How My Razor Sharp Wife Uses 3 Explosive Social Media Steps To Be A Network Marketing NINJA

Have you said this one before? …..
This year is gonna be the one! I’m gonna find the right people and explode my business!”

Well the good thing is, it’s never too late… 
So, if you’re dead serious about a breakthrough year for you and your team, keep this article saved.

Use my wife’s ninja tips, because they work like crazy.

I’m about to reveal to you how my Superwife, (and Supermother, and every super thing else) causes crazy little “mini-explosions” of momentum in our business, every single day.

And after you teach these 3 lightning fast moves with every new person that comes into your team, you’ll be asked to jump on stage this year, explaining what you just did too…

Facebook Kings Get Face Bookings

Honestly, we thought we were moving pretty good with our business, but compared to how it is now with social media, it was actually ultra slow.

We were just doing the usual traditional stuff – contacting friends, family, acquaintances, messaging any and every new Facebook friend, etc… all the usual “linear” moves, one by one.

But once we really started implementing these little specialized strategies below, there were HUGE changes in our business and team enthusiasm….(which turned into MASSIVE ACTION and duplication).

I could seriously speak about Facebook strategies for days, but to cut right into it and show you what I witnessed my wife do this year, here are her 3 initial steps she takes with new people in our team that cause major bursts in volume.

Let’s get started…

  1.  Immediate Income:

    Ok, so most networkers are doing this one all wrong with Facebook, trying to post pictures with their company name and logos all out there for everyone to see. (Don’t worry, we made all the mistakes too, lol!) 

    Revealing the name immediately satisfies any genuine curiosity your potential prospects would have had, and curiosity is what can attract the right people like crazy!

    Also, people are on Facebook to socialize and share – NOT to be sold to, so today it’s crucial to learn some  “interruption marketing”. 

    Your prospects have ultra sensitive “sales radars”. (More on that in my other posts!)

    Anyway, we just had a new go-getter come into our organization last week. We helped her set up her first “curiosity” posts — BEFORE she even signed up in the business! (This is KEY!) 

    She made $1900 with her first two Facebook posts.

    Now, do you think she’s stoked out of her mind, immediately ?

    She’s never done any networking or marketing before, so we made it a very curious post with her results, with the right language and emotion, talking about the benefits of getting the results, without being “salesy” or pushy.

    They don’t care “what it is“. They care what it does, and why you’re doing it!
    So you must get them from their head to the HEART, because they don’t make logical decisions – they make emotional decisions! 

    **AGAIN…. ABSOLUTELY NO name or logos visible – important NOT to “kill” their curiosity!

    For your 1st Facebook post, we start with a very small “viral” product, so you can share a quick little results driven storyline. In our business, it costs less than $10 and we are able to sell it retail for over $20.

    It was more a “quick share” about how she FELT about the benefits, so it created interest of others wanting to FEEL that way, and in the next 2 days from that one post, along with “social proof”, she sold 190 units of it. (*more on “social proof” in this other (video) post).

    At $10 profit for each unit, she made $1900 in less than 48 hours, so can you imagine how her belief level in the business model and products skyrocketed?

    She’s pretty excited and locked into the business for a good while, wouldn’t you say?

    She also enrolled quite a few friends into her business from that first post because they all saw how much money she made! Now THAT’S simple and easy duplication!

    She then had absolutely NO FEAR to use her fast profit to UPGRADE and purchase bigger packages, which creates even more commissionable volume in the teams.

    This is why it is key to go to work fast, leading and fully supporting every single personal signup in your team within 24 hours, as soon as they come in.

    Like that saying went… “leave no child behind!”, we “drive the line”, deep and fast. Now we are working down in her team, and grooming her for leadership.

    *Another side note:
    DO NOT let newbies post anything or talk to anybody before training, (to ensure their success with “warmer” market).

    The training is not optional – same as any other job.

    Our focus is not be to “get” people into our business. The focus is to get people results in their life, immediately, so they have an amazing story to tell, for the rest of their career as a network marketer.

    Then you’ll quickly find that you BLESS people with your busines

  2. Inoculation:

    This “immediate money” strategy can be good, (because it’s “instant gratification“) and their belief in the business model skyrockets, but bad, (because it’s totally “instant gratification” heheh!), and they think it’s always gonna be extraordinarily easy…  when that is not the case. 

    So we make sure to inoculate our new leaders quickly, letting them know, the bigger incomes is not always going to be so fast or “easy”.

    Directly after their 1st two strategic posts, we quickly run through our inoculation/upgrade training, (within the next 48 hours), and 2 more strategic seed-planting posts… 

    We draw out a strategy session and get clear on your goals, where we have the proven plan to get there.

    We can then build the road map and immediate plan of action you’re willing to commit to, in order to get to your goals.

    This holds you accountable and also manages your energies, so you stay consistent with daily actions. The “how” is easy. Your consistency is what matters.

    Then we set a daily “Core Call” and begin coaching for long term strategy on whichever strategy is most comfortable of the other 999 ways you can generate customers and recruit entrepreneurs into your business through marketing and branding.

