They may even try to gain control over your conversation by asking the questions like “well what is it?”, and they’ll try to get you to tell them what it’s all about, right there on the spot, so they don’t have to show up!

    Why? Because they have lives, they’re busy, and they’re looking for any reason to say “no, I’m not interested”, so they can get back to their usual routines of being “busy“.

    Here’s what to do:
    A “pattern interrupt”. I say something unusual, like “well, I’m planning a big bank robbery.”, and then simply tell them, “no, seriously, I don’t have the time right now. It’s like trying to explain the movie AVATAR – you just gotta BE there… so let’s just set a time real quick to chat on the phone later”. Then you can send them a (SHORT curiosity causing) link in the meantime.

    DO NOT satisfy their curiosity, or they won’t have show up for any presentation later, because they think they “already know what it is.”

  3. Gain CREDIBILITY With Branding.

    riiiightOne of the biggest struggles for most network marketers is that they have absolutely no credibility with friends, family, or their network when they first start out.

    In my experience, this is why a big majority of people fail in Network Marketing. They are not “positioned” as the authority of the subject.

    Even though I know my stuff, my own Auntie wouldn’t show up to take a look at my business because again, I wasn’t positioned with her. She wasn’t taking me serious, LOL! Yeah, that got awkward real fast…

    When I tried to convince her that she really needed my product for her own health, she looked at me like, “why would I listen to you – you’re not a doctor!”

    Now, with the right marketing and branding of yourself online, you will have a lot more influence with people, which makes all the difference in the world when you’re trying to enroll others into your idea.

    I actually recommend having your own Facebook business page or groups, and self hosted blog site, where you can put out tons of free value, tips, tools, etc. If you need help with marketing your business online, here’s a free 10 day guide that was totally useful for us.

    This shows people you really know what you’re doing and you take your business seriously. Then people will take you seriously.

  4. Masterful Storytelling Skills:

    First, your own story is pretty much your biggest asset. WHY are you doing the business? When you master telling your story, and people relate to it and FEEL how you FEEL, you create the bridges of trust. (And people only buy from people they know, like, and trust!)

    Second, the Art of Storytelling is also another key element to master. I noticed that every single super successful business person I know, tells the greatest stories. Even when they’re trying to teach or train their employees or business partners. It’s no coincidence that they are master storytellers.

    To be real, nobody is going to remember any “facts” on your business presentation slides. They don’t give a crap!

    The only thing they’re going to remember is a STORY or two that you told during your presentation, so make sure to use analogies and metaphors in order to “anchor in” any big points you’re trying to get across.

    For anything important, make sure to use an experience you or a friend had with the product, business, or comp plan. Remember, 3rd party validation and social proof!

    Skeptics will always try to act like they know everything and debunk “facts and figures”, but when you’re telling a story, they are actually entranced in a storyline and can’t deny what really happened! The truth always works like a charm!

  5. Thousands Of New People In Your Pipeline:

    This is tricky because when you’re first starting out, you have an initial network, and you’re told to write a list of your “warmer” contacts. This is your first chance to get some immediate results, and you can find some “lay downs”, (friends or family that will just take a look because you told them to.) However…

    Most people run out of the “warmer” contacts very quickly, so you must continue putting new people into your pipeline. It’s time to build a bigger (extended) network, so you can get your information in front of more (qualified) people.

    There’s the well-known saying, “your network is your NET WORTH“, so how big is yours really? Always wise to learn how to BUILD a HUGE network. Yeah… it’s time to GO BIG or GO HOME. And not just quantity but quality!

    I most definitely struggled with this in the beginning, and we hit a huge wall, because I really thought we had a good enough network to build an extraordinary business…. EPIC FAIL. I was dead wrong.

    What we finally realized after 2 years of grinding it out, dragging dead bodies, and getting rejected by people who we thought were savvy and would be open, was that most of our immediate network actually still had a fear-based employee mindset.

    We knew we had to really get out there and find solutions, and what we discovered was that we needed to build a very targeted (entrepreneurial minded) network and community.

    We discovered how to use Facebook secrets to build a “higher caliber” network, and it was mind-blowing how many people you can get to through Facebook. No more unqualified “warm market”. Yay!

    To start, (if you haven’t already), I would begin friending and engaging with people who follow Success Magazine and Anthony Robbins pages, so you build a network of entrepreneurial GO-GETTERS!