    Another thing we do is immediately tell new team members NOT to take any advice from ANYONE, no matter how close they are, (especially friends or family), if they are not successful in the areas you want to be successful in.

    Click to discover how to stop wasting your time chasing dead-beats and trying to drag dead bodies, so you can attract motivated entrepreneurs who explode your business instead…

    Your new signup is super excited and can’t help but over-talk to people! STOP THEM before they blow through their warm market.

    A new signup should never get in a position where they are doing all the talking, (getting into conversations or doing presentations without experienced up-line support or 3rd party validations tools).

    They should initially be mastering a postured INVITE only.

    We are big on “please let US do the heavy lifting and explaining.” for the first month.

    You will do your prospects a huge service by showing them how easy this is to duplicate, by NOT TALKING, lol!

    Professionals who come from other arenas have an extremely hard time with this, (because they don’t trust anyone else with their contacts and want to talk to ’em themselves), so we’ve really gotten in front of this challenge.

    In other words, DON’T DO ALL the TALKING! Aka, SHUUUSH! Aka, create CURIOSITY instead! Don’t KILL their curiosity, trying to explain all of it yourself! It’s not duplicate-able! Got it? LOL!

    I let them know that they’ll quit on themselves before I quit on them, and we will walk them, step-by-step, through these stages::
    1st, Warm market… 
    2nd, social media strategies… 
    3rd, you then leverage with real marketing online so people come to YOU.

    Making the immediate income and then emphasizing “delayed gratification” keeps them in long enough to gain the specialized skills they will need to in order to generate the 6 and 7-figure incomes.

    You can start off with basics, but that only goes so far until they “hit the wall” and run out of warm market people to talk to.

    Eventually all business owners have to implement real marketing, especially if they don’t have the best extended network (and an influence on that network).

    They MUST READ our “Book of the Month” in the first week if we are to continue investing our time with them. The first book is “The Business School, For People Who Like Helping People” by Robert Kiyosaki.

    Any more fire-hosing than that in their first week, and they may become confused and overwhelmed.

    We simply get them into action with their first post, so they not only see that they’re still alive after coming out of their comfort zone, but they have that great experience of big immediate profit.

  3. Professional Network MARKETING Education:

    Out of all of the industries I’ve been in, network marketing is the only one I’ve seen where they say that you “don’t need an education” or special skills to be able to make millions.

    After struggling for my 1st two years following their “simple system” that didn’t work, you can imagine, I was pretty upset when I met the right people and finally found out that you actually DO need marketing skills and education! 

    And finally, when we did get successful, (and if you observe any successful up-line), you’ll find yourself even more busy, when they kept telling us that it’s supposed to get you UN-busy!

    So, if you’re like us, you tried to get to all the meetings, phone calls and trainings you could… But if you have kids and a busy life, by now you’ve found out that it’s not very sustainable, is it? heheh

    We found it was close to impossible to get to that “next” level of having any free time. We were traveling around doing all of the time-intensive belly-to-belly traditional meetings and trainings and building relationships.

    Our ex-upline fought us on this “interweb stuff” at first, but now they beg us to teach our methods to the rest of the distributors and teams.

    You’ll save ridiculous amounts of time that’s usually spent on the phone/meetings/Skype/Zoom/etc., after you’ve mastered a higher level of Attraction Marketing.

    You can discover how to have Facebook prospecting FOR you, and you can automate your follow up and relationship building with emails that go out to you prospects automatically, while you’re spending time outdoors or with family! 

    The time you save in all those otherwise wasted areas can now be invested into the momentum of your top producing hitters!

    If you’re looking to save, grab this free training series – I call this LESS-WORK Marketing!

If you enjoyed the training above, awesome! It helped us build a lifetime customer base and PERSONALLY enroll over 90 people into our business in under 7 months, from the comfort of our home, using Social Media Recruiting strategies…

You can grab our free 10-Day Social Media Marketing Training Series HERE… 

These strategies are not just for you, but so you can produce a skilled team of hard hitting social media recruiters.

Every person you will personally sponsor, can mean another 3000 people in depth, each and every time.

And you can do this all while being a stay-at-home parent, with quality time for the kids, (and even being outdoors instead head down in your phone on social media)!

So if you’re WAY to busy for home parties, hotel meetings or chasing your list of friends and family, you can hurry and grab it here…

Your free 10-Day Social Media Marketing Training Series… 

Ok, so these are the first 3 steps you can take with your brand new team members to cause fast growth:
1. Immediate income.
2. Inoculate.
3. Professional Network MARKETING Education.

Seriously that simple. 

Feel free to share this post with your team or on Facebook, and please comment. We can’t wait to hear about your results!

See you soon,

The World Is Yours, Marco and Mari!

Oh! And P.S. – If you’d like to set up a 15-20 minute free consult video chat with us, you can go HERE and set it up now


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Searching for solutions and investing into personal and financial development, he found Home Business.

“Done wrong, it’s a nightmare. Done RIGHT it’s a DREAM”.

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