    Then, in what seemed like over night, were able to brand ourselves as the people who teach other people how to make money online, with social media. That was a game-changer…

  6. Get Comfortable With STAYING Out Of Your “Comfort Zone”:

    move-out-of-your-comfort-zoneYou hear all these catchy phrases and memes out there, but turns out, their not just “catchy phrases”. You MUST PAY ATTENTION to them.

    Many people tell themselves they “know” the path, but they don’t actually WALK the path.

    It was very uncomfortable to make new friends and learn new things like having a blog and actually learning some real marketing online, but holy crap it was it worth it!

    After I learned a few new strategies online, I made a bit more money. My next problem was, I kinda got “stuck” because I wasn’t willing to STAY out of my comfort zone to learn a few MORE things!

    Finally, when I grew tired of being stuck an “ok” level, (and got pissed off enough), I got “uncomfortable” again to learn another new trick, and we broke through to the next level, one more time.

    I believe, sooner or later, you realize that you must grow COMFORTABLE with being UNCOMFORTABLE, and just stay out of your “comfort zone” for good if you want to stay in front of the bubble!

    In today’s online world, the strategies for building a network marketing home business have changed, and you must stay open to today’s new strategies – it’s all about “adapt or die”.

    The minute you choose to stay in your “comfort zone” is the minute you choose to stagnate and fall behind, “missing the waves”, no matter what kind of business your building or which company you’re in!

  7. Build And OWN Your own LIST:

    Many people think that they own their own “home business” when they’re promoting a network marketing company, but in my experience, if you don’t have control over it, then it’s not really your own business.

    What if they don’t manage that MLM company the right way and it goes bankrupt and out of business? What if they sell it, or the company started to fizzle out and lose momentum? These are things you can’t control.

    On the other hand, what if you brand YOURSELF as the authority of the subject, and you have your own website, that you control, 100%?

    What if you created valuable content on that site and on a Facebook business page, and you discovered how to build a community and a following of people who know, like, and trust you?

    Now what if you learned how to build yourself an email list of 50,000 people who are already interested in what you have to offer? What do you think would happen when you shot out an email with the solution to what they have been looking for?

    What would that mean for your life if you were to generate $20,000 from an email that took you 10 minutes? What would it mean for your home business?

    After you gain the knowledge and skills you needed to build yourself a successful business, you’ll appreciate the feeling of OWNING an email list of laser targeted network marketers who have money and willingly pay you for things they value.

    You’ll also love that they want to join you in your business because they know you can help them make a 6-figure income, all online. AMF_Banner_400x100


motionHave you ever noticed that the greatest surfers can catch and ride ANY and EVERY wave that they want to? It’s the same with network marketing.

I learned this after I was a professional snowboarder. I am extremely skilled, so I can ride any company’s board and still and kill it and make tons of money. A professional marketer can go to ANY company, make the good money, and catch the wave!

So it’s not about the size of your company’s big wave. (If you know what I mean!) –>>>

It’s about how good you become – how valuable you make yourself. If you’re a great surfer, then you can also teach other’s how to surf a lot faster, and this is what will explode your business!

This of course comes from desire, hard work, dedication, commitment, persistence, and all the other usual principles, but the important thing to realize is that they all started off not catching ANY waves.

They invested their time and money, finding the right mentors, training, books, workshops, systems, courses, and strategies.

One Catch

You can’t just read a book or go to a training to become a master surfer, can you? Of course not. You must get out of your comfort zone, crash and burn, (as much and as fast as possible), and figure out what NOT to do, so you soon know what to do, every time!

This stuff becomes so simple it’s ridiculous…

Learn. Do. Teach.

My friend Ray Higdon always says it. All you have to do is get out of your comfort zone to LEARN it. Then you take massive action and DO it, consistently. And then, you actually learn best by TEACHING it to others.

What’s going to happen when you learn these valuable online network marketing strategies, (like knowing how to get a blog post in front of 50,000 entrepreneurs at a time on Facebook), is that you will attract more students, more customers, more qualified prospects, and more hard hitting and motivated business builders into your team.

Hey, BTW, if you want to check out how you can do that, all online, while you’re out surfing and on the beach, just click here on YES, I want to LEARN. DO. TEACH., and we’ll send you our free Attraction Marketing videos.

Ok, hope that helped! If you found value here, please share it and leave a comment below! We’d love to hear your thoughts and your results!

The World Is Yours, M!


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